15 Expert Blogger Share Thought About SEO

Hey future bloggers, Today I am going to do expert roundup about SEO, Many people don’t know about SEO and changes in SEO in 2019.

Today we invited the famous and top expert bloggers for sharing their thoughts about SEO.

Disclaimer: I have sequenced the bloggers as per their responses to my message. So, don’t go hard by the numbers mentioned against them, they’re not indicating any kind of ratings or rankings. All are my good friends and buddy.


Founder Of QuestionCage

SEO is getting difficult as there is not a particular strategy consistently to follow, because of Google’s regular changing updates.

The only strategy I am going to make its own mark is content. If you have a great well On-Page optimized content, then you are good to go. Great content is always appreciated and tend to get more and more backlinks and shares, which is the most essential part of SEO.

Authority backlinks work great and provide a certain boost to the web pages. Don’t bother about too many links, you need good and niche relevant links to your website.

Google Will love you for all good reason…


        Founder of BloggingCage & AffloSpark

SEO in 2019 is all about producing quality content and making it more voice search friendly.

Voice search trend is increasing and a lot of people are asking direct questions to Google Home, Alexa and many other voice devices.

So writing the content keeping voice search questions in the mind can be a big win in 2019 SEO content writing.

15 Expert Bloggers Thought About SEO in 2019

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Founder Of BloggingJoy

SEO is not rocket science or some step by step guide. It’s a habit that you have to learn gradually by doing continuous experiments. You might have heard about the story of the Tortoise & Rabbit. The bottom line was, slow but steady wins the race. And this is very true in case of SEO as well.

If I have to summarise what SEO in 2019 is in a few points, then they will be:

1. Write quality articles which actually address the problems of the user and answer all of their queries. If possible, educate the user with more relevant information.

2. Learn the basics of writing an SEO optimised content, how to use header tags, utilisation of main keywords, long tail terms & semantic search terms etc.

3. Add relevant images & videos to engage users.

4. Reach bloggers & influencers in your niche to give feedback or mention about your article. Go for quality relevant guest posting, blog commenting to improve the off-page part.

5. Share the article on different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to get more upvotes.

6. Regularly update the article with more information, inter-link with other blog posts with long tail keywords.


Founder Of BloggingFly

SEO is becoming tuff day by day. Google is now more strict against low-quality contents. You must focus on high-quality content and build high-quality links to rank up higher in search engine.

Always try to analyze your competitors content thoroughly and create better content than your competitor.

15 Expert Bloggers Thought About SEO in 2019

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Founder Of BloggingLift

SEO is the best way to get targeted traffic to your blog. But SEO strategies are changing every day because what worked in past will not work today and what’s working today may not work after some time. So, you have to be updated with latest Google Algorithms.

There are 100+ ranking factors in SEO but I want to discuss 3 major SEO ranking factors here:

  1. UNDERSTAND USER SEARCH INTEND: Understanding User intent is the first and very crucial ranking factor. Why? Because suppose users visit on your blog and they did not get the information they are really looking for then they’ll definitely click on the back button immediately and it’ll affect our ranking.
  2. USER EXPERIENCE (UX): If you want good ranking then you should also focus on user experience. If your site layout is not good, your theme is not mobile responsive, then in this case, the user may immediately click on the back button (even if you’ve shared all the information which user want). Hence it’ll increase your bounce rate and affect your ranking.
  3. LINK BUILDING: Links building is also a very important ranking factor. But you should only focus on getting links from relevant sites. Because Google now focuses on link quality, not just link quantity

Founder Of BloggingPal

Seo is a long term game; you can not get SEO results within a few hours. According to SEO guidelines published by various search engines

performing Keyword Research is the most significant aspect of search engine optimization.

It helps search engines like Google to understand your post better. With appropriate keyword targeting, you can drive the right kind of audience to your post who are genuinely interested in reading your content.  

Don’t go for short keywords, choose long tail keywords and to make your target keyword most effective use related keywords on your post and sprinkle them on appropriate places

15 Expert Bloggers Thought About SEO in 2019

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Founder Of WebsiteTipsTricks

Search Engine Optimization is incomplete without high-quality EAT content. A user performing a search is most likely looking for something like information, product or service.

If your content fulfils his/her requirement, then you’re on the right track. SEO is not only for organic traffic but also for conversions. Once you understand that and craft EAT content. BTW, EAT = Expertise, Authoritativeness, or Trustworthiness.

The second one is the user experience. Website design, navigation, site speed, and even content quality are a few key elements to improve user experience. Once a visitor lands on your site, he must browse for the maximum time and hit the goal you’ve set. E.g. If you are running an affiliate site that focuses on generating sales, then you must create a UX that leads to conversion and drives users to buy through your referral link.

Link signals matter a lot in SEO. Inbound links, external links, and internal links are equally important. Try to focus on building links from/to relevant sites that drive real users (referral traffic). You’ll see a boost in search engine ranking

Founder Of TechiBhai

SEO has changed over the past ten years. SEO experts focused 100% on SEO in 2006 to grow their blog or clients business, then Google Adwords 2010 now Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube. And now the next interesting step is voice search, structured data, and content with long search terms, Rank Brain and relevant high authority backlinks.

Google’s AI-enabled Rank Brain rewards the creation of human-focused content that speaks to the concerns of real people, not bots running an algorithm.

That mean, the text structure and backlinks play means important role, if your content is well structured and has some quality backlinks for that post or page then it helps you to rank higher on Google

15 Expert Bloggers Thought About SEO in 2019

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Founder Of WPleaders

It’s 2019 and SEO has changed a lot. Many of the things that used to work in 2018 are not working anymore. Back then, we could easily rank with long tail keywords. But now, it’s not easy to rank with such keywords.

So what’s working now?

Google can recognize user intent now. It displays what exactly users are looking for. That’s why long tail keywords are ranking less. And authority sites with high-quality contents are ranking well.

To get ranks in 2019, you need to consider a number of things like RankBrian (Google’s machine learning algorithm), UI & UX, Better CTRs, Writing Detailed Posts, Schema & Featured Snippet, and Voice Search

Founder Of Tryootech

If you will ask me about SEO in 2019 then I would say SEO is changing every year drastically, Google is focusing more on quality content to be shown in the searches. All want to rank on the first page of Google because of this factor everyone is improving their content quality & link building, this is also a reason why SEO is becoming more harder for content creators nowadays.

According to recent core update, Google is also giving priority to small websites with less authority and domain age, this shows No matter how old your post is and how many backlinks you have, your content should be more powerful which justify your visitor’s need and solve their problem for which they have landed on your site.

Me at tryootech.com try to write posts which user desperately looking for and after reading the article they subscribe to our email list. That’s how you create a win-win situation. So, my final words would be SEO is not easy or tuff, the matter is how you position your blog & do branding Which ultimately fulfils your user’s requirement, Google will automatically identify that you have written a masterpiece.

Focus more on delivering quality content with the cherry of smartness

15 Expert Bloggers Thought About SEO in 2019

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Founder Of BloggingFromParadise

First, visualize your SEO success. Paint a picture in mind of ranking well on Google. Then write a helpful post around a keyword related to your blogging niche. Aim for 1000 words or more. Write the post from a relaxed, chill, detached energy. No neediness; neediness kills your SERPs. Be clear and confident. Relax. Allow your blog to pop up on Google.

Use a plugin to make sure you add all SEO and readability details. I get all green checks with Yoast before publishing posts.

Have fun. Enjoy your SEO success and sweet backlink juice generated through your Google traffic. Folks like Neil Patel grab oodles of backlink juice by dominating search. Join me, join Neil, join the Google traffic crew.

Founder Of BlogwithVk

SEO  stands for search engine optimization. It is a constructive process to make your site search engine friendly which helps you to rank your site in search engines. SEO is a great way to get targeted and passive web traffic.  SEO works great to drive quality traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

SEO primarily consists of two main Parts, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.  On-page starts with optimizing your website and content. For this, I would prefer using the Yoast SEO plugin. This is an awesome SEO Plugin and helps you to make your content SEO friendly. Use Proper Tags like h1,h2,h3,etc. Use Alt text to your images. Interlinking is one of the best on-page SEO processes. It helps you to interlink your posts that help search engines to crawl your website easily. It also reduces your bounce rate as well.

Speed also matters a lot and considered as one of the on-Page SEO factors. Make sure your website loads fast. Google love sites that are loading fast. Mobile users are growing rapidly and it is necessary to keep your website responsive.

Off-Page works on your backlinks. Backlinks are very important to rank your website. You cannot rank your website without having backlinks. Creating quality backlinks for your website is very important. I always suggest my readers focus on the quality of your backlinks. Because 100 junk links are far better than creating 1 quality backlinks. Guest Posting, Blog commenting, Blogger Outreach, Web 2.0 sites are a great way to build quality backlinks that help you to rank your site.

15 Expert Bloggers Thought About SEO in 2019

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Founder Of CashOverFlow

SEO can only work if you know how to write good content. You can write good content only when you understand what your readers want to read.

Linkbacks will keep dominating the SEO industry but who would link to the low-quality content.

I have never seen anyone growing SEO without investing in the content first

Founder Of CoolTechnoSpy

Everyone knows SEO and want to rank his blog in Google’s TOP SERP, but very few are lucky to make this. You know why?

The SEO requires your time, dedication in work, patience and smart work. But the majority of bloggers fail to meet up these criteria and commit silly mistakes in their blog.

Most Important, try to avoid some mistakes and have the patience to see your page rank in SERP. Below are few points to keep in mind from the SEO perspective.

Always avoid unnecessary pages in their XML sitemaps. The most common on page SEO mistake that a blogger can make is not properly writing and formatting your blog posts. In order to drive qualified traffic to their website. Not proper image optimization on log and this could be a great SEO factor.

Improper Keyword research- Bloggers will often write about topics that interest them and then take a guess at the terms that might drive traffic online.

Keyword Stuffing (Poison for any Blog)

Keyword stuffing was an old SEO tactic that is, unfortunately, still used to this day. Keyword stuffing is the practice of taking a large number of keywords and trying to stuff all of them in a blog with little or no association with each other. Indirectly indulge in Black Hat SEO practice, always to avoid

15 Expert Bloggers Thought About SEO in 2019

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Founder Of BloggingIndia

Focus more on long tail keywords and quality content..write in depth articles and dont forget ur audience…write for users not search engines to get success with SEO in 2019

Final Words

I hope you like this small experts roundup and make sure to join our facebook groups where we share SEO news and many more thing so stay tuned And,

Tell in a comment how this roundup.

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  1. Awesome bloggers on the podium. Glad being part of this Roundup.

    Great to see, everyone’s views on SEO strategy. Glad Majority, loves In-depth content is the only strategy along with strong on-page.

    Well formatted post Umer. Best wishes.!

  2. Hello Umer,

    Thanks for inviting me to this roundup post. Glad to see me with some awesome bloggers. SEO is a constantly changing world and everyone have shared some great tips and techniques here. Keep up the great work 🙂

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  3. Hey Umer great to see and many thanks for adding my thoughts with great Indian Pro Blogger. You are doing great job.. keep it up bro and god bless you.

    Have a wonderful day ahead!

  4. Great work done compiling such a list! But, that’s dominated with all the male bloggers! No doubt, all must be excelling in their own way, I appreciate that.

    But, you can add some female bloggers doing wonderful work in the blogging arena. Shraddha Sharma from Yourstory.com is a true inspiration! And, there are so many popular names to add here.

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