[Live Now] pCloud Black Friday Deals 2021 – Get 75% OFF on Their 2TB Lifetime Deal Now

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Are you looking for pCloud Black Friday 2021?

Then you are at the right place. Here We are going to tell you all about pCloud Black Friday deals and offers.

pCloud Black Friday gives up to 75% off on one of the strongest cloud storage solution

pCloud is the best cloud storage provider right now. It provides a variety of storage plans at affordable prices and a good amount of cloud storage for free. pCloud gives users complete control over their privacy.

It’s reasonably priced, includes a media player, and provides additional encryption for your files.

it is essential to have complete control over who has access to your files. However, pCloud has a catch.

If you prefer to be able to select which files will be protected with zero-knowledge encryption then pCloud is a great choice.

pCloud Black Friday 2021 – Overview

pCloud Black Friday Deals Offer 2021

Many people are searching for pCLoud Black Friday 2021 Deals .

pCloud, which is trusted by more than 8 million customers, is one of the top cloud storage services. pCloud offers huge discounts during Black Friday and contributes to people’s happiness.

You can get a pCloud 2TB Lifetime plan at 75% discount.


Regular Price

Black Friday Price
Grab Links

500GB Lifetime


Activate Deal Now

2TB Lifetime


Activate Deal Now

pCloud is the best option for anyone looking for online storage that exceeds 500GB or 2TB. This offer is available as a lifetime deal.

pCloud’s standard pricing may be too expensive for some. Black Friday offers a $357.5 savings on a 500GB Lifetime plan, and $735 for a 2TB Lifetime plan.

65% discount on pCloud’s lifetime offer Black Friday offers a 75% discount. This is the best time of year to take advantage of the pCloud black Friday discount

pCloud Black Friday Deals 2021

How to Activate pCloud Black Deals 2021?

It is easy to activate the Pcloud Black Friday 2021. Follow the steps below to access the pCloud Black Friday Sale page to avail the discount. This is a limited time discount so, do not waste your time and get ready to grab your black Friday deals. These are the steps required to claim the pCloud Black Friday Deals:

1.To go to the pCloud Sale Page, click on this link

2.You will now be able to get the best prices

3.Select the plan that you would like to buy.

4.Sign up now

5.You are now done with the payment

Congratulation! For Talking a Wise Decision WIth pCloud

Reason to Choose pCloud Black Friday Deals 2021

1.pCloud is an excellent cloud service that offers top-notch security, cloud storage, unlimited uploads and downloads.

2.pCloud is a lot faster than Dropbox when it comes to upload speeds. This was amazing to me.

The best part about pCloud? It doesn’t use your pCloud storage to host the files. You can save your files offline by “favoriting” them.

3.Chrome extension pCloud save is available for Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox. This extension allows you to save images directly from the internet by right-clicking on the image. You can also select a text copy and save it to the cloud as a Word document. This is a very useful feature.

4.Another time-saving feature is remote upload. This allows you to upload the video or images directly to the pCloud Upload Manager without having them downloaded first.

5.pCloud allows you to choose from one of its two servers in the U.S. or the EU to store files.

6.TLS/SSL encryption is used by pCloud to transfer files from your device into pCloud servers.

7.To encrypt files on the client-side, you can also opt for additional paid service Cloud Crypto This will protect your files from unauthorized access.

8.File sharing is easy with pCloud. You can invite users to share files, send links to download the files, and receive them directly to your pCloud account.

9.Shared links are dynamic and always display the most recent version of the files. You can even set an expiration date and a password to protect your privacy.

10.pCloud includes a built in video and audio player that allows you to instantly preview and play your files.

11.You can access pCloud mobile via both Android and iOS. You can instantly back up your mobile videos and photos to your pCloud account with the Automatic upload feature.

12.You can backup multiple platforms in the pCloud dashboard like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. This is an incredible feature.

13.You can view file versions and previous revisions of files starting at 15 days (free) or 30 days (premium), and you can also record any file changes for up to 360-days.

pCloud Black Friday Deals 2021 – Pricing & Discount

pCloud is offering massive discounts during their pCloud Black Friday on all their plans. There are two plans that will suit every purpose. Anyone looking for cloud hosting services can choose pCloud with no worries. pCloud is a great cloud storage provider. These are the pCloud Black Friday 2021 plans and pricings:

You have two payment options, one monthly and the other annual. Both will offer discounts, buy discount rates can vary.

1.500 GB Lifetime (Inactive)

  • 500GB Storage
  • 500GB Download Link Traffic
  • Unlimited Remote Upload Traffic
  • 30 Days Trash History

Regular Price (Lifetime): $480

Discounted Price: $122.50

2.2TB Lifetime Family

  • 2TB Storage
  • 2TB Download Link Traffic
  • Unlimited Remote Upload Traffic
  • 30 Days Trash History
  • Encrypted Folder

Regular Price (Lifetime): $980

Discounted Price: $245

pCloud Black Friday Deals 2021 – FAQ

1. What is pCloud Crypto?

pCloud Crypto makes it easy to encrypt your files and hide them from others. Using pCloud Crypto, you can secure your most private information, including your documents, from any device. Your content will be kept private and confidential by pCloud administrators. Your online privacy is yours.

2. How much does pCloud Costs?

The price of pCloud depends on the plan you choose. There are three subscription plans available: one for a month, one for a year, and one for a lifetime. For 500GB, a lifetime plan costs $480, But in pCloud Black Friday Sale you can get it for $122.5.

3. Is pCloud better than Dropbox?

pCloud is our top choice. pCloud excels at everything, from pricing to security. The price difference is significant. pCloud Crypto also offers secure storage for confidential files.

pCloud Black Friday Deals 2021 – Over To You

pCloud is the best choice for those who want to secure their files and data in a cloud storage system.

You will need the pCloud Crypto feature to ensure complete security.

pCloud is the best storage option for video marketers, content creators, bloggers, and other professionals who need to share files and collaborate with others.

I hope this pCloud Black Friday Deals 2021 article will be helpful to you.

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