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Looking for AISocials Review? Look no further

In this review, I’m going to be taking a closer look at AISocials and see what all the noise in the marketplace is about.

Also, I’ll give you my honest opinion, as I reveal the truth behind this intriguing tool.

So you can decide whether it’s worth your money or not.


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AISocials Review – Overview Of Product


1. Creator:- Ben Murray

2. Product:- AISocials

3. Official website: Click Here

4. Front-End Price:-  $37.00

5. Launch Time – 11 est

6. Bonus:-Yes, Huge Bonuses

7. Skill:-All Levels

8. Guarantee:-14 Days Money Back Guarantee

9. Niche:- All

10. Support:-Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе

11. Recommend:-Highly recommend!




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What Is AISocials?


aisocials review


The first all-in-one AI tool that runs an SMMA (social media marketing agency) business, doing the work of an entire agency for you.

It creates all your post and video content from just keywords, then perpetually post them over and over for you on autopilot, just as you had a big team working around the clock.

You can create High-Quality Content & Posts For Your

  • Instagram
  • Twitter/X
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest, Linkedin, & More
  • YouTube Videos
  • Instagram & Facebook Timeline Videos
  • TikTok & YouTube Shorts
  • Instagram Stories
  • AI Midjourney Images
  • AI Quotes
  • AI Memes



AISocials Review – Features & Benefits


It packed with amazing features that blown your mind

1.Create AI Social Media Campaigns from Keywords

AISocials creates super engaging social media posts and videos just from keywords.

Choose the post type, enter the number of posts to make, enter a keyword in any niche, and watch the AI assistant pump posts and videos for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, and more.

2.AI Social Campaigns from Keywords to Land Clients

Instantly generate your own AI addictive social campaigns to auto-get new clients for your agency while you sleep.

Create specific campaigns that target clients in a single niche like campaigns that land plumbing clients or campaigns that land yoga studio clients by just entering a keyword.

3.AI Social Post Creation Wizard

Enter a keyword and AISocials’ SocialPost Wizard will make multiple engaging posts for any social platform from it. It’s so easy to use

4.AI Social Video Creation Wizard

Enter a keyword and AISocials’ SocialPost Wizard will make multiple engaging videos for any social platform from it.

5.AI Self-Scheduling & Posting Technology

Creating and scheduling every post yourself is time-consuming work.

However, AISocials solves this by posting a full suite of varied content during the week, including a mix of videos, graphics, posts, and more FOR YOU like a major agency company would do for each client using AI technology.

Create the post once, and then AISocials schedules it and reposts it over and over for you at optimal times without having to schedule it again.

6.Smart Social ‘Content Stream’ Technology

Create content ‘streams’ or collections of, say, quotes, another stream of curated articles, another stream of viral videos, etc. for each individual client.

Then, specify when each type of ‘stream’ will post to the clients’ social media. For example, quotes can post each Monday and Friday at 2 pm, memes will post at 3 pm Wednesday, etc.

7.Agency Client CRM Technology

Integrate each client into the app and manage their social accounts from one dashboard. Even allow clients to access the software if you want to create their own campaigns and marketing materials.

8.Easy-to-Edit Social Content Posting Calendar

Organize all your social posts in a drag/drop calendar.

Click to schedule one-time posts, see when AI will be posting, and organize everything by client, too.

9.AI Image Creation with Midjourney

Make your social posts razzle-dazzle and stand out on social times with Midjouney AI images.

With the special Midjourney AI integration, you can enter a keyword and generate a mind blogging image for any need to be included in your posts and videos and wow your clients.

10.Integrate & Post to Multiple Social Media

Connect multiple social media accounts for each client including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, and much more.

Post to multiple accounts per client now, including viral accounts to grow your business.

11.AI Variations Technology

Choose to create multiple variations of your social media post for mass amounts of fresh, unique content.

This special technology only AISocials has is the key to skyrocketing growth and quickly growing any social profile to thousnads of users FAST.

12.AI Article and Social Description Technology

Write amazing articles for Medium, WordPress, or anywhere else to link to in your social posts with the AI article writer.

Plus, use it to create social media post descriptions like YouTube video descriptions, or ‘About Us’ text for your Facebook profile or Google Business profile.

13.Find Viral Ideas Fast

Enter any keyword and find viral content you can post instantly in many different niches using new viral AI ideas finder. Search trending posts and topics on Reddit, YouTube, and Google News for the AI to create viral posts around.

14.Machine Learning For Optimal Posting

The AI will learn what type of content performs best and when you’re getting the most views.

Then suggest posting at the optimal times for maximum impact, driving you traffic with smart learning.

15.Canva API Integration

If you already have social posts saved on Canva. You can edit them and import them to AISocials in just a click with the Canva API access feature.

Giant Memes Library with Drag/Drop Creation

Choose from a gigantic library of viral memes and customize them with your own text to perpetually post.

16.Generate & Send Client Reports

Generate monthly posting reports for individual clients so you can prove to them how many posts went out and how much traffic was sent. This is important to make sure they continue to pay you each month for the social media scheduling.

17.Create Videos & Posts in Different Dimensions

Create posts and videos native to each social platform in the most common dimensions for social

Make vertical, square, or retangle videos and posts for commercials, affiliate product reviews, viral posts, sales, quizzes and stats, and more.

18.Generate Viral Hashtags with AI

Auto-generate the best hashtags for each post with AI to guarantee your posts get traffic and seen on social timelines



How Does It Work?


Creates, Schedules, & Posts In Just 6 Simple Steps

Step 01: Find Viral Topic Ideas for the AI to Make Content Around

Enter a keyword and find trending topics on Reddit, YouTube, and Google will get tons of attention and shares in your niche.

Step 02: Enter a Keyword and Choose the Number of Posts & Videos

Then, enter a keyword, enter the number of posts you want to make, and choose what type of post to create and for what network.

The AI will get to work creating high-quality, additive social posts and videos that are all fully unique for 100s of pieces of viral content in seconds.

Step 03: Preview Your Already Finished Content

Then, preview all the marketing materials AISocials created for you. The AI assistant creates unique, gorgeous social posts and social videos native to each social network.

Step 04: Customize Anything Using Drag/Drop Technology

Everything the AI creates is fully customizable with drag/drop technology

Customize Your AI Image Posts with the Drag/Drop Editor

Step 05: Add Posts to AI ‘Content Streams

Create smart AI content ‘streams’ or collections of, say, quotes, another stream of AI articles, another stream of viral videos, etc. for each individual client.

Then, specify when each type of ‘stream’ will post to the clients’ social media. For example, quotes content stream can post each Monday and Friday at 2 pm, a content stream of memes will post weekly 3 pm on Wednesday, etc.

Step 06: Watch as the App Perpetually Posts the Content

The app will then post whatever content you have uploaded to that particular stream at that time and once it runs out of new posts, it will start recycling the older posts at the best times so you’re always posting content continuously.

Plus, it will optimize the posts if you want based on what pieces of content work best and at what times using machine learning.

Clients will have no idea it’s AI software and assume you have an around-the-clock team.





Who Is It Intended For?


1. Affiliate Marketers

2. Business owners

3. Video creators

4. Product creators

5. Internet marketers

6. Freelancers

7. Online/offline marketers



AISocials Review – Pros And Cons



  • Easy to use cloud-based
  • No design skills needed
  • Built-in Smart AI Assistant does all the “tech stuff” for your,
  • Charge Per Social Campaign
  • Create and sell ready-made social posts & videos
  • Sell Influencer Services
  • Flip Sites for Profit
  • Agency License included for FREE
  • Built-in AI-powered editor makes it easy to write hypnotic copy
  • 14 Days Money back guarantee




So far I haven’t found any





FRONT END: AISocials ($37) >>More Details<<


Let me recap what you will get inside

[+] Let AI Create Entire Social Media Campaigns w/ Viral Posts & Videos
[+] Let AI Lands the Clients w/ Agency Social Media Campaigns
[+] AI Posts all the Content w/ No Scheduling Needed (Breakthrough Tech)
[+] Add Midjourney AI Images to Your Posts to Stand out on Timeslines
[+] Create Addictive Content for, FB, Instagram, YT, TikTok & More from Keywords
[+] Integrate Clients into the App & Manage Their Content Calendars
[+] AI Video Wizard – Create & Edit High-Retention AI Videos
[+] AI Viral Post Wizard – Create & Edit Viral Social Posts & Images
[+] AI Variations Tech – Make 100s of Posts from a Single Keyword
[+] Find Trending Topics to Create AI Social Posts Around
[+] Make Viral Content – AI Memes, Cinemagraphics, Quotes, & more
[+] Agency Technology Integration – Give Access to the App

[+] Viral Content Maker – make AI memes, Medium articles, quotes, etc.
[+] Voiceover Tech – add realistic, human voiceovers to your videos
[+] Content Stream Tech. – organize content by type & autopost
[+] AI Ads Technology – instruct AI to create social ads in addition to viral content
[+] Commercial Rights & Agency Rights – charge a high monthly fee for SMMA service

For a limited time, you can grab AISocials with an early bird discount price of $37.00, ONLY in the selected options below.

Pick the option that you think will complement your unique business needs, but hurry because the offer price won’t last forever.

It is available for a low one-time price for a short period only. Make sure you act before the prices rise.

The price will keep on increasing every hour.




Try AISocialsBundle Deal (FE+ ALL OTO’S)>>




If you want to unlock more amazing features and remove all restrictions & limitations then you should try AISocials OTO Below


AISocials OTO1: Unlimited ($97) >>More Details<<


Let me recap what you will get inside

This upgraded, more advanced edition of AISocials includes the unlimited license and advanced features like…

  • Create Unlimited AI Social Posts
  • Create Unlimited AI Videos
  • Create Unlimited Content Streams
  • Schedule Unlimited Posts to Unlimited Accounts
  • Eliminate the ‘Powered by AISocials’ Link
  • Get More AI Credits with Deep Learning
  • Get Premium Post Templates
  • Get Premium Video Render Time
  • VIP Support
  • Unlimited VIP Bonuses



AISocials OTO2: Platinum Edition- ($197) >>More<<


Let me recap what you will get inside

Get 30x more results by expanding into international markets, using DFY whitelabel content streams, getting templates delivered each month, and far more including…

  • Create Posts & Videos in Any Langage
  • Translation Technology
  • International Realistic Voiceover Technology
  • DFY Whitelabel Content Streams – get DFY A.I. content ready to schedule in AISocials in popular niches
  • DFY Agency Site
  • Showcase Testimonials
  • Agency Store Setup Help
  • eCommerce Store Integration
  • DFY Hosting Plan
  • DFY Client-Getting Campaign
  • Access to the Template Club
  • SocialTraffic ‘Mega Brain’ Access – get the ‘know-how’ of social media traffic to go along with your A.I. creation tools
  • One-on-One Support
  • VIP FastAction Bonus (Today Only)



AISocials OTO3: Enterprice Club– ($127) >>More<<


Let me recap what you will get inside

This most advanced edition of AISocials allows you to keep clients longer with advanced Enterprise technology, white label the app as your very own so clients don’t buy from us, and far more like…

  • Agency Whitelabel Technology
  • Add Unlimited Agency Clients
    Enterprise Reseller – resell AISocials with this most requested feature
    Enterprise TMA Tech. – add team members into the software to do the work for you
    Unlimited Team Members
    Enterprise CAA Technology – create client accounts for clients to view their campaigns
    Enterprise OCP Technology – preview campaigns & marketing materials for clients
    Enterprise Outsourcing Suite – learn how to scale your social enterprise business faster
    Social Media Manager Template
    Social Media ‘Audit’ Template
    Fiverr Gig Training & Templates
    Instagram ‘Audit’ Template
    Easy-Edit Whitepaper
    DFY Cold Email Swipes
    DFY Teleswipes
    Enterprise Bonuses


AiFunnels OTO4:  RankReel – ($37) >>More Details<<

Let me recap what you will get inside

Our ‘behind-the-scenes’ 5-in-1 comprehensive LOCAL video ranking solution gets you or your client’s videos to page one of Google and YouTube in 2022 and beyond.


AIFunnels OTO5: Reputor Special- ($37) >>More <<


Let me recap what you will get inside

The first cloud-based app that manages and enhances local businesses’ reputation online with advanced, proprietary technology.

Reputor grows your clients’ local profile listings ratings and rank on autopilot i.e.: GoogleMyBusiness, Yelp, Facebook, lands clients that need reputation management services, and generates far more warmed-up leads in breakthrough ways no other app can do.



AISocials OTO6: Koincart Special- ($37) >>More <<


Let me recap what you will get inside

Koincart is a first-to-marketing tech that allows businesses anywhere to sell digital or physical products with cryptocurrency checkout fast & easy, creates gorgeous sales sites with templates, & auto-delivers products after crypto purchase.

This transformational tool comes with agency rights allowing marketing companies to set up crypto payments & memberships for fees w/out having to know anything about crypto.



AISocials Reviews 2024– FAQ


What is AISocials?

AISocials is a complete AI assistant that runs a social video marketing agency business for you.

AISocials creates addictive 100s of unique social media posts and videos with ‘AI variations’ technology from keywords for you or clients.

Then, it posts the content automatically with no scheduling needed at optimal times, driving perpetual traffic with revolutionary AI ‘self-scheduling’.

This is truly the first AI ‘push-button’ traffic solution that not only creates unique content, but drives traffic with it just as if you had a huge agency team working day and night.

I Already Have an AI App, How’s This Different?

AiSocials is the only app to date that can make all your social media content including posts, videos, reels, memes, quotes, & more from AI using just keywords

It comes with viral topics finder to get the ideas for the AI & ‘AI variations’ technology ot create mass amounts of variations from one single topic.

Not only that, but it’s the only one that perpetually posts the content for you with smart AI scheduling. Other apps like Buffer, HootSuite, etc. require you to log in and keep rescheduling the content over & over wasting so much time.

Plus, its one of the only AI tools that allows you to integrate clients into it & create/manage all their social content & videos with the AI.

Is there a page with a better deal than this?

Nope. Because you were referred by a premium partner to this page, you qualify for the best possible deal to AISocials if you buy today.

How Much Can I Charge as an Agency?

SSMAs are the highest in-demand types of agencies & typically require a large team to run. That’s why you can go beyond other agency services & sell social media content & posting services for $3000+ per month with this tool.

Plus, you can sell individual services like AI video creation, AI post creation, AI article creation, etc. for individual fees like $500 each on Upwork, Fiverr, & more.

Where Do I Get the Clients as an Agency?

The AI has been programmed with agency understanding so it can not just create entire social campaigns for clients, but GET the clients for you.

Generate entire addictive social campaigns & videos that land specific types of clients like dog training clients, plumbers, dentists, real estate agents, & more.

Plus, if you order today I’m told it comes with VIP live training to walk you through landing your first client.

What Kind of Marketing Materials Does it Create?

This creates AI posts & images for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, & AI video content for YouTube, TikTok, reels, & more.

You can also create things like Medium articles, memes, quotes, individual images, & more completely with AI.

Is There Detailed Training?

Yes! AISocials is super easy to use & there are detailed training & tutorials for you & small business customers + 24-7 support.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

It’s that simple. If you try out AISocials and can’t get any results with this AI marketing engine just let us know and you’ll get a full refund. You’re entitled to a 14-day money-back guarantee

How many clients can I have with this software?

As many as you want! If you get in quick, you’ll secure an unlimited commercial license allowing you to create as many campaigns as you like, with an unlimited number of clients paying you per lead or a flat monthly fee!

Does it work on Windows and Mac?

Yes. AISocials is 100% cloud-based, so it works on any system, device or screen size, from anywhere in the world.

Is there training and support available?

Yes, we’ve got full step-by-step training if you need it, plus hands-on support from our team, waiting on standby to make sure you get results. However, the software is so drop-dead simple, you’ll probably never need us!

Will the app be updated regularly?

Yes. We’re constantly updating the technology to keep it working smoothly and as powerful as possible.

Is there a monthly fee?

No, you get everything for a low, one-time payment when you get it now.

Do I need any design skills or special experience?

No design or technical skills are required.

How do I make money with AISocials?

You can create social campaings for yourself or for clients, charge what you want, and keep 100% of the profit.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely. AISocials comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out and make sure this works for you.

Why do I need to get AISocials right now?

The price is going up soon…


AISocials Review 2024 – Final Conclusion


Hopefully, with my honest thoughts about AiFunnels Review, I really hope it did help you with your buying decision.

I understand the decision to take out a $37.00 one-time price is not simply made but this investment is profitable and for a sustainable business.

And your investment is guaranteed safety thanks to 14 Days Refund without any questions asked.

and AISocials is NOT Any Hype….But It is a 100% Legit Product

We Highly Recommend You should try it out.

Thank you so much for reading my AiFunnels Review.

This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird.

Take action ASAP for the best deal.





Try AISocials Bundle Deal (FE+ ALL OTO’S)>>






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2nd: Click the “BUY NOW!”  to get an AISocials Discount (Or Get it via the Discount Link of this article )

3rd: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at

4th: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Bonus #3

Bonus #4

Bonus #5

Bonus #6

Bonus #7

Bonus #8




Grab AiSocials Copy + My Exclusive Bonuses ( Expire Soon, Hurray Up)





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