[Live Now] Affiliate Booster Black Friday Deals 2021- Up To 67% OFF on Their Lifetime Deal

By Kundan Choudhary |Updated on November 25, 2021
67% off

Get 67% Off On Affiliate Booster Black Friday Deal

Best Theme & Plugin For Affiliate Marketers
On-Going Offer

Are you looking for Affiliate Booster Black Friday Deals 2021?

Then you are in the right place because in this article I am going to tell you all about the Black Friday deal which Affiliate booster is offering.

In simple terms, Affiliate Booster is a WordPress theme specifically designed for affiliate marketers. The process of creating a blog using this theme is straightforward and your website will be light in weight.

As of now it is Affiliate booster that is the most popular affiliate theme that allows WordPress users. It will increase the affiliate sales by using a customised block builders and page builders.

Affiliate Booster Review

You’ll be happy to learn that on Black Friday, Affiliate Booster Theme is offering discounts up to 67% on subscriptions for an annual period.

This is an amazing bargain for those who subscribe.

It’s true, this is the most significant discount that they can give this year. If you’re looking to increase the sales of your affiliates, make sure you must try this idea and increase your online presence into the top tier.

Therefore, with no additional effort. Let’s start exploring the Affiliate Booster Black Friday sales in more detail.

Note- Grab this offer today or else there is no guarantee you can have the same offer next year.

Affiliate Booster Black Friday Deal 2021-Overview

  • Affiliate Booster Black Friday Deal: 67% Discount
  • Start Date: November 22nd, 2021
  • End Date: December 6th, 2021
  • Price: $69
  • Coupon Code: Click Here To Apply Automatically
  • Status: Live Now

Affiliate Booster Black Friday Offer 2021

Affiliate booster theme pricing planws

In affiliate booster black friday sale affiliate booster is offering 50% discount on all their Plans. This black friday is the perfect time to grab this theme.

So. What are you waiting for GO AND GRAB your plugin and boost your affiliate sales.


Deal Type

Original Cost

Black Friday Offer

Grab Deal

Single site




Activate Deal

25 sites lifetime




Activate Deal

50 sites lifetime




Activate Deal

How to get Affiliate Booster Black Friday Deal ?

Make use of taking advantage of the Affiliate Booster Sale on Black Friday to save big on the best day for affiliates. 

Follow these simple steps to enable Affiliate Booster Black Friday Deals.

Step 1: CLICK HERE to activate the special Black Friday deals.

Step 2: Choose one of your preferred plans. Which is best for your business.

Step 3: Fill with all your details for your account, and then complete the payment.

Congratulations! on making a wise decision and choosing Affiliate booster.

Reason To Choose Affiliate Booster Black Friday Sale?

This is an essential element of having this Affiliate Booster theme and plugins on your affiliate marketing site. In every business capital is the deciding factor in every choice. A lot of people who are just new to the business may not have enough money in order to make the investment in affiliate marketing which is why they won’t have an appealing site.

Even if their content is high quality, they are unable to smoothly engage their readers and turn them into customers.

Affiliate Booster is aware of this. Therefore, they offer an option to use their free theme and plugin. Both of them offer helpful features for those who run affiliate marketing sites and can build professional websites effortlessly.

Affiliate Booster plugin comes with six blocks included in the plan for free. These blocks allow you to implement interactive elements to your site.

Free plans cover:

With this theme, you can optimize Schema and Microdata, as well as advanced typography and custom colour controls an adjustable menu and layouts for your home page.

1.The theme is SEO-friendly

SEO is day and night different from the way it was few years ago. With the advent of articles and link profiles there is no guarantee of improvement in the rankings of search engines. You must rely heavily on SEO that is based on content and technical SEO in order to be successful in standing above the rest.

Affiliate Booster manages the technical aspects of a site due to its SEO-friendly. The optimizations are smooth and the website continues to receive organic traffic at a minimum effort.

As an affiliate marketer site owners will make the most of their time with SEO optimization by using an SEO-friendly WordPress theme, plugin and theme.

First , the entire theme is optimized for schema so it’s not necessary to write complicated programming and become overwhelmed with creating schema markup.

Theme’s CSS and JavaScript programming guarantee the highest performance, with a fast loading speeds. Affiliate Booster claims to have a score of over 95/100 loading speed.

This faster loading speed will ensure an enjoyable browsing experience for site visitors.

In spite of the type of image, video or embedded content, forms or any other type of content, pages load fast, which serves as an advantage in ranking for any affiliate site.

This plugin has been built using excellent sources of code that do not increase the server’s load every time the page is requested at the end of the browser.

The speedier loading feature will assist any affiliate website owner save time and money. The site’s owner will no longer have to spend time designing and improving CSS and HTML documents.

The owner is able to concentrate on the other aspects of affiliate marketing and provide high-quality content in the most efficient manner for the audience they are targeting.

2.Based on Gutenberg Blocks

headers and layouts

This Affiliate Booster plugin is completely Guttenberg compatible with Guttenberg. If you are familiar with WordPress development, then you be aware the Gutenberg blocks represent the new standard. Many developers believe that Gutenberg will never go away and will continue to serve as the default editor for WordPress.

Gutenberg editor is similar to the editor that is similar to popular page builders plugins. Because of that, adding elements for content commerce and other blocks to WordPress websites is easy. Affiliate Booster plugin enhances the Gutenberg editor more user-friendly and visually appealing.

Users do not have to think about paddings or margins for any component. Because of the quick Gutenberg support The plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes, both free and paid.

In addition, with the help of Gutenberg blocks, those who are brand new to web development or designing can easily create amazing landing pages.

Users will no longer need to depend upon WordPress developers to make any changes or add sections to the website. The simple Gutenberg blocks provided by using the Affiliate Booster plugin can help users quickly add any content.

3.Large Variety of Layouts and Templates

The layout and design of the site are essential when looking to develop a distinctive image of your website by the way it is designed You should choose an option that has an abundance of pre-made designs that you are able to plug and play with and begin. There are a lot of pre-made designs will help you save an enormous amount of time in creating the design from scratch.

When you use the Affiliate Theme Booster, you will get a lot of pre-made templates.

You can select the way you want your homepage of your site to appear from 9 appealing and high-converting designs. There is no need to create your homepage from scratch, select one of the layouts you like and then make adjustments according to your needs. Smart and efficient!

You can choose how the content will appear on the viewers’ screens. Single layouts of posts are stunning well-organized, precise, and efficient to allow you to convey your message beautifully and effectively to people who read it.

The header of your website is the primary source of navigation and the way users navigate your website. With Affiliate Booster you can get 6 different designs for your head to select from.

You don’t have to think about the development of custom code to create headers for your site. pick the one that you like, and you’re ready.

4.Beginners Friendly and Professionals.

The Affiliate Booster The theme as well as the plugin cater to the needs of both affiliate marketers: beginners and professionals. You can control the topography to create a distinctive look to your site, as well as altering the headers, menus, and footer of the website.

Even if you’ve developed custom fonts for your brand, you will be capable of uploading them to use in blog posts.

Furthermore, using the control of custom colors it is possible to implement your branding guidelines on the affiliate site. It is possible to ensure that the correct colour palettes are employed in menus, texts as well as hyperlinks and header tags. This gives your website an aesthetically pleasing look that matches the brand guidelines of your affiliate site.

Additionally, all of these tweaks can be perform directly from your WordPress dashboard. You don’t need to interact on your PHP or HTML files to alter any of these settings.

No matter if you’re a newbie or an experienced professional, this control makes managing your website fun and efficient. It is possible to save tons of time when creating an attractive and professional website using the simple page building tools made possible by this plugin as well as theme.

Through AffiliateBooster it is possible the ability to share your own custom template library with restricted permissions so that only authorities with authority are able to make changes and amend the layout at any time.

A Huge List of Blocks to Create Unique Content The Orientation

Page blocks for affiliate booster theme

For a moment, could we all be able to be grateful for the amount of blocks come using the theme to display the products and contents in the affiliate marketing site!

Here’s a list blocks that come with this theme as well as the plugin.

Remember that these blocks come in various dimensions and styles.

Thus, you have numerous options to present your services and content effectively possible with the most sleek design to your affiliate marketing site.

5.Amazing Receptiveness and Compatibility

No matter if you have a mobile or tablet it is the theme that is the one that is responsible for all devices.

You don’t have to be concerned about ability to work with and responsiveness of your theme. It is among the most popular rankings factors for search engines there.

There is no need to worry about whether the users will be able to browse your site the manner you would like them to. Since it is compatible with all devices.

Furthermore it is true that it is also important to note that the plugin can be used with all themes and plugins. If a website is already using a theme it is not required to purchase it.

The Affiliate Booster theme and the plugin are separate products that are compatible with all of the top most popular themes and plugins on the market.

Affiliate Booster black friday has crossed 2700 users recently, which is a sign of the rapid expansion of the program.

The online marketing community is very awed about Affiliate Booster that is an excellent indication of where this product is heading.

Furthermore Affiliate Booster’s team is committed to bring the most effective as well as SEO friendly affiliate marketing themes and plugin for users. Therefore, they continuously release useful updates and features so that users make the most of the theme, and ultimately improve the profit margins.

Affiliate Booster Black Friday Deal 2021: FAQ

1. Who created Affiliate Booster?

Kulwant Nagi (Top Blogger & Affiliate Marketer)

2. How much discount will I get on Affiliate Booster?

You’ll be shocked to know the percentage of discount you’re getting during Black Friday. It’s 50% off and yes, you’ll receive 50 percent off each package you buy.

3. How many blocks will I get in the Plugin?

There are 13 blocks included with the plugin. Each package comes with the same.

4. Can I buy a separate plugin?

Unfortunately , you won’t receive a plugin separately to purchase. You’ll need to buy it along with the theme.

5. What is the other exciting feature I’ll get with Affiliate Booster?

You’ll get 6 header designs, 9 homepage designs, 5 single page designs, typography controls, color controls, etc.

Affiliate Booster Black Friday Deal : Conclusion

All that’s all is it. Affiliate Booster Black Friday Sales.

My opinion is that Affiliate Booster is the most effective product I’ve ever seen. Affiliate marketers are able to make usage of it.

This is the ideal product for you if are looking to boost the amount of sales you earn from affiliates.

Note- Grab this offer today or else there is no guarantee you can have the same offer next year. 


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    Thanks for converting its Black Friday deal.

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