[Live Now] Podia Black Friday Deals 2021 – Get Flat 10% OFF Plus 50% Off On First Two Months For Lifetime on All Plans!

Black Friday Deals

Save 10%+50% On Podia Black Friday Deals

Create Community & Sell Course, Webinars
On-Going Offer

Looking for Podia Black Friday deals to save some money, then you are at the right place Because here, we are going to tell you all about the podia black Friday 2021.

This year in Podia Black Friday sales, Podia Offered 10% Off + 50% OFF On First Two Month on all plan for memberships, online courses along with digital downloads. 

It is an online tool which assists creators build and sell their online classes. It is a platform that allows you to host all of your courses in one location.

More than 17,000 creators use podia for selling online courses. Here’s the reason —

  • Podia offers tools for creating courses and promotional campaigns including email marketing, creating sales pages, managing products etc. All under one platform.
  • Affordable prices. In addition to Podia being the most cost-effective platform for creators of online courses, Podia also doesn’t charge more fees when you sell more. Additionally, there’s no transaction cost.
  • Modern clear, intuitive, and easy design makes sure that customers get the best experience from Podia.

The Black Friday Deals at Podia is the perfect opportunity you’ve been searching for grab this deal will help you save a significant amount of money as well as provide you with the top digital products and membership plans.

Podia Black Friday Deal 2021 – Overview

  • Podia Black Friday Deal: 10% OFF On All Plan(50%off On 1st two months)
  • Start Date: Soon
  • End Date: Soon
  • Price: $34/mo
  • Coupon Code: Click Here To Apply Automatically
  • Status: Live Now

Podia Black Friday Offer

This year in Podia Black Friday sales, Podia offered 10% off for Lifetime on all plan for memberships, online courses along with digital downloads. 

That Means you can lock in your 10% lifetime discount off current prices (plus 50% off your first two months) when you buy or upgrade your Podia plan!

Podia is an all in one platform that enables you to sell your courses, memberships, and digital products.

Podia Black Friday

Podia includes three plans.

PlansPricingBlack Friday OfferGrab Link
Mover$39/mo10% OFF+ 50% OFF ON FIRST TWO MONTH Activate Deal
Shaker$79/mo10% OFF+ 50% OFF ON FIRST TWO MONTH Activate Deal
Earthquaker$179/mo10% OFF+ 50% OFF ON FIRST TWO MONTH Activate Deal

On this Black Friday, Podia is offering a discount of 10% off on plans. If you have missed Black Friday, then don’t worry. Podia runs this deal till cyber Monday.

Podia doesn’t offer a free plan, but it gives you 14 days of a trial for free. The trial is free and you will be able to use all the features. It is not required to use a credit card.

The Mover plan is less expensive, but does not offer features like free migrations, third-party coupons, Affiliate marketing and embedding checkouts and options for membership.

If you’re looking to access all features, you have to select Shaker. Shaker plan.

You are able to end the plan at any point with no hassle.

It’s Black Friday is the right moment to save huge money by using Podia.

Podia Black Friday 2021

Reason to Choose Podia Black Friday Sale 2021

1. Free migration 

Do you want to move the content you have on podia, or other platforms?

Podia will not charge you an additional cost for moving your courses from the place they’re located.

2. Free website and hosting

Start a website or blog to allow your readers to be able to learn more about you and also purchase your course.

The best part is that you don’t need to purchase a hosting package for this because you will receive it for free!

Yes, you read it right You can create the site of your Digital Storefront on Podia’s subdomain.

3. Custom URL

Do you want to enhance the Digital Storefront look more brandable with a beautiful domain name?

Podia allows you to manage your storefront online on your own domain.

In this manner you establish your business as a brand, and you get to appear more professional.

4. Integration with Google analytics and much more

Google Analytics is a great tool to gain more insight into your customers.

Demographics reveal a variety of crucial information that will don’t just help you improve your products, but also enhance your customer’s overall experience.

Additionally let your visitors know that you value their feedback with Hotjar.

Podia lets you incorporate marketing tools such as Google Ads, Facebook, and Pinterest to assist you in growing your company.

Other services that could be integrated into Podia include:

  • Email Service Providers
  • Stripe and Paypal
  • Zapier
  • Third-party snippets such as Sumo, Fomo, etc

5. Flexible and customizable for your brand

Include your company’s branding style on Your Digital Storefronts by modifying the appearance and feel of your site and course.

Select what is the primary focus of your storefront and then decide where you’d like to put all of the elements.

Podia allows you to design your course and your website in accordance with your brand.

6. Digital Downloads

You don’t need to deal with the hassle of creating and maintaining your sales pages, as podia can take care of it.

Podia develops a highly creative sales page that includes an encrypted checkout form. It also assists in the delivery of your digital product to your customers each time they purchase.

7. Memberships for a committed audience

Inspire your visitors to become customers by offering different membership options.

You can earn recurring income by charging them the cost of a monthly or annual subscription.

You can also set up free memberships to create leads, then invite them to sign up for the paid ones.

8. Webinars

Webinars can be a great way to get your visitors and customers to interact with your company. It is a fantastic method to inform people about your products and collect emails.

This will also allow you to promote your company by email marketing.

Webinars are delivered live or planned in advance.

What’s the most beneficial thing? You can make replays of your webinars available to your potential audience.

9. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most effective method to bring in more sales for your product. Create your own list of email subscribers and send appealing emails to draw people back to your site with fantastic products and information.

Podia allows you to incorporate and handle third-party marketing tools too. Here’s a list of the marketing tools you can connect to the Podia account.

TIP: In this festive season, you can design coupons and advertise them in emails to increase the number of clients to join their Podia Black Friday Sale on courses.

How to get Podia Black Friday Deals

Follow below steps to grab your Podia Black Friday Deals 2021 –

Step 1. Click here to go to Podia’s official website.

Step 2. As soon as you sign-up, you’ll be given a 14-day trial of a free trial for podiatric patients. When you’ve finished the trial, you will be able to opt for one of the plans: the Mover Plan as well as the Shaker Plan, (recommendation: go for a year-long renewal). In this way, you will receive a 15 % discount on the purchase.

This is it! Now you can begin to create and take advantage of 10% off with Podia Black Friday deals.

Congratulations! on making a wise decision and choosing Podia.

Podia Black Friday Sale 2021 – FAQ

1. Does Podia offer free migrations?

Sure, Podia gives free migrations. However, for this you will need to sign up to its Shaker plan.

2. Are there any restrictions for the number of courses and products to host on Podia?

No. Podia lets you offer endless courses and digital items as well as memberships.

3. How does Podia integrate with other popular email marketing software?

Podia is a native integration with popular email marketing tools such as Convertkit, AWeber, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Mailerlite, Zapier, Drip, and MailChimp.

4. Does Podia come with its own email marketing software?

Yes, Podia is a software that can be used to send emails. It can be used to create drip campaigns as well as single-shot newsletters.

5. Does Podia allow affiliate marketing?

Yes, Podia includes an affiliate marketing option. You can create an affiliate website of your own and then sell your own memberships, courses and digital goods.

6. How to integrate Podio and Clickbank?

With Zapier, you can join Podia and ClickBank in under a few minutes.

Podia Black Friday Sale 2021Conclusion

Podia is the most effective platform to earn money doing the things you love. It’s very easy and simple to use the platform to sell memberships, courses as well as digital downloads.

The primary reason creators select Podia over other platforms is because of its simplicity of use as well as customer service. They respond and receive your comments, and are there to assist you.Additionally, it’s a great value due to the many additional features it has to offer. There is an additional discount when you buy it in the Podia Black the Friday Sale.

Affiliate disclosure(In full transparency): Some of the link on GuideBlogging site are affiliate link, If you utilize them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost from your side, that helps us to publish Valuable Free Content For You 😃 .

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