Top Best SEO Audit Tools 2023 [In-Depth Review]


Every company wants to promote its websites as today it is all about the world of digital marketing.

Moreover, this competitive ground is increasing at a higher rate.

So SEO audit tools come to the rescue, and many companies are investing so much money in such things.

As search investigation engines help promote websites in search engines and rank their trends on the pages.


The term is referred to as Search engine optimization, which helps website traffic reach other web pages or sites by improvising the quality and quantity of websites.

It also includes SEO audit tools which we are going to discuss further.

The aim is to get in the first three pages of google search console results by understanding the technical configuration.

The audience usually 

doesn’t have enough patience to go beyond that.

There are three types of pillars on which SEO stands.

Use all of them wisely, and it will help your website in the long run.

They are On-Page Optimization, Off-Page optimization, and technical optimization. 

Some companies use SEO audit tool consultants to enhance and promote them on online platforms.

So many companies use SEO audit tools due to the demand and easy availability of online SEO audit tools. 

But firstly, we should understand audit tools work and how they are helpful for the growth of websites.

What Are SEO Audit Tools?

Auditing is a procedure that can take a lot of time, so different tools are used more accessible the task.

that’s where audit tools come to play, and tool help in solving problems efficiently.

To ease your work, I have the best SEO site audit tool list, which includes free SEO audits as well as paid versions.

You can choose according to the problem you are facing and which one works perfectly for you.

Top 10 Best SEO Audit Tools

So here are the top 10 SEO audit tools for you which work best in most categories.

There are some best SEO audit tools for free for all newbies, while others have paid versions.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is another proven best-selling and famous audit tool available in the market.

As it focuses on technical errors while comparing the website with other trending websites to provide results by showing the issues occurring on the website.


1. Reports on SEO technical issues

2. The very reliable audit tool

3. Provide easy workflow with making reports on the activity of the website 

4. Custom reports according to the preferences of experts on checking the international websites

5. It shows around 130 technical errors at one time

Pricing and plans

The plans start at a range of $9.95 per month.

SEMrush also offers to test the tool for about 100 pages for free, and then you can opt for the package if satisfied with the performance of the tool.

SEM rush offers excellent services and features and can easily be looked for the options available for comparison among other websites.

2. Ahrefs Site Technical SEO Audit

The most reliable and famous audit tool that many people trust.

It’s very beginner-friendly and solves technical as well as other errors in no time.


1. Very efficiently work 

2. Run completely on cloud

3. Determine all technical problems within websites

4. All issues are shown in form reports with easy accessibility and colorful charts showing the drawbacks of websites.

Pricing and plans

While investing in Ahrefs audit tools, the plans start at $99 per month. The other plan for a professional team is $999 per month.

The audit tool also offers a trial of 7 days, charging only $7 with providing all the features to enjoy.

Ahrefs audit tool has excellent market value with great services that help enhance the rankings of websites by focusing on the improvement of technical issues.

3. Google Page speed insights

A tool mainly focuses on ranking the websites on top of the google search console engine and also one of the significant aspects is speed improvisation.


1. Completely free of cost.

2. Improvise the bounce rates.

3. By focusing on website speed.

4. Act as an indicator for website evolution.

5. Provide suggestions to rank up the websites.

Page speed insights are, however, simple yet effective tools for 

many people who visit web pages want pages to open 

within 3 seconds, so keeping in mind speed must be on the top 

radar for the companies.

Speed insights are the best free seo audit tools available 

in the market and can be used by everyone without investing a lot 

in these kinds of tools.

Pricing and plans

Free of cost 

Page speed insights are accessible to everyone with

very great features available which are proven to be beneficial

for companies and ranking up the web pages.

4. SEO reseller

It’s a tool that helps in sourcing SEO services for websites and companies who want their websites to trend on search engines.

It is the best among the top SEO Audit tool and is used by a significant number of professionals.


1. Tool focus on making reports on the drawbacks that the website is facing 

2. Tool expands your digital presence worldwide

3. The tool also provides with best digital marketing resources.

Pricing and plans

SEO pricing ranges with a plan of $199 per month with benefits like 100 keywords, 1000 backlinks, and 10 websites to operate the tool.

The reseller tool offers excellent features like many other SEO audit tools, and you can invest in this tool but keep in mind the hefty pricing.

5. Woorank

One of the other auditing tools that are pretty famous in the market of SEO audit tools.

It has many different features that show audit reports of websites working and suggestions that can be made technically.


1. Helps in dealing with technical issues

2. SEO ranking reports details including keywords reports

3. Performance rate improvisation Give the competitive analysis among the other websites

Pricing and plans

According to your preference, there are different plans as the pro plan starts at Rs. 4256.89 per month.

The other premium plans usually preferred by professionals began at Rs. 12772.09 per month.

The enterprise plan is also the best plan which started for Rs. 17739.29 per month.

Woorank also offers a free trial which is applicable for 14 days, and then you can opt for any plan according to preference.

Woorank markedly proves to be an excellent option for companies and people to invest in with its distinct features and approach to improving the ranking of websites.

6. Raven Tools

Raven tools is another best SEO audit tool and features quality features with ranking solving cryptic errors.

Moreover, it gives several tools that make backlinks convenient.


1. Increase SEO optimization

2. Maintain website rankings

3. Improves page speed, and online reputation

4. Make reports which quickly show the recommendations to be followed.

Pricing and plans

Raven tools have different plans on a monthly and annual basis, starting at $60 per month to about $720 per year.

Regular offers are going on annual plans, which benefit the users as the yearly plan can serve 20 accounts with one connector.

Raven tools have shown great features which benefit SCO optimization the most and make the work easy for the professionals of the website.

7. MOZ Audit Tool

Another audit tool that makes a nice place in the market of audit tools. It is an excellent interface for websites to detect technical issues.

Due to different features, many companies used tools to target the problems of their websites.


1. Provide – off-page SEO auditing

2. Keep track of rankings

3. Involves page optimization 

4. Offers free tools for a small business such as MOZbar, open site explorer, and business listing.

Pricing and plans

MOZ offers roughly 4 types of plans which include the standard starting at $99 per month, and the medium package is $179 per month.

the other large package starts at 4299 per month, and the best package offers $599 per month, which is the premium package.

MOZ also provides a 30-day free trial.

MOZ offers excellent value in supporting the website work with several features such as reports on technical issues.

8. Screaming Frog

The screaming frog is another renowned SEO audit tool famous among professionals.

People using Chrome and the cloud fall under the customer lane. It also has a unique crawling feature where the tool can find many errors on the website.


1. Have a unique spider tool that analyses websites all over 

2. Tool help in solving technical issues by recommending errors to solve.

3. Easily audit all the SEO issues such as duplicate content 

4. Crawl through websites to identify blocked URL 

5. Discover server errors, temporary or permanent.

Pricing and plans

Screaming frog offers quite a good plan as the paid version starts from $198.68 per year.

which includes limitless crawling across indefinite web pages.

The free trial option is also available, starting with crawling applicable to 500 URLs.

This tool has excellent market value with all the distinct features offered by the tool.

Also, do not forget it’s very affordable with a free trial based on that you can choose paid plan further.

9. GTMetrix

GT Metrix is a testing tool that helps testify the web pages and their technical performance.

It shows features like image sizing, caching, and identifying performance enhancement meters.


1. Take very little time, merely a few seconds, to identify problems from 22 different locations across the world.

2. Lower the loading speed to evaluate the issues occurring on pages.

3. View pages in filmstrip mode

4. Determines web page performance by web size, page time, and scores compared with other websites.

Pricing and plans

GTMetrix offers various plans starting at $10 per month the plan is mainly used by professionals.

which range around $500 per month.

The company also offers a free version, and users can use up to three URLs with additional tool key features.

50 weekly tests can also be run, which are free of cost.

GTMetrix is another profound tool that helps in building web pages efficiently.

There are abundant new features offered to ease your work in building the best websites possible and make them trending in famous search engines.

10. SpyFu

Spyfu is another very famous tool that is very similar to SEMrush. It offers various tools with rank track records and competitive web pages.


1. Combination of multiple tools which give insights into SEO optimization

2. Ranking among other websites

3. Focus on keyword research and backlink tracking.

Pricing and plans

SpyFu offers various plans involving different price ranges starting from around $33 per month to $200 per month. SpyFu doesn’t provide any free trials.

Spyfu is an excellent option for auditing and can be looked at if you want to invest in tools as paid plans are affordable and come within the range. 

It can be a great option with great features inbuilt.

FAQs About SEO Site Audit

1. What are SEO audit tools?

The most common question arises “What are audit tools?” They are specially designed tools for SEO optimization and enhancing the websites to trend on search engines without any errors 

2. Which is the best audit tool available?

The SEO, as mentioned above, audit tools are best in providing great features, but one that stands out is SEMrush due to its affordability and features. 

3. What is the need for audit tools?

Auditing has become crucial and helps the SEO optimization and carrying out the website work to make it trend and work for best.

Conclusion Of SEO Audit Tools

As we have discussed in the article about the SEO audit tool list, it’s very obvious that audit tools are very essential for websites.

Auditing has become crucial for pointing out all the errors and significantly removes all the technical SEO issues in loading and redirecting web pages. 

Many options are available, consisting of semrush site audit, Reventools, GTmatrics, and many others.

which offers various features such as many functions on both google search console and chrome. 

There are SEO audit tool free trials that give you an overview of the features.

And Boost your online visibility and attract more organic traffic with top-notch SEO services in Hyderabad. Reach the top of search engine rankings with seo expert strategies.

You can select the best out of those for the paid versions to enjoy distinct features for the development of your website.

There are many options as already mentioned, but every other offer different kind of services with varying price rates, and keeping that in mind is very important.

There are SEMrush and Ahrefs, which give the best SEO audit tool key in 2023, among others due to users’ affordability and straightforward approach. 

Alongside they both serve as the best technical SEO audit tool.

As SEO auditing tools give insights that are additional benefits at a price.

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