I Help You To Succeed In This Online Field And Give You Best Knowledge Which Helps You To Make Passive Income.


Let me introduce my self quickly, 

I'm Umer Qureshi.

The part-time Blogger, Affiliate marketer and Entrepreneur.

He is the 15 year old part - time  blogger which love to do blogging and share knowledge with others. 

He lives in Delhi ( Capital and Backbone Of India). By qualification he is still a student but passionate blogger and affiliate marketer by heart. He is manages time from his studies and help everyone. Currently he is running many other affiliate blogs and earning decent amount of money from that.

Let some talk about this blog?

Basically this blog helps every newbie bloggers to succeed in blogging that why i name this blog "Guide Blogging".

Want more about me blog?

Yes Of course ! Let me introduce about my blog and how it help's you then i will tell you my story.

What Guide Blogging Is All About?

GuideBlogging is the blog which guides you to become a better blogger. In his blog, we talk about Blogging, Affiliate Marketing Tips and many more other stuff which can help you to start in this online world and grow your blog like a rocket. 

This blog helps you to seriously grow your blog and help you to generate a good amount of money (but If you work hard and we don't share any quick rich schemes).

You know that in 2019 blogging is become duff so to stick in this you need some solid strategies which work works for you.

So we are here to help you with this ? 

I started this blog on ( 28 March 2019)  for helping newbie blogger and try to help me them to scale there blog in 2019. I share the best guide which works for me.

Why i started this blog?

After making many profitable blog i think to to helps other blogger to scale there blog and i want to share my experience with this blog so other blogger don't do same mistake and grow fluently. 

That's all ?

I think you love it?

But wait! Why you trust me?

Ok! See The Proof

Here you can see thousand of people coming on my blog and spending time on that.

Here you can see you the growth of my facebook group. I know the no of members is less because i started this group after 2 month of my blog so it's the awesome stats for me.

Why You Should Join Our Facebook Group?

  • I shared daily blogging tips there.
  • You can connect with me and many other fellow blogger.
  • I have started promotion thread which helps you to increase website traffic.
  • You can share your knowledge with us

I think you are know trust me so let move on and i will tell you my story.

Boy With A Pocket Full Of Dreams (My Story)

Let's go back in 2017, In the middle of my 8th standard i was free at that time because of school holiday. 

So most of the time I spend on the internet and learn new thing then from there I come to know about blogging. Firstly when I was started my first website is gaming website on blogger. I choose the blogger platform because of it free.

But you know that without knowledge we don't do anything. After making many unsuccessful blogs on blogger I learned that without investing in resources I can't do anything.

So on my birthday, I take money from my family and start my brand new blog on different niche.

This is the best decision of my life

Because, After that i know the power of an investment.

After opening my new website I am taking hope that this will bring money through AdSense for me on autopilot but as usual for a new blogger, I failed in this.

But, I don't demotivate,

And after that, I started my many blogs and learn SEO implemented on my blog and growing my affiliate blog.

But I stopped them because of time consent and that's why i lost my tall traffic,

But after that,

I decided to open this blog to share my blogging knowledge with all of you.

In short, I Love Blogging, I Love Sharing knowledge and that’s why Guide Blogging is my dream blog and I shared quality things here which helps you.

So if you want to know more about me you can take a look at my Twitter, Facebook and Quora.

If you looking any other query you can mail me 

Email : guideblogging7 [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks for reading about me and giving your precious time to us.

Your New Friend From Now 

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