Blog Description: Tips To Master A Perfect Description

By Kundan Choudhary |Updated on May 20, 2020

Do you want to rank your website? You have to focus on many factors.

All blogger says that,

And its good but you also have to focus on Blog Description,

Because it helps you to increase your branding and traffic.

Here is a full guide which helps you to write a better description for your blog.

Hey future bloggers, Today in this post I am going to cover about blog description, Many of you not taking your blog description as serious,


You know that several of the articles are not ranking on google because they don’t have a perfect blog post description and don’t use any keyword in their description.

Blog or post description is the text which appears SERP before your link.

There are basically two types of description – 

1. Blog Description – This is a description of your homepage which appears below your site link in SERP.

2. Post Description  – This is a description of your blog post which appears below your blog post link in SERP.

Believe me,

If you master the description then you can rank easily without off-page SEO.

Table Of Content

How To Write Blog Description?

In our post, we always write a blog post description just like that we have to write a  blog description for our homepage. 

The Homepage description helps you to tell users about your which means which niche are you covering in your blog.

If you are using Rank Math Plugin, There is an option which helps you to edit your homepage description easily. 


Here, You can easily add your blog description using any SEO Plugin.

Tips For Creating a Blog Description

I think you understand about it so let move and show some example of blog description.

Some Examples Of Blog Description

You have to know how you can make a good blog description, 

So, Here some examples which helps you to get an idea on how to make an eye catchy blog description.

1. BloggingLift


Why it’s good? Because they tell about there topic which they covered and also add eye catchy line that “earn some money from their blog” which fills curiosity in user to check out this blog.

2. FitnessAbout


Why it’s good? Because they showcase an emotional line that ” Running or jogging is one of the top past time that people choose to do it” so the user clicks on their blog to see how can lose weight without doing nothing.

3. Engadget


Why it’s good? Because they showed how old there and even as proof they added the date which helps into builds trust towards the visitors.

4. Yummly

Why it’s good? Because they showcase how they help the user with there food needs.

5. A Broken Backpack


Why it’s good? Because they tell about there content that they will only focus on “long-term travel featuring budget travel tips” and many more guides which help the user to which want to travel.

6. Backlinko 


Why it’s good? Because they tell about there blog and add some eye-catching line which makes the user check this blog. They also used the “backlink” keyword which helps there blog to get ranked on this keyword.

7. CashOverFlow


Why it’s good? Because they showcase their expertise by writing ” I am known for my personal finance management skill” and add some information about there content, I think you got some idea.

Here are such blog description examples which help you to get an idea about how you can write an eye-catchy and attractive description.

How To Write Blog Post Description?

Writing a blog post description is very easy and you can easily master it,


You can use Rank Math Plugin to edit your blog post description, You have to go to in post editor –

This is called the meta description that shows on Google below your link in SERP.

Here, You can see you have to enter your blog post description here so it’s available in search engine result pages easily.

Note: You have to give only sneak peak of your content in description so when a user come across your results so they don’t leave your blog without reading. With that you will get only targeted people who are actually interested to get some help.

I think you know now how to write blog post description,

But Wait!

In Blog post description there are the two types of description which found easily – 


As you can see in the above image there are two types of blog post description which are available in SERP,

But did you know that long description doesn’t help to increase your ranking but short description attracts the user and fill the curiosity to check your blog post.

So don’t make long description because it looks bad in the search engine and not very effective.

Tips For Impressive Blog Post Description

For making a high converting and powerful blog post description we have to add some things on that because if you don’t have attractive blog post description or meta description so maybe you are losing some of your traffic.

So here are some tips which I personally used to get a boost in CTR and also Ranking – 

Pro Tip: Here is the pro tip which i am using to get high ctr –

I think you got an idea about how you can make a power blog post description,

So let move on and find how to optimize it for keywords.

How to Optimize Keyword In Blog Post Description?

For increasing some ranking in search engine result pages you should have to add keywords.

You have to add your main keyword naturally and along with this, you can add LSI keyword, Medium and Long tail keyword.

By adding the main keyword naturally in blog post description it helps to send a strong signal of relevance to the google about your main keyword.

How To Add Blog Description On Blogger?

I think my reading uppers portion you got some idea about it but this for bloggers user who is struggling to add blog description in there blog in bloggers.

So here is the guide which helps you.


I hope now you get all the information about adding a description in blogger.

FAQ Related To Blog Description

What is Blog Description?

This is a description of your homepage which appears below your site link in SERP.

What is Blog Post Description?

This is a description of your blog post which appears below your blog post link in SERP.

Now it’s your turn

After reading this, You got an idea that why we no to focus on this,

I have tried to cover every topic which helps you to create a great blog description and also added some examples.

If you like this amazing post then leave a comment below and tell is this helpful for you or not.

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