Rank Math Review – No.1 Free SEO Plugin For WordPress

Want To Increase Ranking While Sleeping?

If Yes, This Post Helps You To Rank Your Blog On First Page On Google.

Hey Guys, In This Post I Will Tell You About How You Increase Ranking By Rank Maths Plugin.

Recently Rank Math Becomes The Most Favourite SEO Plugin Of Many Blogger Like Me. It Helps Me To Rank My Blog On Many Keywords.

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So, In This Post I Will Share a rank math review+Setup Of the Rank Math SEO Plugin.

Let Begin,

What Is Rank Math SEO Plugin?

Rank Math SEO Plugin Is An Amazing Plugin, After The Release This Plugin Become The Hottest Plugin In The Market.

This Plugin Is Launched On MyThemeShop, Where You Find An Amazing Plugin And Wonderfull Themes For Bloggers.

I Am Using This Plugin From Since One Month, So I Decided To Write The Review.

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How to Setup Rank Math  Plugin?

If You Want To Setup The Rank Math SEO Plugin,

Follow This Steps To Install Rank Math On Your Blog

First : ClickHere Download RankMath SEO Plugin Here

Install Rank Math SEO Plugin

You Can Easily Install the Rank Math SEO Plugin By Going To MyThemeShop,


You Can Also Install This Plugin By Searching On Plugin Option In rank math wordpress.

Why Should I Install It?

Because The Plugin Helps You In Ranking Your Blog, This Plugin Is The Best Alternative To Yoast SEO Because They  Provide Yoast SEO Premium Features In a Free Version.

The Helps Support Of This Plugin Is Amazing,

If You Get Any Problem Regarding This Plugin Their Support Team Helps You In 1 Hour.

After Installing, You Can Active This Plugin Easily.

Setup Of Rank Math SEO

To Setup The Rank SEO Plugin Follow This Steps,

After Installing The Plugin Go To the Setup Wizard Option In Settings,

1. Import & Export Setting

If You Using Yoast SEO Plugin, You Can Easily Import Your SEO Setting In Rank Math By Using This Step –


Using This Method You Can Easily Import Your Yoast SEO Setting On Rank Math.

You Have To Select The Option You Want But Referred You To Choose All Option Because It Helps You A Lot.


You Can See You All Setting Is Import To Rank Math By This Option In Setup.

2. Your Site 

This Option Is Very Important Because Of This Your Site Information Setting.


In the First Option, You Can Select The Type Of Website Or Blog You Have,

If You Have a Personal Blog you Can Simply Select The Option.

You Can Upload Your Logo On Google,

Using This Option You Can Fetch Your Blog Logo Easily.

I Preferred You To Not Upload Image On Default Social Images Options Because They Don’t Help You To Get Traffic From Social Media,

If You Use These Options And You Try To Share Your Article On Social Media So Automatically Change Your Thumbnail Image To The Image You Uploaded In Default Social Share Image.

3. Search Console 


In Google Search Console Option,

You Can Authorize Your Account Of Google Webmaster In Your Blog And You Can Choose the Profile Of Your Blog In This Option.

How To Verify Your Blog On Google Search Console 

4. Sitemaps


This Is Also An Important Option Where You Can Enable Your Sitemaps Options Sitemaps Is Also A Ranking Factor Because They Keep Updating the Google Of Your Website.

I Recommended You Enable All settings Like Because It Helps Me So I Think This Also Can Help You.

How To Setup Sitemap On Rank Math?

5. Optimization


If You Completed All The Settings This Option Helps You A Lot If You Want To Increase your Ranking This Option Will Help You To Optimize Your Blog And Give an Idea o Google That Your Blog Is Genuine And Easy To Understand.

You Can Copy the Same Setting As Mine,

I Recommended You This Setting Because They Increase My Search Result On Google.

After This, Your Blog Is Ready To Be Live.

After Clicking On the Next Button You Got This By Getting This Means You Completed The Setup And Your site rank Is Now Ready.

Features & Setting of Rank Maths Plugin

The Features Of This Plugin Helps You Because In This Plugin You Have Many Setting Which Are Not Available In Other Plugin.

1. AMP


AMP is Optimize Your Blog And Your Website to Become Mobile Friendly So It Easier To Rank In Google.

In Any Other plugin, You Got AMP In the Premium Version But They are Provided In the Free Version This feature Helps You To Rank.

Why AMP Increase Ranking?

2. 404 Monitor

404 Url Monitor Helps You To Check An 404 Error On Your Website And Increase The User Experience.

You Can See Here After Activate This Option You Can See The 404 Hits Of My Blog And 404 Error Also Decrease Your Ranking,

So I Must Recommend You To Use This Option.

3. Link Counter

Link Counter Provide The Data Of Total Internal And External Links Of Your Site By This You Can Easily See Your External Link.

They Help A Lot For Increasing Ranking.


Because If Your Internal Link is Broken When Crawler Come Your Website And Analysis Your Content They Got Error By This Broken Link.

4. Edit .htaccess & robot.txt

You Can Easily Edit The .htaccess From Here And You Save Time By Going To Cpanel And Edit This Coding.

You Can Easily Edit .robots.txt From Here And  It Doesn’t Help Too Much.

5. Redirection 


You Can Easily Redirect Your Old Deleted Post By Using This Option, It Helps You A Lot.

In the Redirection Type Option, You Have Some Features Like –

  • 301 Permanent Move – It Permanently Redirects The Url To Another Url.
  • 302 And 307 Redirection – They Both Have the Same Setting They Temporary Redirect Your Url From One To Another.

You Can Off Debug Redirection Because They Don’t Help You Too Much.

6. SEO Analysis 

SEO Analysis Help And Analysis Your Website Give You Result in Link This –

Here You Can See The SEO Score Of My Site It’s Good But You Will Do Better Than Me.

7. Rich Snippet 


Rich Snippet Helps You To Increase Your Ranking Because Snippet Attracts People By Showing Stars And All And It Very Helps o Increase The CTR Of Your Website.


Here You Can See The How Rich Snippets Look Like.

Rich Snippet Attract Most Of the Time Because They Show Reviewer’s Name, Rating, Price Etc.

See How Rich Snippet Helps In SEO To Boost Ranking

8. Local SEO

Local SEO Helps o Grow Your Bussiness Like If Anyone Searching “Best SEO Agency In Varanasi” They Show Many Results,

So Using This You Can Rank On Local Keywords.

9. Search Console 


In Search Console Option You Can Connect Your Plugin With Search Console And It Helps You To See Your Targeted math pro keyword,

Like – Which Keywords Of Yours Ranked And You Got Traffic.

10. Image Optimization 


Using This Option You Can search engine optimization The Image Of Your Website You Already Know That Image Is An Important Ranking Factor Because You Can Also Get Traffic From Images.

How to Optimise Your Image And Increase Your Speed?

If You Need An Article About It So I Will Defienilty Ready To Make An article For My Readers.

How To Optimise Your Post Using Rank Maths Plugin?

After Writing A Long Article On Blog. Not Getting Traffic?

If Yes, Then This Optimizing Technique Helps You To Rank Your Article On a Particular Keyword.

Optimizing Is Not Very Tough But If You Do It On Right Way,

So I Am sharing Techniques That How You Can Optimize Your Post Using Rank Math Plugins.

After Writing a Big Blog Post Let’s Optimize Using Rank Math,

General Setting

At The End Of The Post, You See a General Setting Where You Can Change the Title, Description, And Keywords.

At Focus Keyword You Must Add A Keyword Which You Want To Rank Here You Can See The Focus Keywords 82 Good Out Of 100,

So This Is a Good Signal Because If  Your SEO Score Is Around 80-100 Then Your Article Has a Higher Chance of Rank On This Keyword.

So, I Think You Understand How to Use the General Setting Let Moves On Advanced Setting.

advanced setting

In This Setting, You Got an Option Like Redirecting Your Url To Another Url But I Recommended You Not To Change Anything in Is Advanced Setting Because,

If You Do Anything Change In the Setting So Maybe They Decrease  Your Ranking.

Let Move’ On Rich Snippet Settings


Here You Can Choose What Type Your Post Is,

Here You Can Choose Three Options –

  • Article This means That Your Post Is Around 300-1000  Words And This Type Of Post is Not Ranked Easily.
  • Blog Post – Means That Your Post Is Around 1200-10000 Words And This Type Of Post Are Easy To Rank.
  • New Article – Means That You Have Posted Around 100-500 Words And It Immediately Rank On Google.

You Can Choose From Three seo options After That,

Give Title And Description That’s It!

After This Let’s Moves To the Social Option –


Here You Can See,

Using This Option You Can Share Posts On Facebook And Twitter By Changing The Title And Description.

ProTip – Change The Title And Description And Add Some Attracted Picture So You Can Get Shares From Twitter And Facebook.

How To Make SEO Score 100% In Rank Math SEO Plugin?

You Can Make your SEO Score 100% By Adding This Thing In Your Post –

  1. Internal Linking
  2. External Linking
  3. Your Post Has a Minimum of 600 Words
  4. Adding Focus Keywords In Sub Heading
  5. Make Your Keyword Density At least 2.
  6. Focus Keyword Must Used In Url.
  7. Add Keyword In Description.
  8. Don’t Add Negative Or Irrelevant Title.
  9. Don’t Add Numbers In the SEO Title.
  10. Use Focus Keywords On Image As Alt.
  11. Use Titles That Do Not Contain Power Words.
  12. Focus Keywords Appear In 10% Of Content.
  13. Your Flesch  Readability Score Must be Above 70 %
  14. Use Short Paragraph.

Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO? Which is Best For You

Rank Math No Doubt Is The Awesome Plugin That I am Using For the Last 3 Months and I Am Really Happy With Them But Many People are Confused That What We Choose Between Rank Math And Yoast So Here Are The Pro And Cons Of Rank Math Yoast.

I Think You Read A Full Review Of Rank Math But Want To Know How This Is Better Then Yoast?

Here Is the Some Cons Of Yoast

  1. 404 Monitor – Yoast SEO Doesn’t Provide Any Features Like On Their Premium Version.
  2. AMP – If You Using Yoast Plugin So You Downloaded Another Plugin For AMP But Rank Math SEO Plugin Provide This On Free Version.
  3. Link Counter – Rank Math Is the Only Plugin Which Has a Link Counter.
  4. Redirection – You Can’t Find This Feature On Yoast Because They Don’t Available.
  5. Image Optimisation – In Yoast SEO Plugin You Will Not Get Features, You Have To Download Separate Image Optimisation From Google.
  6. Search Console – You Will Get This Option In Rank Math But Not In Yoast Because Rank Math Is an Advanced SEO Plugin For Bloggers.

These Are The Not All Features But There Are a Lot Of Amazing Features Like These.

Rank Math SEO Review 2023

Rank Math SEO Plugin Is Just An Amazing Plugin For Newbies And If You Newbie Or Pro Blogger I Must Recommend You Because The Features Of This Plugin Is Better Than Others Plugin.

There Is Lot Feature In Rank Math That Is Not Available In Yoast SEO Plugin.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Is Try To Update Their Plugin And Adding More Stuff Which Helps You A Lot.

My Review Is That You Can Download This Plugin Without Any Doubt In Your Mind If You Are Not Satisfied With Their Plugin You Can Contact Them And Share Your Experience With Them.

Download RankMath SEO Plugin Here In Case You Missed Out >>

Final Words

In Think This Post Helps You  A Lot Because I Share a Lot Of Knowledge That Helps Me So I Think They Will Also Help You Now You Can Download The Plugin And Enjoy!

If You Need Any Help Regarding Blogging So Drop A Comment Or Join Our Facebook Group And Ask There Your Question.

If You Need Any Article On Any Topic Just Comment Down And I Will Try To Make An Article And Help You.

Download RankMath SEO Plugin Here In Case You Missed Out >>

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Rank Math SEO Review
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  3. You have written a very detailed guide on Rank Math plugin and they deserve it. This plugin has helped me to remove 5 other plugins straight away and I like their options while optimizing a blog post.

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    • Thanks Sumit,For liking our content and i recommend you shifts your site to Rank math Because they give you the features that currently not have on Yoast Premium Version.


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    • Hey Lokesh,
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      1. Difently shifts to rank math because they have some awesome features then Yoast.

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      Umer Qureshi

  6. Hello Umer,

    This is one of the fantastic in-depth articles on Rank Math. Actually, I was a little confused between Yoast SEO & Rank Math as both are used by many top bloggers.

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    You have got awesome writing skills Umer 🙂

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  8. Thanks for sharing this valuable information, I was also confused between Yoast SEO and Rank math. Now I have a clear idea where I have to go. Thank You so much!!

  9. Umer Such a Great Information. Earlier i have been suggested by ahrefs team to use this plugin but that time i dont know everything about rankmath. But after reading your blog post i will start using it from now and after some months i will tell you the result.


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    Great post man! It’s informative! I appreciate your work.

    Happy Blogging 🙂

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    I have just installed Rank Math plugin but don’t know how to use it but after going through this article my all doubts are clear.

    You have covered all the points of Rank Math very well which any one can understand easily.

    Thank you so much for sharing this step by step guide Rank Math plugin.

  14. Hi Umer,

    A few months back, I switched from Yoast SEO to RankMath. It offers premium features for free which are available in Yoast SEO paid plan.

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