Clickmagick Vs Voluum – Which one is the better Performing Platform for Ad Tracking?

Which one is the better Performing Platform for Ad Tracking

Hello readers,

Want to know about the best ad-tracking software management (Clickmagick vs Voluum)?

Well, here we bring you two of the very best software:

  1. Clickmagick
  2. Voluum

In this article, you will learn about this two-ad tracking software and compare (Clickmagick vs Voluum) them so that you can have a clear mind about which one you want to choose.

So Let’s get started with What Are ClickMagick vs Voluum?

What Are ClickMagick vs Voluum?

Clickmagick vs Voluum is the software that will help you track your ads and help you know your marketing stats.

Affiliate marketers benefit heavily from this kind of software.

If you are a beginner at affiliate marketing or a pro affiliate marketer and want to know more about these two best software.

you will want to read this article.

ClickMagick is a platform that allows its users to monitor and optimize the traffic by analyzing your website through click dynamic affiliate links.

Voluum is a platform that allows you to monitor all your ads in real time and helps you in analyzing your marketing.

Voluum is the best option for large enterprises online.

Features – Clickmagick vs Voluum

Let’s start with ClickMagic Feature

The unique features of Clickmagick are-

1. Tracks the source of traffic

Clickmagick allows you to track your traffic source by knowing which ads are getting the most clicks and filtering the advertisements that are not performing well.

2. Allows you to mask up to your links

Clickmagick allows you to design your links to look less tacky.

It will enable you to beautify your long links into shorter and less spammy-looking links.

 3. Allows you to monitor fraud clicks

Clickmagick allows you to see the IP addresses of people clicking on your links, letting you know if any fraud clicks are coming on your website and the authenticity of your traffic.

4. Sets up custom tracking domain

The custom tracking domain feature of clickmeter clickmagick allows you to set up your domain to rewrite the links and keep track of the prospect’s activities.

Setting up the custom tracking domain helps you have your unique sender status and helps build the recipient’s confidence in you.

5. Effortless conversion Link Tracking Software

Clickmagick helps you set up effortless conversion tracking, which is unlimited and lets you compute the data on your conversions, letting you know if your business goals are met or not.

It also lets you improve the breakdown of the audience, which allows you to direct ads tracking tools more specifically.

6. Creates split test

Clickmagick allows you to create a split test that will enable you to the first variety of visitors to a variety of pages and then can compute the result of each page individually.

In this way, you can see which page produces the maximum profit. This helps you to invest on the right page.

It helps you to keep track of your affiliate conversions. 

One of the significant features of Clickmagick is that it helps you track your affiliate conversions by adding your pixel even for the 3rd party websites letting you know more about your sales and thus easing your difficulty.

7. Export and import data

By using this feature, you will be able to upload more links and export any information you might want to share to a third party hassle-free.

8. Link monitoring

One of the unique features of Clickmagick is link monitoring.

Clickmagick monitors the link tracker software and sends you a notification if the page is down on which you have to send the traffic, thus saving you a load of money and time.

Let’s Go With Voluum Features

Voluum provides its users with three main features:

1. Track

2. Optimize 

3. Automate

Detailed features of Voluum are:

1. Helps in Custom Conversion tracking

It helps you to track many types of conversions even without any custom-trusted affiliate tracking software.

2. Allows Impression tracking

Voluum helps you track impressions on the ad every time the ad is loaded on any page, allowing you to measure your campaign’s performance and let you know which page is the most profitable option.

3. Provides Organic traffic tracking

Voluum helps you track the traffic which is not coming from unpaid sources that allow you to know your traffic statics better.

The traffic from unpaid sources or Organic Traffic measures the success of your ads and, thus, lets you focus on the advertisements which will prove to be highly successful.

4. Redirect Webhook

The Redirect Webhook feature of Voluum allows you to establish the connection of Voluum with a server of your own and lets you overrule any campaign that you want in real-time.

It enables you to perform fully automated A/B testing.

It also allows you to re-route the visitors at any specific time.

5. Multi-step funnels

Voluum creates multi-step funnels for your visitors, provides them with engaging content, and lands visitors on many landing pages before the final destination allowing you to present them with more of your offers, thus maximizing your conversions.

It can sometimes backfire as it may provoke some visitors not to be open to your offers.

6. Traffic log

The traffic log feature on the clickmagick voluum downloads all the critical data about the visits you get on your ads which helps you know if your data is valid or invalid.

This feature is only available for Grow plan, and you can request for traffic log for seven days at the rate of 10 requests per day.

It enables you to reach up to 4 months old visitors’ data.

7. It lets you create an affiliate network.

Voluum lets you arrange 50+ affiliate platforms and create a network, thus proving very helpful for big enterprises.

Voluum is very helpful for team/ collaboration projects as it lets many members join the platform and work together.

In this way, Voluum is a very effective tool for people with a team of many members.

8. Optimises ads for better performance 

Voluum uses Traffic Distribution AI, which lets you distribute the traffic at any rate to the pages you want.

It enables you to compare the output provided by each page, letting you know which page is providing the maximum profit and, thus, you will know the best place to put your money.

Pricing – Clickmagick vs Voluum

Let’s Start With ClickMagick First

Click meter Clickmagick Review Pricing – (Clickmagick vs Voluum)

Clickmagick gives you three pricing choices:

  1. Starter Plan: $37 per month
  2. Standard Plan: $77 per month
  3. Pro Plan: $197 per month

1. Starter Plan $37 per month

Starter Plan Provides you:

  • Up to 1000 clicks per month
  • A genuine tracking platform
  • Real-time stats & KPIs
  • Funnel tracking for 1 Project
  • Custom Tracking Domains
  • Data retention for six months
  • Basic online support 

2. Standard Plan $77 per month

Standard Plan Provides you:

  • up to 100,000 clicks per month
  • true tracking platform
  • Real-time stats & KPIs
  • Three team members
  • Features cross-device tracking
  • Advanced attribution models
  • Offline tracking of sales through phones
  • Optimization of audience
  • An API for Facebook Conversion
  • A click shield- PPC
  • Five projects can be funnel tracked
  • Custom tracking domains (up to 10)
  • Data Retention (1 year)
  • Helpdesk support (2 hours)
  • Extreme support through live chat 
  • A get-go call for help with a real marketer
  • Phone support when stuck in a situation

3. Pro Plan: $197 per month

Pro Plan Provides you :

  • 1 M clicks/ month
  • Any number of team members
  • Funnel tracking, which is truly unlimited 
  • Limitless custom domain
  • “Done for you” support call
  • Data retention for visitor information of 2 years
  • Paid Courses on how to improve and handle your traffic 

Clickmagick also provides a 14-day free trial on all accounts.

Sign up for a free 14 Day Trial on Clickmagick

Volume Pricing – Clickmagick vs Voluum

Voluum gives you three pricing plan:

  1. Discover Plan: @ $89 per month
  2. Profit Plan: @$149 per month
  3. Grow Plan: @$449 per month

1. Discover Plan: @ $89 per month

With Delivers Plan Provides you:

  • Active Campaigns up to 40 in number
  • A custom and dedicated domain 
  • Data retention of 3 months
  • Features for ad tracking(basic)

2. Profit Plan: @$149 per month

Profit Plan Delivers you:

  • Unlimited Active Campaigns 
  • Campaigns data retention
  • Up to three custom domains and one custom domain
  • Auto rules and API integration
  • Dedicated onboarding
  • Traffic distribution AI
  • Rule-based paths

3. Grow Plan: @$449 per month

Grow Plan Delivers you:

If you choose to do annual billing, the prices of plans are:

  • Limitless Active Campaigns
  • A dedicated domain and five custom domains
  • Data retention for information of visitors on your ads (12 months)
  • Integration of API (Application programming interfaces) 
  • Devoted onboarding
  • An AI that helps in traffic distribution
  • Paths that follow rules
  • Extra users
  • Kits to tackle fraud 
  • Reports on all the big data
  • Auto rules

1. Discover Plan: @$69 per month

Delivers you:

  • Active Campaigns of up to 40
  • A Custom and dedicated domain
  • Data retention to know about visitors for 3 months
  • Features for ad tracking (basic)

2. Profit Plan: @$119 per month

Provides you with:

  • Unlimited Active Campaigns 
  • Six months of data retention
  • Up to three custom domains and one custom domain
  • Auto rules and API integration
  • Dedicated onboarding
  • Traffic distribution AI
  • Rule-based paths

3. Grow Plan: @$349 per month

Delivers you:

  • Limitless Active Campaigns
  • Five customs and a devoted domain
  • Data retention for gathering information about visitors (5-month unlimited conversions)
  • API (application programming interface) integration
  • Devoted onboarding
  • An AI to help in traffic distribution
  • Paths that are rules-based
  • Extra Users
  • Kits to tackle fraud
  • Reports on big data
  • Auto rules

Voluum also provides a demo that gives you a platform preview and accesses it for 14 days.

Click here for a Voluum video tutorial

Click here for Pricing Options for Voluum

Comparison Between Voluum vs Clickmagick

As mentioned earlier, Voluum vs Clickmagick: both are the two best ad tracking software available in the market.

Now, if you cannot make up your mind on which one software will be best suited for you, here is a comparison between Clickmagick vs Voluum.

ParameterClickMagic Voluum Winner
less expensive pricing plans.
 expensive pricing plans.ClickMagic
User Interface:an easy-to-navigate user interfaceconfusing user interfaceClickMagic
Customer SupportExcellent customer supportExcellent If you are using a growth planClickMagic
Cross-device trackingAvailable only on campaignsCross-device tracking is available for all plansVoluum
Data retentiondata retention is unlimitedThere is a limit to retaining data but if you wish to retain more data, you will have to upgrade your planClickMagic
Collaboration featuresNo collaboration featuresVoluum provides you with collaboration features, and you can even perform teamworkVoluum
Free Trial Clickmagick provides users with a 14-day free trialNo Free Trail Clickmagick
Source of trafficClickmagick allows you a traffic score by knowing the more profitable sourcesVoluum doesn’t have this featureClickmagick
Set upEasy Setupa little bit hard at firstClickmagick
Multiple conversionsConversions are provided only for campaignsAllows you to route multiple conversionsVoluum
Live supportNo live supportProvides live supportVoluum
Mobile appClickmagick provides offline tracking through the phone on the standard planVoluum provides you with a mobile app, so you have easy access to your affiliate marketing campaignVoluum

Which Platform is Better Suited to Your Situation?

The two platforms – Clickmagick vs Voluum: both have their ups and downs.

If you are just a beginner, it will be better for you to use Clickmagick as it is less expensive and has proved to be excellent for small businesses.

The features of voluum clickmeter review are extremely helpful in generating profitable revenue from your business.

Moreover, you can always upgrade your plans according to your needs.

However, if you own a large business, it is more profitable to go with Voluum as this app’s team and collaboration feature lets you remote work tribe with multiple members.

FAQs about Clickmagick vs Voluum

Q) What is the key difference between Clickmagick vs Voluum?

The key difference between Clickmagick vs Voluum is pricing.

Clickmagick is less expensive than Voluum and thus suitable for startups.

Q) Should I use Clickmagick or Voluum?

Both these platforms are the best of their kind. They perform in-depth analysis and provide the users with the best data to maximize profit.

However, both have their upgrades and downgrades.

If you are a beginner or a solo affiliate link tracking market.

we suggest you go with Clickmagick as it is less expensive and provides beneficial features.

Suppose you have had quite an experience in affiliate software marketing and own a large enterprise or are looking for a platform that supports team and collaboration.

We suggest you go with Voluum, an expensive option.

Q) How does Clickmagick function?

Clickmagick is a platform that allows its users to track ads and marketing campaigns.

You can create your tracking link and use it to track your ads which lets you know your marketing stats and also help you to maximize your profit.

Q) What is Voluum pricing?

Voluum provides three pricing choices:

•Discover: $89 per month

•Profit: $149 per month

•Grow: $449 per month

However, if you do annual billing, the prices are different:

•Discover: $69 per month

•Profit: $119 per month

•Grow: $349 per month

Click here for the pricing of Voluum

Q) Does Clickmagick offer split testing?

Yes, Clickmagick offers split testing.

Q) Should you spend money on Clickmagick?

Clickmagick is a generic platform that provides its users with valuable data.

All of the users seem very happy with the results, and it also includes video tutorials to help them understand the platform better.

It is also less expensive, making it easy for small marketers to spend on it.

So, Clickmagick sounds like an excellent option to start with, and we would say Yes! It is worth your money.

Q) What is Voluum DSP and Voluum?

Voluum DSP (demand-side platform) is a platform that aids in native advertising.

It is built on “Voluum tracking infrastructure”. It enables you to run many native ads on various networks using one platform.

Voluum is a platform that allows you to track your ads and helps in scaling up your marketing campaign.

Conclusion – Clickmagick vs Voluum

We have discussed the features and pricing of Clickmagick vs Voluum.

We have also provided you with a clear comparison between the two.

As stated above, these two platforms are the best ones and have provided their users with very satisfactory output.

Voluum is an expensive option, and Clickmagick is more affordable hence a good place to start.

Hence, several marketers choose to stick with Clickmagick, and it is undoubtedly the best place to start for beginners, and small enterprises benefit from it.

But this platform is not suitable for team/collaboration projects.

Hence, for people with large enterprises, Voluum is the go-to option.

It has excellent team/collaboration features and even provides live support.

However, both these platforms(Clickmagick vs Voluum) provide their users with various features that help them to earn more profit, and both are unique in their way.

Below is the link to the free 14-day trial of Clickmagick.

A free 14-day trial of Clickmagick

You may also check the demo provided by the Voluum platform.

Volume Demo

Now whichever platform(Clickmagick vs Voluum) you choose to go with.

remember that both are among the best and have unique features that will help you generate more revenue and thus scale up your marketing stats.

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Which one is the better Performing Platform for Ad Tracking
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