How Video Transcripts Improve SEO Performance In 2024


Want to know How Video Transcripts Improve SEO Performance?

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SEO is an important area of content marketing, and you need to do it properly to rank your content in the search results.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is much more than using the right keywords in your content. 

Researching the right keywords, optimizing the website, analyzing the results, and improving your strategy are the basics of SEO every website owner should know and work on.

Another factor that a few marketers use for SEO is video transcripts.

Yes, video transcripts also enhance the visibility of your content in search results, but you need to use them in the right way and how video transcripts Improve SEO Performance

How Video Transcripts Improve SEO Performance

How Video Transcripts Improve SEO Performance

Ever wondered how to make your website pop on search engines? Well, here’s a nifty trick: video transcripts!

You see, search engines can’t really “watch” or “listen” to your videos as humans do, but they can read those transcripts and make sense of them. 

Now, let’s talk about transcripts. You see, search engines are text lovers– they can’t watch videos or listen to audio.

But they can devour text like there’s no tomorrow. So, by adding video transcripts, you’re giving your website an SEO boost.

It’s like saying, “Hey, Google, check this out!”

Hold the Bounce

Ever heard of click-through rate, dwell time, and bounce rate? No worries, we’ll break it down for you.

These are the essential factors to consider for website rankings. The longer people stay on your site (thanks to those transcripts), the better.

If someone clicks on your video because your transcript piqued their interest, they’re less likely to bounce back to the search engine.

It’s all about making them stick around and enjoy your content. 

The User Experience Upgrade

But wait, there’s more! Video transcripts aren’t just about pleasing search engines.

They’re also about making your audience happy. Imagine this: someone who’s deaf or speaks another language stumbles upon your video.

Thanks to transcripts, they can still get in on the action.

Even folks with slow internet or sluggish devices won’t be left out – transcripts make your content accessible to them.

Why are Captions and Transcripts Important

Adding captions and transcripts to your videos isn’t just a fancy move; it’s an SEO game-changer.

These tools do more than meet the eye. First off, they make your video’s dialogue accessible to everyone, even potential customers who can’t hear it.

Plus, they give your video a VIP spot in search results. 

Think of it this way: a news article has a title, a byline, and a body of text. Google loves gobbling up all of that.

But when it comes to a video, it usually gets a title and maybe a short description, and that’s about it.

All the juicy content inside remains hidden from search engines.

Here’s the kicker: web pages with video transcripts rake in a whopping 16% more revenue compared to those without.

It’s like having an extra ace up your SEO sleeve. To make Google’s bots happy, all you need to do is pop a transcript on your video page.

Google will do the rest, and your video will shine in the search spotlight.

Transcripts Are the GPS of Your Content

Transcripts provide the roadmap for search engines.

They help Google decide if your video is the answer to someone’s query or not.

It’s like telling the search engine, “Hey, this video is all about this stuff!” It’s the key to unlocking the right audience.

If you are new to video transcripts and want to learn how to write transcripts, you can learn by taking a course in transcription.

There are many online transcription courses available online that you can take to learn transcription for free.

Learning the art of writing transcripts also opens multiple doors to applying for transcription jobs.

Video transcripts also help you to work as a freelancer for video creators or create your own videos with proper SEO. 

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Let’s talk keywords – those little words and phrases people type into search bars.

Video transcripts can sprinkle these keywords throughout, which makes search engines understand what is in your video.

When your keywords match what people are searching for, boom, you’re more likely to show up in their search results.

You can go two ways: transcribe everything said in the video, or sprinkle in some extra descriptions about what’s happening visually.

Either way, since search engines use these transcripts for indexing, it’s your chance to toss in those valuable keywords.

But a word of caution: don’t go overboard and stuff your transcript with keywords like Thanksgiving turkey.

That’s a surefire way to annoy search engines. Instead, use keywords strategically to give your video the boost it deserves.

Summing Up

These are good reasons why you should make use of transcripts in your videos.

Using the right keyword in captions and transcripts boosts your SEO and helps your viewers search for your video.

Moreover, your video appears in the search results more frequently. 

In a nutshell, video transcripts are your SEO sidekick.

They simplify the indexing process, help you speak search engine language, and unlock more visibility for your brand.

So, why wait? Get transcribing and watch your content rise to the top!

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