9 Best Affordable Bluehost Alternatives That Saves Your Money

Are you frustrated with Bluehost service and Looking for Bluehost Alternatives to change your current hosting then You are in the right place,

Undoubtedly Bluehost is the most popular web hosting provider in this industry and not even top bloggers but also WordPress recommend this hosting on their official website.

But from the day they acquired by the EIG group, all things were changed, 

and Now people are frustrated by the Bluehost service.

If you don’t know about EIG Group, Then let me tell you that EIG (Endurance International Group) is a company that acquired small hosting companies and provides services from only one single umbrella 

(You can check the companies name which comes under this)


Bluehost is a good hosting provider for beginners, but due to so many problems in their server, they are getting bad clashes from the different social media forums.


Recently Bluehost has come into multiple social media forums due to some negative issues from their customers and that how’s Bluehost Alternatives comes into the game. 


I think now you get some idea of why you need Bluehost Alternatives.


Let’s move on to the list and discuss some of the hostings that can be a good alternative to Bluehost.

But before that, Let me tell you about the hosting which I’m using on this blog, So currently GuideBlogging is hosted on Rocket.net,

and Believe me,

This is one of the best hostings that I’ve ever used in my entire blogging career and the reason behind saying this word is because of the speed and features they are providing at this affordable price.

I’m using their Starter Plan to host this blog, and After moving to Rocket.net, I didn’t see any downtime till now, and This is also a reason to keep this hosting at the first position in this list.

If you are like me and don’t hesitate to invest in the speed of your blog, then I recommend you to try Rocket.net.

NOTE – Benefits of reading this article

If you’ll read this article from start to end, then it’ll help you in many ways:

  • You’ll find out some of the Best Bluehost Alternatives that’ll save your money
  • You’ll also find the right guide which help you to choose the best alternative for Bluehost
  • If you are using Bluehost and Got frustrated because of their bad service, then this article will help you a lot to find a better hosting than Bluehost.
  • and many more

So must read this article till the end…

So, Now let’s get started with the list.

1. Rocket.net (#1 Bluehost Alternative)

Rocket.net is one of the leading and reputable Bluehost alternatives on the web. 

When I started blogging, I tried every cheap hosting but the load time is awful

Then, I came to know about hosting, and after purchasing rocket.net

The load time of my blog increasing dramatically.

But WAIT! don’t take my word for here, SEE THE PROOF BELOW,

BOOM! You can see after migrating to rocket.net the load time is decreased by 95%

WAIT, But don’t take my word for here; There are some of the latest REAL reviews about Rocket.net.

According to third-party tests and actual custom feedback, Rocket.net provides the World’s fastest WordPress Hosting.

I hope I said enough about Rocket.net Let’s move forward

In this part, I will guide you on how you can purchase hosting from Rocket.Net

You can also choose any other hosting you want. Still, I highly recommend you to go with Rocket.Net because it’s affordable and reliable for beginners who want to do blogging like a business.

Follow these steps to purchase hosting for your first blog:

1. Click On This Special Link To Get Rocket.Net $1 Trial For 30 Days

2. Choose Your Plan Based On Your Budget and No Of Blog You Are Going To Use

I recommend you go with a basic or starter plan because it will be affordable for you

and the Best Alternative to Bluehost Part?

You will get a $1 trial for the first month So Go Here & Try a $1 trial for the first month

3. After Choosing Your Plan Click On Get Started

4. Create Your Account After Filling Up Your Personal Details Inside Rocket.net

5. Enter Your Credit/Debit Card Information

You have to fill in your credit/debit card details to purchase hosting

6. Click On Sign up

After that, you have to click on the signup button. It will take a few minutes to proceed with the details.

Wait a few minutes, then check your email for important details related to your Rocket.Net account.

And you’re done.

Note: You can also try out the other 3 hosting as I recommended above based on your budget and requirements

Congratulations! You have successfully purchased a hosting and domain for yourself. You have crossed the most prominent stop on your way to start your blog.

2. A2 Hosting (#2 Bluehost Alternative)


When it comes to quality hosting, A2 Hosting never compromises.

A2 Hosting is one of the best Bluehost alternatives, but usually, Bloggers are not aware of it.

With the A2 Hosting plan, You will enjoy a smooth experience as your Web Hosting is speedy enough to load within milliseconds. 

A2 Hosting uses SSD drives, which ensures the fastest loading speed to manage websites with massive traffic. 

A2 Hosting also offers site migration without any additional charges.

Moreover, What is better than getting a full refund in case of unsatisfied services? 

Yes, rightly heard!! A2 Hosting offers an anytime full-price refund policy.  

With the cheapest available hosting plan, You will enjoy easy-to-use cPanel, Free SSL Certificate, Free Site Migration, Unlimited Storage, etc.,

And also get a higher rated package for pro features, including Unlimited Database, Free Cloudflare, etc.  

The major drawback of Bluehost Alternative is not providing support after-sale services, 

This is overcome by the A2 Hosting by providing rapid response with US-based support.

Their live chat is really amazing and makes sure to get you out of trouble within a few minutes

Mouth-Watering Features Of A2 Hosting –

  • Unlimited Space and Bandwidth
  • Free Site Migration
  • Free Encrypt SSL
  • Multiple Server Locations
  • Quick 24*7 Support Service
  • A2 Optimizer Turbo Services
  • 99.9 % Uptime Commitment
  • Anytime Money-Back Guarantee Policy

Which Hosting Plan Of A2 Hosting Will Be Best For You? 

A2 Hosting has three plans Lite, Swift, and Turbo, So If you are just starting out, Then you can go with their Lite plan where you can host only one blog/website.

And, If you have good traffic, then you can go with Swift or Turbo plan In which you’ll get to host unlimited domains and many more things.

Why Should You Keep Your Eye On A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting is specifically designed for businesses and bloggers

So, if you want to run a smooth blog as an individual blogger or marketer, A2Hosting comes with a broad range of web solutions for that. 

So, If you are facing a bad experience with Bluehost, Then don’t let them spoil your site, Shift quickly to A2 Hosting with their free site migration feature.

3. WPX Hosting (Premium Bluehost Alternative)


If fast technical support and speed are your cup of tea, Then go for WPX Hosting as the Bluehost Alternative.

WPX Hosting is much more reliable and stable as compared to others.  

Having a good page loading time is what affects the user’s experience, and WPX Hosting is highly focused on offering a smooth experience with its hosting plan. 

The incredible speed is provided by the WPX’s high-spec SSD servers. Free enterprise-level DDos Protection, Application Firewalls, Spam Protection, etc. ensure high security to your site from hackers. 

Also, There is an option of Backup Manager, Which allows you to take the backup of your website anytime for more protection. 

Many companies usually charge an additional charge for malware scanning and removal, but WPX offers it free for all its hosting plans. 

WPX offers exceptional customer service with unbelievable instant live chat and email support. (Check The Small Video Below)

So, if you have any queries, you can rest assured that someone is always with you to help you out. 

Mouth-Watering Features Of WPX Hosting –

  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Free Site Migration
  • Daily Backup
  • Superfast Customer Support
  • Malware Scanning and Free Removal
  • High-Speed Custom CDN
  • 99.5 % Uptime Commitment
  • 30 Days Moneyback Guarantee

Which Hosting Plan Of WPX Hosting Will Be Best For You? 

WPX Hosting has three plans (Business, Proffesnial, Elite), and Believe me.

All these three plans can handle a high volume of traffic.

So, If you are starting out then, you can go with their Business Plan which will cost you around 25$/Month 

And, If you have a website with a good amount of traffic, Then you can with Proffesnial or Elite Plan, Which will cost you differently. (Proffesnial Plan will cost you 50$/Month, and Elite Plan will cost you 100$/Month).

Why Should You Keep Your Eye On WPX Hosting?

Whether you are looking for a blogging blog (Like GuideBlogging) or managing your business, they have all options available to deliver the best speed and performance. 

So, Even if you have high traffic on your site, WPX hosting will never disappoint you. 

You will rarely find a hosting provider with an easy control panel along with all needed advanced features, and Yes, It’s much better than Bluehost. 

So, Honestly, If you are planning for an alternative to Bluehost, there is nothing wrong with WPX hosting.

4. FastComet (Cheap & Affordable Bluehost Alternative)


This is one of the fantastic Bluehost alternatives, loaded with all resources.

Want to know the hosting company name?

It’s FastComet, Yes You heard right!!!

FastComet Hosting is one of the more affordable options around when compared to other managed WordPress hosts. 

With the huge saving offer, FastComet allows you free site migration with zero downtime. 

Shockingly, FastComet also provides you with a free domain name for a lifetime, whereas Bluehost Alternatives offers it for one year only.  

Moreover, with Multiple Data Centers across the world, each center has 24*7 Security, Power Back, and Fire Protection Systems. So, you can choose any of the fastest servers to boost the speed. 

FastComet servers are highly protected with a web application firewall to prevent vulnerable threats at the maximum level. 

Their support team is also the fastest to solve a problem through phone, email, or chat at your convenience.

Another excellent thing that the company offers is a 45-day money-back guarantee against the 30 days offered by other companies.

Mouth-Watering Features Of FastComet –

  • Free Domain For Lifetime
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Free DNS Management
  • Free Cloudflare CDN Caching
  • Latest channel partners
  • 24*7 Premium Customer Support
  • SSD Disk Space
  • 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

Which Hosting Plan Of FastComet Hosting Will Be Best For You? 

The FastCloud Plan is the lowest price, Which is suitable for startup bloggers to run a website. 

It can handle unique monthly visitors of up to 25,000 with a storage data capacity of up to 15GB. 

The next plan is FastCloud Plus, Which is recommended for those who have more than 50k unique monthly visitors with a 25GB SSD hard disk to manage the load time of the site. 

The last one is FastCloud Extra, Which is for websites that are getting a tremendous amount of traffic.

Why Should You Keep Your Eye On FastComet Hosting?

FastComet is also one of the best and most affordable hostings for all bloggers and,

With no special renewal price and free lifetime domain unique features, this is definitely one of the best Bluehost alternative companies I have ever seen.

I assure you that you can’t be more pleased than FastComet because the offers they are providing in this low price range are literally tremendous.

5. Hostgator (Cheapest Bluehost Alternative)


HostGator hosting is known as one of the most trustable and user-friendly web hostings.

It is not just a limited-budget hosting but an awesome Bluehost alternative as well. 

The company guarantees 99.99% uptime, Which can be monitored by your dashboard.

In case you experience any downtime, you will get back one month’s credit to your account.  

HostGator uses the latest cPanel software so that you can get quickly organize tasks and launch eCommerce shopping carts etc. 

Moreover, If you have made up your mind to switch from your old hosting to HostGator, Take benefit of their free-of-charge migration feature with a WordPress plan. 

Even after switching to HostGator, if You are not satisfied with their service and quality, you can ask for a full-price refund within 45 days of signing.  

HostGator protected its servers by using Firewalls, DDoS Protection, etc., and for more security, you can buy the add-on to the SiteLock security package. 

Well, honestly, HostGator has a slow response system like Bluehost, but if you are looking for quick assistance, go for their call support system.

Mouth-Watering Features Of HostGator –

  • cPanel For Backend Management
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Unlimited Email and Subdomains
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Fast Loading Servers
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 45 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free AdWords and Bing advertising credit

Which Hosting Plan Of HostGator Will Be Best For You? 

HostGator has three plans, Hatchling, Baby, and Business plan,

If you are starting, then you can go with their Hatchling plan, and In this plan, You can easily host one domain.

And, If you have an excellent website/blog with a good amount of traffic, Then you can go with their Baby or Business Plan.

Why Should You Keep Your Eye On HostGator?

Hostgator is specialized in hosting individuals and small business websites. So, if you are looking for a hosting plan other than Bluehost, It offers a cheap package with great features.  

Still, feeling costly? Then you can go for their shared hosting plans or Dedicated Hosting plan to save your money!! 

HostGator has mastered itself in the market as per the customer’s needs with excellent customer experience. 

Hence, you can feel safely assured of their best affordable services.

6. TMD Hosting (Cheapest & Affordable Hosting)


Featuring excellent customer service, TMD Hosting is a rich selection of users. 

Although it is not well known like Bluehost, it still they have a solid customer base. 

They offer fully manages services for secure hosting, Which can be easily used by a beginner. 

TMD Hosting network is built based on several global locations with the latest technologies, and SSD storage is added for speed and security. 

TMD Hosting combines three layers of caching (APC, OPCache, and Varnish) with SSDs to faster page loading speed after combining. 

The company also offers Malware Protection, so you do not need to worry about hacks and breaches.   

Not only has the speed conscious, but the company has taken security also seriously.

For security enhancement, They have the Cloud Linux Network (CLN) that ensures safety from DDoS attacks. 

Moreover, If anything misses, the human support team is here to catch it. 

TMD experts are not only available for 24*7 support but also keep a constant check on your server to provide a trouble-free experience

Mouth-Watering Features Of TMD Hosting –

  • Free Daily Backup
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Spam Protection By Spam Expert
  • Free Website Transfer
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Free Domain Name Forever
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and SSD Storage
  • 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Which Hosting Plan Of TMD Hosting Will Be Best For You? 

TMD Hosting has three plans (Starter, Business, and Enterprise).

If you are just starting out, Then you can go with their Starter plan, and In this plan, You can easily host one domain.

And, If you have an excellent website/blog with a good amount of traffic, Then you can go with their Business or Enterprise Plan.

Why Should You Keep Your Eye On TMD Hosting?

If you want to run an E-commerce store on your website, Then TMD hosting is just the right platform.

The company has all optimized features which are compatible with different shopping cart programs.

Not sure that TMD Hosting is right for you?

Just purchase a web hosting package, and If you change your mind or are not happy within 60 days, You can get a full refund of all fees paid. 

So, I recommend you go for the cheaper plan and see how quickly you switch to higher plans.

7. InterServer (Reliable & Affordable Bluehost Alternative)

InterServer hosting has hardly heard the name in the market, But I’m pretty sure that your reviews are going to change from Bluehost to InterServer with its unique features. 

A single delay in speed can drop in sales. That’s why InterServer is here with the fastest loaded time which is 0.20 seconds,

Yes, Insanely fast loading speed

Another thing when we talk about security, InterServer offers some unique security features, Which include a tool called InterShield

The tool ensures automatically blocking the bad IPs request.

Coming to its Customer Support, inter server’s hosting company is a personal touch and immediate attention towards their customer. 

InterServer has a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers who are not happy after purchasing the hosting. 

Although they have a full refund policy, I must say that the guys behind InterServer provide an honest and straightforward service.

Mouth-Watering Features Of InterServer –

  • Easy To Use Control Panel
  • Free Website Migration
  • Regular Weekly Free Backups
  • SSD Enhanced Servers
  • Excellent 99.95% Uptime
  • Fastest Loading Time
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Which Hosting Plan Of InterServer Hosting Will Be Best For You? 

InterServer as one only one plan, In which you’ll get everything that you need to run a successful blog.

Why Should You Keep Your Eye On InterServer Hosting?

InterServer is recommended for WordPress blogs, small-medium websites, online stores, or even for small local businesses. 

It is a good choice for sites having moderate traffic. 

Whatever the reason, InterServer seems capable of handling moderate traffic with mesmerizing speed, Which makes it a top choice for small or medium sites. 

If you are looking for a plan backed by fast and reliable technology, the proven track record of InterServer may be appealing.

Strong uptime, Proven High Speed, and a Knowledgeable Support Time make it suitable to must-have one of the affordable Bluehost alternatives.

8. NameCheap (Cheap Bluehost Alternative)


NameCheap is one of the significant hostings for bloggers and also an affordable alternative to Bluehost with cheap pricing. 

Cheap pricing with all required hosting features free doesn’t mean that you are not receiving good value for your money.  

The speed of the website is directly related to visitors’ happiness, and it provides three levels of advanced caching to make your server more efficient, and Your visitors will enjoy the fastest loading time. 

NameCheap is maintaining a good average page speed of 727ms, While the industry has 890ms. 

NameCheap has a 99.83% uptime level, Which is not much worse. The company also provides SSLs for all hosting plan

However, NameCheap has no direct contact number or email support, but they can be accessed 24*7 through the live chat option

Which took hardly 1-2 minutes to respond. The representatives are helpful and responsive, and the on-site information is decent. 

All hosting plans of NameCheap come with free backups; they don’t charge even a single penny for any backup of your website. 

You can also migrate your site for free within 15 minutes with the NameCheap technical team.

The process is straightforward and requires very less involvement from your side. 

Mouth-Watering Features Of NameCheap –

  • Free Domain Name Registration
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Backups
  • Well Designed cPanel
  • Uptime 99.83%
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Which Hosting Plan Of NameCheap Hosting Will Be Best For You? 

NameCheap Hosting has three plans (Stellar, Stellar Plus, and Stellar Business).

If you are just starting out, then you can go with their Stellar plan, and In this plan, You can easily host three domains.

And, If you have a good website/blog with a good amount of traffic, then you can go with their Stellar Plus or Stellar Business Plan.

Why Should You Keep Your Eye On NameCheap Hosting?

If you are starting a WordPress website and looking for a user-friendly interface with no confusion, then go for NameCheap without any worry. 

Therefore, for Users who are starting with a tiny site and who have budget concerns, then NameCheap is the optimal choice. 

Being a new website user, Give a try NameCheap to serve you with their Bluehost Alternatives cheap services.

If you already have a website, take help to migrate your site to NameCheap for free. 

9. Inmotion (Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting)


Inmotion is a popular US-based company, serving as one of the affordable Bluehost alternatives and providing a wide range of web hosting services.  

The company is continuously maintaining an average uptime of 99.97%, which is pretty good. 

There every server is strongly supported by SSD drivers, which ensures faster loading time to retain users for a long time at your website and less bounce rate. 

A little glitch on your website can spoil your business.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a web hosting provider who is ready to provide all-time customer support. 

One of the biggest perks of having an Inmotion hosting plan is they guarantee faster response time and high-quality customer care

Another unique thing about Inmotion is that they have multiple data centers, from which you can choose the nearest one to run up your site up to 6 times faster. 

With a strong focus on security, they monitor 24*7 and cover your website with DDoS Protection, Advanced Firewall Systems, etc. 

They have multiple options to contact, including live chat, email, ticket system, direct phone contact, and even Skype.

Mouth-Watering Features Of Inmotion –

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Private SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain For Lifetime
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Innovate Speed Technologies (SSD, CloudLinux, Optimum Cache, etc.)
  • Excellent Tech Support
  • 90 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Which Hosting Plan Of InMotion Hosting Will Be Best For You? 

NameCheap Hosting has three plans (Launch, Power, and Pro).

If you are just starting out, then you can go with their Launch plan, and In this plan, You can easily host two websites.

and If you have a good website/blog with a good amount of traffic, then you can go with their Power or Pro Plan.

(In Power Plan you can easily host six websites, and on Pro Plan, You can host unlimited websites)

Why Should You Keep Your Eye On Inmotion Hosting?

Inmotion Hosting is a perfect alternative to Bluehost and an excellent choice to choose to host your website, blog, or online store. 

It offers a perfect blend of low hosting plan prices and technical innovation. 

With thousands of web hosting companies, If you are expecting hosting plans for exciting and innovative features, then nothing is better than Inmotion. 

Take a fabulous experience of Inmotion before your visitors start leaving your website.

Which Hosting Is The Perfect Bluehost Alternative?

Choosing the wrong hosting plan might put you in the worst situation as it can slow down your site, create security issues, or even destroy your whole blog. 

That’s why it is very important to choose the best web hosting for you when you are starting a blog.  

No matter whether you are new to blogging or a professional blogger, Whenever you start a blog

You must keep three things in your mind that is Uptime, Speed, and Customer Support

Although all the above Bluehost Alternative come with these factors,

Rocket.net is recommended as the best for all bloggers because it meets all the requirements from its features to its performance. 

Before choosing the best hosting service for your blog, You should be aware of the features and benefits the company is offering. 

And it all depends upon your requirements.

So, Considering the Rocket.net as best, The reason behind is that the plans of Rocket.net are very affordable with fully loaded features to start your blog,

Including Free SSL certificates, 99.99% Uptime, Daily Backups, CDN, Site Migration, Free Email Accounts, and 24*7 Solid Support. 

And At this affordable price, You will also get features of free SSL Certificates that will help your website with SEO and overall security. 

Also, Excellent loading time is what differentiates it from others and makes it reliable among users.  

Moreover, Rocket.net offers multiple plans, and It’s one of the favorite hostings of many bloggers,

So If you are also looking for Bluehost Alternatives, then you can give it a try to Rocket.net.

But If you are concerned about the Renewal charges of Rocket.net hosting, 

Then you can go with FastComet because the features of Rocket.net are very similar to FastComet, and the renewal charges remain the same.

FAQ Related To Best Bluehost To Alternatives 

1. Where can I host my WordPress site?

You can host your WordPress site at the Bluehost alternatives like HostGator, Rocket.net, NameCheap, etc. 

2. Does the company offer a free domain?

Yes, the companies like TMD Hosting, FastComet, and NameCheap offers free domain name for a lifetime. 

However, Sometimes, the domain name will be free as long as you are using the company hosting services.  

3. Which is better Bluehost or Rocket.net?

Rocket’s support system is far better than Bluehost. 

Not only the customer support but the uptime, speed, and reliability of Rocket.net is constantly beating Bluehost Alternatives. 

4. Can I change my WordPress hosting later?

Yes, you can change your host anytime with any of these WordPress hosting companies. 

5. Which server center location should I select for my WordPress host?

There is no doubt that server location affects the speed of your website, So it is recommended to pick the location which is nearest to your customer’s location.

However, the companies are now centrally located to offer the desired speed. 

Over To You For Bluehost Alternatives

I hope you got enough knowledge that which Bluehost Alternative is best for you,

But still, If you have any doubts related to Bluehost Alternatives, then let me know via the comment below.

One Request: Is this article helpful for you?

Please let me know via the comment below. It’ll help me to write more blog posts like this.


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