Let me introduce myself quickly,

I’m Kundan Choudhary

The Full -time Blogger, Affiliate marketer,Product Creator and Entrepreneur.

I’m a 22-year-old full-time blogger who loves to do blogging and affiliate marketing and share knowledge with others. I’m still a student but a passionate blogger and affiliate marketer by heart.

Currently, I’m running many other affiliate blogs and doing affiliate marketing and launching own product in international’s market and earning a decent amount of money from that.

Let talks about this blog

I started this blog to help every newbie blogger to succeed in blogging. That is why I name this blog, “Guide Blogging.”

Want to know more about this blog?

Yes, Of course! Let me introduce my blog and how it helps you, and then I will tell you my story.

What Is Guide Blogging All About?

GuideBlogging is the blog that guides you to become a better blogger. In this blog, we talk about Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and much other stuff that can help you to start in this online world and grow your blog like a skyrocket.

This blog helps you to seriously grow your blog and help you to generate the right amount of money (but If you work hard and we don’t share any quick rich schemes).

You know that in 2019 blogging has become so tuff so to stick in this, you need some robust strategies which will work for you.

So we are here to help you with this ?

I started this blog on (28 March 2019) to help newbie bloggers and try to help them to scale their blog in 2019 and beyond. I share the best strategies which work for me.

Why did I started this blog?

After making many profitable blogs, I think I will start helping other bloggers to scale their blog, and also I want to share my blogging experience with this blog so other bloggers don’t make the same mistake and grow fluently.

That’s all?

I think you love this,

But wait! Why do you trust me?

Ok! See Some Proof

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CPA Earning

Here you can see the growth of my facebook group. I know the number of members is less because I started this group two months after my blog started, so it’s impressive stats for me.

Why Should You Join Our Facebook Group?

  • I shared daily blogging tips there.
  • You can connect with many other fellow bloggers and me.
  • I have started a promotion thread which helps you to increase website traffic.
  • You can share your knowledge with us

I think now you trust me, so let’s move on and let me share my story.

Back In 2016,When I got admission in engineering college I was thinking like my life would be change completely because what I heard that if any engineer got placement in company they can earn approx 50K-1 Lakhs But In reality what I noticed in college many engineer who has good degree and more knowledge than me they are struggling for getting job 25K per months because they had taken big loan from bank and somehow they need to pay for it even they are getting job or not. But Thank God  I had not been taken any loan for study in engineering college.

So After that I realised that this is not something which I wanted too…but still I am working hard for my studies and getting a good score in every semester because except for my college job I did not see any option in my  life…

But still I was looking for some opportunity in my college life because I don’t want to struggle just like other engineers were doing and want freedom in my life… Suddenly In 2018 I was invited for network marketing or MLM Business by college seniors  who already achieved so many success in college life so I thought if he can achieve success in college life and why I can’t…after attending the network marketing seminar I thought I should joined it because that is only option I could see in my college life which can help me to achieve what I wanted too just like other college students achieved so much success in their college life and make enough money than engineer while studying in college just working 2-3 hours per days… But for joining a network marketing business I need 15K and you know it is very hard to arrange being a college student. 

But somehow I told my parents I have to do computer training and need 15K. Somehow I got 15K from him And Finally I joined the Network marketing business in my college life, then I was thinking now everything would change in my life… So I started working hard every single day for my network marketing business like meeting new people (In between college or after college ends or visiting every single college in Kolkata for protecting new students for my network marketing business)Invite them to a network marketing seminar, follow up and close the deals… It seems like a very easy task and anyone can do it…

But I afraid to say that after working every single days approx. 5-6 hours for my network marketing business in college life till 2019 (3rd Years) to achieve success and get freedom in my life I failed miserably in my network marketing business and don’t have clarity what to do next to achieve freedom in my life so that I don’t have to do 9-5 job for someone entire life till I will retire.. I was totally under depression for few days because I don’t have any more opportunity which help me to get freedom in my life and being own boss of my life as you already know that I had only 1 years to do something different in my life so that I don’t have to work for anymore in my life..

One day I was watching YouTube and suddenly I saw one YouTube Ads where people were saying they were making enough money by promoting other people’s products (Affiliate Marketing) Without They need any inventory, buying any product or requiring any technical skills at all.. When I heard that it was very interesting for me since it doesn’t require too much budget at all..but still I did not believe how it is possible ?? So started researching on internet what people was saying in YouTube Ads what I found that It is called Affiliate Marketing Which is 6.4 Billions Industry per year 

Where we have to promote someone else’s product and when someone will buy through our special link called affiliate link we will make a commission…

What I liked about affiliate marketing 

  • we don’t need any inventory 
  • we don’t need any prior skill or experience 
  • we don’t need enough budget to start 
  • it is 6.4 billions dollars industry and growing rapidly every single day 

Even I checked top earner affiliate marketing experts who were making millions of dollars just doing affiliate marketing…So I was thinking if they are making millions why not I can also start my affiliate marketing business in college life and make at least $1000/months so that I don’t have to do 9-5 job and work for someone else entire life till I will retire and achieve freedom in my life where I can do whatever I want, go whenever I want without asking any permission. So finally I  started my affiliate marketing business in my 3rd years of engineerings college life 2019 but I am afraid to say that during the 3 years of my engineerings I started getting enough projects from college which was totally waste of time from my point of view because everyone just doing copy and paste and completed the projects without learning anything..

As a result I was not able to focus on my affiliate marketing business while time was passing quickly… So after thinking too much like how I can manage both together so that I can do better in both places… I failed miserably in both places and nothing is working for me.. So finally I decided to drop out of college and take as a career affiliate marketer which I can run anywhere in the world. All I need is a good laptop and internet connection.. And Yes you heard it right…I dropout college in 2019 during my 3rd year of engineering and pursue a career in affiliate marketing.. And you know when I dropped out my college I was not earning anything even I was not doing any part time job but still I dropped out my college that was really my biggest decision of my life even I failed in affiliate marketing too I don’t have any option as well because I don’t have any degree which help me to get job as well…

But I am very happy to say that the decision I made during my college life which was one of my best decisions I ever made in my entire life because I understood affiliate marketing is something which can change my lifestyle…(sharing more struggler’s story now to inspire you guys) Now I was completely doing affiliate marketing without getting any extra work from college…since I was college dropout student. But the problems that I am facing right now are how I could start my affiliate marketing business which helps me to make real affiliate commissions?? Since no-one is there for me who can guide me or show me the right path to success in affiliate marketing business…

So I started watching tons of affiliate marketing YouTube Videos to Learn About Affiliate Marketing so that I could start making affiliate commissions.. But after I tested every strategy that I shared in a YouTube Video I did not get any result. Still I was broke even though I wasted tons of money for testing the things which were working for me or not.. Then I decided to buy some course which was selling on warriorplus but still I was broke after applying all methods taught in low ticket courses.. I don’t know what to do next because I was struggling in the affiliate marketing business to get single sales online…

But I did not give up yet….because at that time I didn’t have any other option in my life as well so I decided to do whatever required to get first affiliate sales online.. Hence after struggling 6 months during starting phase of my affiliate marketing business and wasted tons of my money and time and faced so many challenges like shine objects syndrome or family pressure and none believed at what I was doing and all was thinking it is scam etc  But one day somehow  I made my first commission or first dollar or first affiliate sales online which was $47 dollar….that charged everything for me and which was the turning point of my career..

And that day was really aha moment for me and luckiest day for me and those days I totally believed that yes it is possible to make money online and live online.. After that I never move back keep following same strategy which helped me to make my first dollar online and started making $100 a day,$200 a day,$300 a day, $500 a days even $1000 a days And I am going to share all my strategies inside my mentoring program or one to one coaching calls etc.. After that I have joined many successful affiliate and cpa marketer training and coaching programs and learned from them what they were doing and implemented in my affiliate marketing business which helped me to take my affiliate marketing business into next levels..

And Now I am here in front of you Top 2% Affiliate Marketer In JVZOO Affiliate Networks WorldWide and Top 10% Affiliate Marketer In Warriorplus Affiliate Networks WorldWide and Sold Over thousand of Affiliate and CPA Marketing offer and Generated More Than 6 Figures ($) In Revenue and launched Own Product In International’s Market…  And I am going to share all my proven strategy that I am using right now personally in my affiliate /cpa marketing and many years of learning’s inside my mentoring program or one to one coaching calls etc so that you don’t have to waste many years for getting your first sales online and skyrocket your affiliate marketing business into next levels…

Save Preciousness Time & Money and Learn From Affiliate Marketing Expert & Replicate Their Strategy In Your Affiliate Marketing Business and Start Making Affiliate Commission Without Wasting Your Time  Anymore… I hope my journey inspires you and gives you enough confidence “How I (College Dropped Out Students) Turned Into Digital Entrepreneurs and Achieved Success In My Life and got Freedom In My Life” So if I can do it and then you can do it too. Just believe in Yourself and take massive action and Follow Expert Advice What they are saying…

Looking forward to guide & support you all In Internet Marketing/Digital Marketing/Affiliate Marketing so that you can be next success story in digital world and inspire more and more people so that they can also quit their 9-5 job that they does not like anymore and start as a career Digital Entrepreneur and Achieve success that They deserve…

Enough SAID So far..

Talk to you soon

Best Regards 

Kundan Choudhary (Your Affiliate & Digital Marketing Expert)

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