ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022 – Get Your Free Account (No Credit Card Required )

Do you have second thoughts about grammatical errors in your passages?

Yes, of course.

If you want to tackle these problems without spending a penny, all you need is a free trial (like ShortlyAI Free Trial). 

As in all the other fields, technology has left its mark in content and blog writing. People depend on engaging content with efficiency. The passages must be to the point and concise.

A free trial is a must for every aspiring writer, social media creator and blogger.

This ShortlyAI free trial 2022 will let you evaluate whether or not this content creation and copywriting tool is suite for you

A lot of people ask a question even before trying free trial, that is

ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022 Details – Overview


Product Name: ShortlyAI

Use: Copywriting & Content Creation

Intended For: Digital Marketers, Bloggers, Content Writers, Copywriters, YouTubers

Trial Type: Free

Official website:  Click Here

Credit Card: Not Required

What is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is a well-known GPT-3-based AI Copywriting and Material Writing tool that enables you to quickly and simply create high-quality, creative content.

How to get ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022- Step By Step

ShortlyAI is the best writing tool for content creation . It has GPT-3 based AI technology. Here is a first look of how the interface looks and how you can deal with it.

First visit to official website of shortlyAI

Now Enter Your E-Mail address as shown in the picture below:


After that Fill all the personal details which asked: First Name, Last Name, Your E-mail, Your Password, as shown below:


Now Confirm the Verification mail from your inbox and Login to ShortlyAI,


Now, It’s time to write an awesome article for you and for that follow the following steps:

Put the brief details about your article which you want in the “Article Brief” Section then Add the Title and Starting Intro and Press Ctrl+Enter or Click on Start Writing


Next Step is just to WAIT until your article will be done

and by following these steps you can see the AI is writing the article as shown in image below:


Here is a little sample. You may adjust the word limit to increase or decrease the size of your article or story. 

Reasons To Choose ShortlyAI

Isn’t it difficult to engage people just by simple words? If yes, don’t worry most of us do face this. These are the everyday struggles of every social media content creator as well as blog post writer 

Here are the reasons listed for your convenience to decide whether to use it or not. 

Shortly Features:

  • Ease of use: Shortly Free Trial is easy to use. Suppose you need to write a completely new article from scratch. All you need to follow the steps which given above with snapshots.
  • YouTube video script: Shortly Free Trial can write you a crisp YouTube video script within minutes. Ask any Youtuber and you would learn that writing a video script is quite time taking part of any video. Shortly AI Free Trial makes it a lot smoother.
  • “Instruct” command: You can use your voice to instruct a Short AI Free Trial instead of doing everything with your hands. The “Instruct” command acts like an assistant and responds to your voice commands. 
  • Get your articles done: Shortly provides you with genuine original articles on the topic of your choice. It saves your time and effort which can otherwise be used elsewhere.  

When the Shortly AI trial period finishes?

You’ll be sent to the price page, where you may choose a plan and pay it if you want to keep using this AI tool.

Shortly Pricing & Plan

Here is the latest pricing of ShortlyAI Pricing 2022

ShortlyAI provides you with two pricing plans to enable you to decide Which Plan is Good For You; Monthly & Yearly. The yearly plan proves to be extremely economical as compared to the rest. 

1. ShortlyAI Monthly Plan:

ShortlyAI Monthly Plan charges $79 per month without any restrictions on the number of words. This plan is good for people looking for a quick glance on the working. You can try it for yourself and then shift to yearly if that works for you.  

2. ShortlyAI Yearly Plan:

The yearly plan for a writing assistant is quite affordable and it will be around $65 per month for with no restrictions on word count which is equivalent to using Shortly AI for two months for free at the cost of your yearly subscription. If you like it when you save extra bucks and have long term goals, 

This suits your purpose. This plan is adapt for the long run and also is beneficial financially. 

NOTE: If you have an additional $20, I strongly advise you to utilize Jarvis AI. It contains a few extra features and a large number of templates. Here’s a special link to get a free trial of So, activate it and give it a shot. This is a fantastic tool.

Both Jarvis AI and Shortly AI are decent GPT-3 based AI authoring tools in my perspective, however I prefer since its output is somewhat better than ShortlyAI’s

FAQ About ShortAI Free Trial

What is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is a tool for writing using an AI assistant. It uses GPT-3 based software that helps you create content. You can use it to produce engaging sales copy, blog posts, as well as small tasks such as emails, social media captions etc in minutes.

Can Articles Written by ShortlyAI pop up in search results in search engines?

Yes, Shortly AI produces optimized articles which are good to be published in online platforms and even pop up in search results of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and search engines.

Is there any discount, coupon code available for ShortlyAI?

No, since ShortlyAI free trial is available for all to use, you won’t find any kind of discount offer or coupon as you don’t need it in the first place. Honestly speaking, it is totally worth it to spend a few bucks after completion of a free trial.

Does ShortlyAI generate articles and content completely free from plagiarism ?

Yes, the AI technology used in ShortlyAI free trial 2022 creates unique articles absolutely free from plagiarism. You can even try it on plagiarism checking sites which check for plagiarism for free on demand. Some of them are: or Quetext.

What is the pricing of Shortly AI?

ShortlyAI free trial 2022 lasts for a while but eventually you have to pay for its prolonged usage. You have two options available to pay suiting to your convenience. The monthly plan charges you $79 per month with unrestricted word usage and the yearly plan charges $65 per month for the same.

Is ShortlyAI really worth it?

It is certainly worth it to sign up on ShortlyAI, especially if you are looking to have a career in the writing industry. ShortlyAI finishes tasks that used to take days in just a few hours. As a writer, that is all I can ask for. It even saves my energy which can be used in other productive tasks. 

Can ShortlyAI be used to write huge volumes of text like Books and journals?

Yes, you may use ShortlyAI to write huge volumes like books or journals. You can start from a blank new document and use the available options to write your book page wise. You would have to be patient with that as the number of words increases the time taken to generate the text. vs vs ShortlyAI: Which is the best?

From first-hand experience, it would appear that Jarvis is the best of the tree comprising Jarvis, CopyAI and ShortlyAI. I would suggest you go through the website of these other platforms and see for yourself. If you prefer, you can also use each one and then decide what suits your purpose. 

Over To You

At the end of the day, it is only up to you and your convenience. I would suggest you to at least give a try with ShortlyAI free trial to ensure that is that worth according to your need. Certainly, ShortlyAI has many pros as compared to other similar platforms.

A free trial on top of that makes it the best option available so far in the market. It is also fascinating to see the world evolve with technology. The use of AI in this platform makes it an asset in the field of writing and that too creating a unique piece of work within hours. The final product is truly remarkable and really worth a try.

I would strongly advise you to test ShortlyAI if you are interested in employing an AI writing aid tool. It can develop fantastic content for you, as well as any form of copywriting structure and even a book. It writes unique material for you, so you don’t have to worry about quality or plagiarism.

They provide a free trial so that you can see how excellent it is before you buy it.

If this step by step guide article help you to made a better decision then kindly comment below and share this with your friends specially with digital marketers, bloggers, content writers or copywriters to help them also to get knowledge about ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022.

Kundan Choudhary

The Full-time Blogger, Affiliate marketer,Product Creator and Entrepreneur. I’m a 22-year-old full-time blogger who loves to do blogging and affiliate marketing and launching product in international’s market and helping people how to achieve same

2 thoughts on “ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022 – Get Your Free Account (No Credit Card Required )”

  1. Hello Kundan,

    I have been using ShortlyAI for the last 6 months and am very happy with the results.

    The quality of ShortlyAI is better than other Ai article writing tools.

    Thanks for sharing this guide. It’ll help your readers to try ShortyAi for free.

    Keep Up the Good Work.

    Sumit Sao


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