I Am Affiliate Forum Review 2023 – Best Affiliate Marketing Forum In 2023

If you are an online business owner or a practicing marketing guru,

you already know that the only way to keep your status is to constantly expand your knowledge.

The World Wide Web is the ultimate source of knowledge, and nowadays

It’s practically fair to say that there is no excuse for not knowing something.

Whatever that thing might be.

Reading and sharing information on reliable business forums is one of the most effective ways of online learning

And in this article we’re gone to do review of a best affiliate marketing forum – I Am Affiliate Forum Review

But before starting the review,

Let’s understand…

Why forums?

We all know that wisdom comes from experience.

Forums are the places where experience is shared between a large number of visitors.

There, you can see the good stuff and the bad stuff, and learn from both.

We have visited & reviewed an interesting one this time: I am Affiliate Forum Review.

I am Affiliate Forum Review – What Is It All About?


This is an Affiliate Marketing & Business forum, here you can find a vast variety of topics related to the subject matter.

Practically any topic you can imagine (from Facebook ads, e-mail management, SEO, tips & tricks, to Drop  Shipping, case studies, and ChatBots),

This forum covers various and comprehensive sub-topics.

Literally, a place where you can read about anything.

When you get tired from business, you can jump to off-topic and leisure sub-topics.

So, the first impression is great.

With regard to topic coverage, the forum is already top-notch.

If by any chance there is a topic that isn’t covered at the moment you visit it, well, nothing prevents you from posting,

and the users will jump in with their experiences.

You can actually see how cooperative the users are from the Thanks list.

I Am Affiliate Forum Review – Features And Benefits

Let’s take a short overview of the features of this forum that we’ve liked the most.

1. Simple

At a first glance, you will immediately recognize that the design and layout of the forum are very simple and without any BS.

When you visit the site, almost all relevant content is laid out on the index page.

The board index toolbar on the top of the page provides the search query and information such as active topics, unanswered topics, and new posts.

This way, if you are an active user, this is a great feature since it can divert your attention to the new stuff.

On the other hand, if you are a new user, you can simply scroll downward and see the relevant topics in a matter of seconds.

This simplicity of UX design can be subject to various opinions, you may like it or not. But from our point of view, this is a big plus of the I am affiliate forum review.

Honestly, when looking for a topic you wish to comment on or research, the last thing you want to do is to do an investigation the website

and follow clues and leads to your topic by clicking on links.

With this simplicity of design, you can simply press CTRL+F and look for the main topic you are interested in.

Then, by clicking on the main topic link, the page will direct you to the list of plentiful sub-topics.

And then…. well, then you read and post, obviously.

2. Structure

As it is said above, the design of the index page is very simple. The page is structured so that you scroll downwards and browse the topics.

The structure of the topics on the index page is like you read a book in I am affiliate forum review:

1. The general topic (chapter),

2. The general sub-topics (heading),

3. The individual sub-sub-topics (paragraphs) are also known as the actual forum posts and conversations.

In this structure, the chapters and headings are visible on the index page, and by clicking on a heading,

you are diverted to the list of related individual paragraphs.

This structure is really great and makes it very easy to find what you want.

What we liked the most, is that each chapter starts with a couple of blog articles related to the general topic.

The blog articles are located at the top, just beneath the chapter title. And have great visual design!

This is a great feature of the I am affiliate forums review since it offers two-sided learning: one from the forum posts and also from the detailed and really well-written blog articles.

If you want to know what you may find, here are the general topics – chapters of the site.

3. The Knowledge Base

In this chapter, you can find a variety of topics from where you can learn almost all you need to run a successful business or a startup in i am affiliate forum review.

This chapter includes the following sub-topics, or as we’ve called them – headings: Affiliate Marketing Q&A, Crypto, Video Interviews, Marketing News, and Facebook-Google-Youtube-TikTok ad.

4. How to guide & Case Studies.

In this chapter, you can find A to Z guides and tips on how to do stuff you need to do if you run an affiliate marketing business or if you are simply a marketing and business enthusiast and want to learn more.

This chapter includes the following headings in the I Am Affiliate Forum Review:

1. How to guides

2. Case studies

3. Lead generation tutorials

4. other useful tools and guides

5. Vendors.

This is the part of the forum where you make things happen.

It includes the following headings: buy & sell, vendor offers and opportunities, latest hot offers, and others.

What more do you need from a forum[i am an affiliate forum review].

I Am Affiliate Forum Review – FAQs And Other Treats

1. FAQs

Now let’s move to the I Am Affiliate Forum Review

If you would encounter any issues being a forum user, this one covers almost every issue imaginable upfront.

The FAQ link visible at the top of the index page will lead you to the list of a comprehensive

and very detailed list of user experience-based issues that arise, and the ways how to resolve them.

This certainly is a terrific feature of this forum.

No forum is without issues, and no user wants to be left stranded and curious for too long.

This super-detailed FAQ list will give you an instant solution to almost any issue:

from why do I get logged off automatically? to who wrote this bulletin board?.

2. Stats

Some stats about I am affiliate forum review

Also, one of the things we certainly don’t want to miss mentioning is the „statistical“ information that this forum offers in one place.

You must be wondering what we mean by „statistical“.

As it is indicated in the beginning, a forum is a place where you can learn affiliate marketing from the experiences of others through many, many forum posts.

I am Affiliate offers a really great feature with displaying statistical data of the segments of the site that are most frequently clicked by users.

This makes the „top“ topics stand out.

So, at the top of the index page, you can see what are the 10 Recent Active Topics.

At the bottom of the index page, you get to the four-fives:

1. 5 Most Viewed Topics

2. 5 Most Replied Topics

3. 5 Most Active Users

4. 5 Most Active Forums

Each of the information provided in one of the four fives (sounds like a character from Star Trek – Seven Of Nine’s boyfriend – the amazing One of the Four Fives) is accompanied by % of visitations to that segment against the total visitations to the site.

This feature is really great because it enables you to follow the trends among the users (that are mostly marketing professionals)

and to diversify the hot topics from the lukewarm ones.

I Am Affiliate Forum Review – Conclusion

A few words at the end of the I am affiliate forum review.

If you are looking for a good place to learn about the latest trends, tips, and advice on how to swim in business and marketing waters,

We highly recommend visiting and signing up for I am Affiliate.

Kundan Choudhary

The Full-time Blogger, Affiliate marketer,Product Creator and Entrepreneur. I’m a 22-year-old full-time blogger who loves to do blogging and affiliate marketing and launching product in international’s market and helping people how to achieve same

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