Three Marketing Techniques Your Rivals Aren’t Using

Marketing is seen as the crucible of sales generated in the modern world – especially for businesses based primarily online.

To market is to increase the chances of winning more customers – and to avoid marketing is to limit your reach, growth, and profits.

The problem is if everyone’s using the same marketing techniques, doesn’t that mean that no one is differentiating?

If that’s the case, with the playing field remaining level, it’s important to find ways to market your business that your competitors are unaware of.

So here are three examples to help you outflank your rivals and win more customers for your business. 


1. Link Building

Most of your competitors will be aware of SEO or search engine optimization.

They’ll have chosen their keywords, changed their website, and run some SEO tests to see what they can improve and optimize.

Far fewer will be aware of link building and the important part it plays in optimizing your position on Google’s search results pages.

Link building requires expertise that you’ll not find within your own team. Actually, it requires a network of contacts that only experienced SEO agencies like can offer.

They’ll start building links between your website and others, which Google’s algorithm takes into account when rating your website.

Successful link building could well result in you leapfrogging your competitors on Google’s search results pages. 

2. Viral Marketing

Everyone’s aware of the virality that takes place on the internet.

One good joke can travel around the world, while one cute cat video can travel back the way.

The producers of these viral memes, videos, jokes, and words are sometimes businesses that manage to tap into something that makes people share it like wildfire

If you take this marketing approach, you’ll have to be patient. Not every well-crafted tweet or post will result in uptake.

However, if you have an experienced marketer at the helm of your social media pages, and you keep abreast of trends and current affairs.

It’s likely that you’ll eventually strike gold, generating thousands of brand impressions that are shared for free by web users. 

3. Guerrilla Campaigns

There’s something exciting about running a guerrilla marketing campaign. These are about creating a level of intrigue in the people who see your marketing material as if you’re partially hiding what you’re trying to say.

You can check out some highly successful examples of guerrilla marketing campaigns here

Most of these campaigns start in the real world, with posts, leaflets, or treasure-hunt clues that people get excited about.

They’ll eventually lead people to your business, your website, and the products or services you’re offering.

Setting up one of these campaigns might be better in partnership with a marketing firm, which will help you optimize your ideas and run the entirety of the campaign.

Again, if performed correctly, this is a rare but highly successful form of marketing.

Make sure of these three marketing techniques – which are often not used by small businesses – in order to leapfrog them in terms of traffic and visibility in the online space. 

Your Answer to Success

If you are looking to beat your rivals and ensure that customers come your way instead of theirs, you need top marketing techniques that bring results, and these three are your best bet.

You can’t just hope customers will find you on their own.

You need to help make it easier to direct them your way, so use these three marketing techniques in order to leapfrog them in terms of traffic and visibility in the online space.

Small businesses often do not use these, so it puts you at a huge advantage. 

Kundan Choudhary

The Full-time Blogger, Affiliate marketer,Product Creator and Entrepreneur. I’m a 22-year-old full-time blogger who loves to do blogging and affiliate marketing and launching product in international’s market and helping people how to achieve same

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