ShortlyAI Free Trial 2024 – Get Your Free Account (No Credit Card Required )

Are you looking for a ShortlyAI free trial version? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

Writing amazing content can be difficult and creating content that ranks and generates leads takes a considerable amount of time and effort.

So, imagine a tool that could help you and your team create content automatically with just a few clicks.

It will be beneficial, wouldn’t it?

Well, ShortlyAI is a handy tool for your help.

If you want to know everything about ShortlyAI, or are you unsure which plan can fit your content requirements the most effectively?

Then let me walk you through, what ShortlyAI is?

What are ShortlyAI’s features? What is ShortlyAI Pricing in 2024?

How to get ShortlyAI Free Trial Account and much more.

Are you ready? Without further ado, let’s discuss more in-depth, and let me guide you through every important thing about ShortlyAI.

What Is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is an artificial intelligence software built on GP-3 that provides you with assistance while writing any kind of content, including blog posts, articles, short novels, stories, essays, write YouTube video scripts and everything else you can imagine.

It can create anything for you; all you need to do is add details like images, hyperlinks, headings, etc. to the content.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of the content since it is fully original and free of plagiarism.

ShortlyAI is one of the best artificial intelligence (AI) tools because the content it creates is unique and unmatched by other AI tools.

Therefore, you can use the ShortlyAI free trial without giving your credit card details information.

During your ShortlyAI free trial, you will have 5 opportunities to access the AI software effectively.

How to get Grab Shortlyai Free AI Trial 2024- Step By Step

Grab shortly ai free is the best writing tool for content creation.

It has GPT-3 based AI technology.

Here is a first look at how the interface looks and how you can deal with it.

First visit to the official website of shortlyAI

Now Enter Your E-Mail address as shown in the picture below:


After that Fill in all the personal details asked: First Name, Last Name, Your E-mail, Your Password, as shown below:


Now Confirm the Verification mail from your inbox and Login to ShortlyAI,


Now, it’s time to write an awesome article for you, and for that follow the following steps:

Put the brief details about the article which you want in the “Article Brief” Section then Add the Title and Starting Intro and Press Ctrl+Enter or Click on Start Writing


The next step is just to WAIT until your article is done

and by following these steps you can see the AI is writing the article as shown in the image below:


Here is a little sample.

You may adjust the word limit to increase or decrease the size of your article or story. 

ShortlyAI Features 

Here are some of the wonderful features offered by the ShortlyAI writing tool:

  • It generates articles, stories, blog posts, etc. automatically.
  • It creates social media posts.
  • It generates 100% plagiarism-free content.
  • Powerful commands are available 
  • It allows you to create content with no word limits.
  • Can write engaging emails with subject lines.
  • Almost human-like writing quality.
  • It creates scripts for videos.

… and many others.

So, what are you waiting for? Use ShortlyAI Free Trial now by clicking the link provided below. 

Shortly ai Free Trial Pricing has two pricing options, which are a monthly plan and an annual plan; however, all the functionality that is included in both pricing options is the same.

The annual plan is the optimal choice for individuals looking to save some money because it contains two months of ShortlyAI Free Trials.

Below is a breakdown of the monthly and annual plan options available with shortly ai free trial:

ShortlyAI Monthly Plan

shortlyai monthly plan, its plan is $79 per month and includes unlimited words. Additionally, you will receive four strong commands that will enable you to create a free trial shortlyai as the best and most unique content.

ShortlyAI Yearly Plan

The shortlyai yearly plan costs you $65 and provides you with access to an unlimited number of words of credit card details free trial throughout your membership.

If you’re serious about saving money, I will suggest you try this plan.

5+ Benefits of Using ShortlyAI Writing Assistant

Create Plagiarism Free Content Automatically

GPT-3 is widely recognized as the most advanced machine-learning language model in the world, and it serves as the foundation for ShortlyAI.

Its purpose is to deeply understand user input and to enhance the content. 

ShortlyAI generates 100% original and plagiarism-free content shortlyai on any topic.

Therefore, if you do blogging and create content, then you don’t need to be concerned about plagiarism with ShortlyAI.

Commands Based Control

Learning ShortlyAI’s commands is essential if you intend to utilize the tool to produce higher-quality content more quickly and efficiently.

If you’re unfamiliar with ShortlyAI, these commands are indeed a great place to begin.

Below are some of the commands that I added for you all to produce high-quality content.

These four commands that ShortlyAI supports are as follows:

  • /Instruct[Your Text Here]
  • /Rewrite[Your Text Here]
  • /Expand[Your Text Here]
  • /Shorten[Your Text Here]

Access Copywriting Frameworks

We are well aware that we have to create highly engaging content for the company that speaks directly to the target demographic, and you’re searching for anything that could ease the misery of producing content daily for the company.

ShortlyAI will generate copywriting frameworks that you’ll be able to utilize to produce anything without having to start from zero.

The Instruct command in ShortlyAI enables you to create shortlyai free any kind of replica.

Any kind of copywriting structure is acceptable, for example:

1. AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action)

2. PAS (Problem-Agitation-Solution)

3. Before-After-Bridge

4. Plus many more

Unlimited Words

Most artificial intelligence (AI) writing software limits the number of words that can utilize.

Whenever you employ AI to produce better content, you will almost undoubtedly waste a lot of words.

However, ShortlyAI allows you to create an infinite number of sentences.

One of the many benefits of utilizing ShortlyAI is that it doesn’t have a credit system like other similar services.

You are therefore absolutely free to write blog posts anything you wish.

YouTube Video Scripts

If you’re a YouTuber, you’ve undoubtedly gotten bored of spending hours composing your YouTube video scripts.

But with ShortlyAI, you can generate the whole script in a couple of minutes.

Use the Teach command and provide a succinct explanation of the topic.

AI will finish the script soon, but you will need to make some changes.

Write What You Want

This artificial intelligence technology could be used to produce content for any kind of media.

Here are some more cases of using ShortlyAI as a writing companion. It can assist you in producing:

1. Amazon Product Descriptions.

2. Letters.

3. Question Ideas.

4. Quora Answers.

5. Poems and stories.

6. YouTube Video Headings.

7. Features & Benefits of Anything.

8. Whatever you want.

Jasper AI: A BETTER Alternative to ShortlyAI

Jasper AI is also an Artificial Intelligence tool for Content writers.

It also assists you with generating content by providing multiple templates and highly intelligent algorithms.

Even though there are several other artificial intelligence (AI) programs available that perform the same activities as Jasper, to be honest, we believe Jasper performs tasks significantly better than others.

Listed below are some of the outstanding features provided by the Jasper software tool:

1. Create blog posts, articles, short stories, etc.

2. Publish content for various social media platforms.

3. It generates 100% unique content.

4. Create promotional / advertising content for campaigns, web pages, landing pages, and other platforms.

5. Help in generating lengthy content.

6. You can modify your old writing with Content Improver.

7. Create scripts for videos, and much more.

Jasper AI Pricing: Starter Plan

Jasper AI starter plan is for only $29 / month.

It is ideal for creating short writing including headlines, email briefings, social media posts, Facebook advertising, introductions, product descriptions, tweets, and other short-form content.

Jasper AI Pricing: Boss Mode Plan

Their most popular plan, “Jasper AI Pricing: Boss Mode,” starts at only $59 per month and therefore is ideal for teams, agencies, and professional writers looking to optimize their workflow and increase content production.

If you’re looking for HUGE discounts on Jasper AI Plans, you can go with their annual pricing plans.

There you can get a FLAT 16% discount. Click here to learn more about Jasper AI.

FAQs | ShortlyAI Free Trial 2024

What is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is a content-generating platform using artificial intelligence (AI) which is capable of writing any kind of content.

In addition to other things, it can create long-form content, emails, ads, blog articles, and much more.

Is ShortlyAI free?

ShortlyAI is not completely free; it is a paid AI writing assistance with subscription plans starting at $65 per month.

Does ShortlyAI offer a free trial?

Yes, you may utilize ShortlyAI free trial without submitting your credit card details information.

You will get 5 trials in the ShortlyAI free trial. It’ll then automatically send you to the pricing webpage.

Can I use ShortlyAI for free?

Yes, you can try ShortlyAI for free. Click on this link and it will redirect you to your ShortlyAI Free Trial webpage.

Does ShortlyAI cost money? / What is the pricing of ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is software for Content creation as writing assistance with two pricing options.

The first is a Monthly plan that costs $79 per month, while the second is an Annual plan that costs $65 per month.

Is there a free AI writer?

There is nothing Free you need to pay some bucks any time you want to use extra features or want to upgrade.

But yeah, you can grab a ShortlyAI Free Trial account. Visit ShortlyAI now to grab the ShortlyAI free shortlyai account deal now.

How do I delete my ShortlyAI account?

Here’s how to cancel your membership to ShortlyAI:

  • Open your ShortlyAI account.
  • Go to your Subscriptions Page.
  • Select Cancel your ShortlyAI membership from the choices.
  • Follow further ShortlyAI cancellation procedure.
  • Verify the cancellation of your ShortlyAI membership.

If you’ve already paid for a membership plan for the month, you will have access to ShortlyAI until your subscription end.

Here is a link where you can read more about ShortlyAI’s refund and cancellation policies:

Final Thoughts On ShortlyAI Free Trial

With ShortlyAI writing helper solutions, one may get assistance in creating content that is 100 percent original while also reducing the amount of work you have to put into producing content.

One will be able to produce content 10 times more quickly than a human writer while using ShortlyAI.

I hope my post about the trial shortlyai free helps you in your search for the finest AI content-generating tool.

What do you think about the ShortlyAI Free Trial in 2024? Did our review come in handy for you? Are you willing to give it a shot?

Do or Have any inquiries? Please tell us in the comments and we will definitely try to reply to all your queries.

Grab a Shortly AI shortlyai free account Now!!!


If you have an additional $20, I strongly advise you to utilize Jarvis AI. It contains a few extra features and a large number of templates. Here’s a special free trial link to get a free trial of So, activate shortlyai free free it, and give it a shot. This is a fantastic tool.

Both Jarvis AI and Shortly AI are decent GPT-3 based AI authoring tools in my perspective, however, I prefer since its output is somewhat better than ShortlyAI’s



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