AAWP Black Friday Deals 2021 – Get 30%OFF On All Their Licenses (Crazy Deals)

Black Friday Deals

Save 30% On AAWP Black Friday Deals

Empower Your Amazon Affiliate With AAWP
On-Going Offer

If you are Looking to save money Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin then, You are in the Right place. This Year AAWP Black Friday is offering upto 30% discount on their plugin.

AAWP is an Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin which is perfect for bloggers who want to promote Amazon products and make a profit from it.

This plugin was specifically designed specifically for Amazon affiliate sites to help drive more conversions.

If you own an Amazon affiliate site You may have noticed that despite high traffic and high-quality posts on your site, you might have a low number of sales.

The promotional items offered by Amazon are outdated and could hurt your conversions.

With this in mind the developers have created AAWP that allows many more users to click your affiliate hyperlinks.

Last year, for AAWP Black Friday, AAWP offered 30% off on all price packages. We need to be patiently waiting for an announcement on deals this year.

AAWP Black Friday Deal 2021 – Overview

  • AAWP Black Friday Deal: 30% Discount
  • Start Date: Soon
  • End Date: Soon
  • Price: €49
  • Coupon Code: SAVE10
  • Status: Live Now

AAWP Black Friday Deals 2021

Amazon Affiliate Plugin AAWP Black Friday– The Best Amazon Affiliate plugin Black Friday 2021 Purchase now for the lowest price, including discount.

Trust me, associate advertising is always an excellent option to make money from your blog. What better way to earn money through your blog or online business over the Amazon affiliate program.

What better method to earn money than offering products and services that you know your audience will benefit from.


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Reason To Choose AAWP Black Friday Deals 2021

1. Text Links

Text Links are among the easiest ways to insert appropriate Affiliate-Links within the body text through the Amazon Affiliate plugin. It is possible to select the text of the link and the word that you wish to hyperlink on the Amazon product.

This will allow you to integrate links related to your product directly in your content.

2. Product Boxes

With the use of a product box that you can display products from Amazon products in an visually appealing manner on your site. To accomplish this, the box typically contains the image of the product, part of the description of the item along with the price that is advertised, and a button meant to prompt customers to buy.

3. Bestseller (Lists)

The so-called Best Sellers are lists of products that are based on a search phrase or product category that is sold most effectively on Amazon. When you use the Bestseller lists You’re not just providing your customers on your site with a stunning image of the most well-known Products as well as providing the buyers with a genuine incentive.

4. Comparison Tables

Comparative Tables are the best method to examine multiple products at one glance. They allow you to look at the most significant aspects (eg. particular features reviews from customers, prices and more.) of various products, and give your readers an opportunity to make a quick comparison

To further aid your readers make a better purchase choice In order to help your readers make a purchase decision, you should give each column or product a label like ‘recommendation’, or price tips.

5. Widgets

Widgets provide a wonderful chance to insert products boxes or lists in part of the sides of the WordPress theme. This will allow you to advertise Amazon products in an additional page on your site.

How To Grab AAWP Black Friday Deals 2021?

Now let me help you to save money on your AAWP Black Friday purchase this year.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to claim this deal:

First Step: To begin you must click this Activate Deal link. It will take you to the AAP’s official AAWP website.

Step 2. Then click the Get Started button that you see on the homepage It will direct you to the AAWP Pricing page. Here you must select the plan you want to use.

It’s all about your needs and the amount of websites you require the plugin to… For any plan AAWP gives a 30 percent discount.

However, I highly suggest going with the Plus option because it will permit you to utilize the plugin on three websites as well as the multisite use that isn’t available on the Personal plan.

However, if you own more than three websites on which you’ll need the AAWP, you should consider the more expensive plan.

Step 3. Click the Get Started button in the package you wish to purchase.

You are now at the Checkout page of AAWP where you will see the total amount you have to pay.

4 Steps: Then scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the Select Payment Method section in which you will see two payment options. credit card as well as Paypal. Choose your preferred payment method.

The 5th step: When you have selected the option to pay, scroll to the bottom and fill in your personal details such as the email you use, your first and last name, etc.

Sixth step: The most crucial step, type in the details of your credit card to pay for the transaction as well as PayPal identification if you have selected PayPal.

Alongside the payment information There is also some billing information to be entered.

Step 7 After you’ve completed all required fields complete all the boxes there, and then click the final button the Buy button.

Congratulation for making a wise decision with AAWP Great Plugin

AAWP Black Friday Pricing : Explained


AAWP gave 30% off on all plans during the last Black Friday. They haven’t announced the discount to be offered this year. We’re waiting for the announcement.

One site costs €49 however, it doesn’t include multi-site use. For 3 sites , it’s €129 for multisite usage. for 10 sites, you’ll need to pay €249. It’s €399 with up to 25 sites.

All of these plans offer 1-year of support as well as updates.

If you’re not completely satisfied with the plugin, then you return it with a 30 day money-back warranty.

AAWP Black Friday Deals 2021 – FAQ

1. What is AAWP?

AAWP is a WordPress plugin designed for Amazon websites to increase revenue and conversions.

2. Does it offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes. If you’re not happy with the plugin, you can get a refund in the form of the 30-day money-back guarantee

3. Does the plugin work with WordPress.com as well?

Yes. AAWP is compatible with all WordPress hosted websites, including WordPress.com.

4. Can I use the plugin on a multisite?

Yes, you can use it. However, you must select a higher plan to use multi-sites.

AAWP Black Friday Deals 2021 – Conclusion

If you’ve got an Amazon affiliate site, I strongly suggest you use this plugin to take your profits to the next level.

This plugin transforms your traffic into sales and improves conversion.

The templates, customization options as well as promotional features it offers for a price are incredible. It’s the best price for the amount you pay.

It’s Black Friday will be the ideal moment to take advantage of a 30% discount for AAWP.

Affiliate disclosure(In full transparency): Some of the link on GuideBlogging site are affiliate link, If you utilize them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost from your side, that helps us to publish Valuable Free Content For You 😃 .

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