Thumbnail Blaster Review 2024 – Legit or Hype? Truth Exposed

Are you looking for an honest and real Thumbnail Blaster review? 

If so, you’re in the right place. 

As a content creator, you know that having an attention-grabbing thumbnail is crucial for getting your videos noticed on platforms like YouTube. 

But creating a standout thumbnail can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a background in graphic design. 

That’s where Thumbnail Blaster comes in – this software claims to make it easy for anyone to create professional-looking thumbnails in just a few clicks. 

But does it live up to the hype? 

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at Thumbnail Blaster and share our honest opinion on whether it’s worth your investment.

So without any further ado, let us quickly dive in!

What Is Thumbnail Blaster?

Thumbnail Blaster Review

It is a software tool designed to help content creators, particularly those on YouTube, create eye-catching thumbnails for their videos quickly and easily. 

The software uses artificial intelligence and templates to help users create professional-looking thumbnails.

These thumbnails are designed to capture viewers’ attention and increase click-through rates. 

With Thumbnail Blaster, users can customize pre-made templates, upload their own images, and add text and graphics to create a unique thumbnail.

It also offers split testing, allowing users to test different thumbnail designs to see which one performs best.

Weโ€™ll have a closer view of how it works later in this thumbnail blaster review!

Creator Of Thumbnail Blaster

Before we go ahead with this, let us know a little about its creator!

The creator of Thumbnail Blaster is Stoica Bogdan, who is also the co-founder of the software company Blastersuite. 

Stoica Bogdan is an online marketing expert who has created multiple software tools to improve online visibility and conversions for content creators and marketers.

Stoica Bogdan and the Blastersuite team developed Thumbnail Blaster to solve the problem of creating attention-grabbing thumbnails that increase click-through rates for content creators.

It has become popular among YouTube content creators due to its easy-to-use interface, pre-made templates, and AI-driven design capabilities since its introduction.

Key Features Of Thumbnail Blaster 2024

Now, let us now look at the features of Thumbnail Blaster 2024:

1. Pre-made templates

It offers a wide selection of pre-made templates that users can customize to create a unique thumbnail that represents their video’s content accurately.

2. AI-powered design

It uses artificial intelligence to suggest design elements that complement the user’s selected template and make their thumbnail stand out.

3. Customizable text and graphics

With Thumbnail Blaster, users can add text, graphics, and other design elements to their thumbnails, allowing them to create a truly unique and attention-grabbing image.

4. Split-testing

It allows users to test multiple thumbnail designs to see which one performs best, helping them optimize their click-through rates.

5. User-friendly interface

It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users of all levels of expertise to create professional-looking thumbnails quickly and easily.

6. Font Library

It provides a font library with over 50 unique fonts that you can use in your thumbnails.

7. Icon Library

The icon library offers over 500 icons that you can add to your thumbnails to make them stand out.

8. YouTube Integration

You can create and upload your thumbnails directly to your YouTube channel from within Thumbnail Blaster.

9. A/B Testing

With A/B testing, you can test different versions of your thumbnail to see which one performs better with your audience.

How Does Thumbnail Blaster Work?

Create Attention-Grabbing & CLICK Pulling Thumbnails In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Select a template

Users can choose from a wide variety of pre-made templates that are designed to capture viewers’ attention and increase click-through rates.

Step 2: Customize the template

Once a template is selected, users can customize it by adding text, graphics, and other design elements. 

It also uses AI to suggest design elements that complement the selected template and improve its overall appearance.

Step 4: Download and upload

After finalising the design, users can download their thumbnails and upload them to their YouTube videos.

Thumbnail Blaster Is Suitable For?

Well, It is suitable for content creators who use YouTube as their primary platform to share their videos. 

This includes YouTubers, video marketers, vloggers, and businesses that use YouTube to promote their products or services. 

Anyone who wants to increase the click-through rate of their YouTube videos and attract more viewers can benefit from using Thumbnail Blaster. 

Additionally, It is user-friendly interface and pre-made templates make it suitable for users of all levels of experience, including those with little or no graphic design background.

Pros and Cons Of Thumbnail Blaster Reviews

Ah, Thumbnail blaster this, thumbnail blaster that, where are its pros and Cons?

If you were also thinking that, then hold on dear readers!

Weโ€™re finally discussing the pros and cons in this thumbnail blaster review, huh!

Here is a quick table so you can go through it:

Easy-to-use interfaceLimited to YouTube thumbnails only
Pre-made templates to choose fromNo free trial is available
AI-powered design suggestionsNo option to create custom templates
Split-testing feature to optimize thumbnailsLimited customization options
Affordable pricingSome design elements may not be relevant to certain videos
Saves time and effort in creating thumbnailsNot suitable for users who prefer to design thumbnails from scratch
Can improve click-through rates and attract more viewersMay require some trial and error to find the best-performing thumbnail design

Thumbnail Blaster Real User Testimonial & Results

This Thumbnail Blaster Review is all you need to decide whether you need it or not.

However, we decided to attach some real user testimonials for better accuracy: 

Thumbnail Blaster Price And Evaluation 

It costs you $27 as a one-time payment. 

It includes the following features:

  • 100 Thumbnail templates.
  • The ability to create unlimited thumbnails.
  • The ability to upload your images and fonts.
  • The ability to save your thumbnails to your computer.
  • The ability to schedule video publishing.
  • The ability to access the community and support forum.

All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so users can try out Thumbnail Blaster risk-free. 

With the 30-day money-back guarantee, you can evaluate whether Thumbnail Blaster is the right tool for their needs without any financial risk.

And this is why, we decided to write a thumbnail blaster review for you guys and yeah, we highly recommend you give it a try!

It is available for a low one-time price for a short period only. Make sure you act before the prices rise.

Thumbnail Blaster OTO and its Features

It offers 4 upsells/ otos that unlock a range of additional tools and features to create more unique and professional-looking thumbnails.

Let us discuss them one by one:

OTO1: Pro Edition – $47 one-time fee

This upsell unlocks additional templates, graphics, and fonts for users to create even more unique and professional-looking thumbnails. 

It also includes a keyword suggestion tool that can help users optimize their thumbnails for SEO.

It includes all the features of the standard plan, plus the following:

  • 30 additional thumbnail templates (total of 130).
  • The ability to create custom templates.
  • The ability to analyze competition and trends.
  • The ability to create split tests.
  • The ability to use a background remover tool.
  • The ability to get priority support.

OTO2: Agency Edition – $67 one-time fee

This upsell allows users to create and sell thumbnails for their clients. 

It includes a commercial license that enables users to use for commercial purposes,

and it also includes a client management dashboard for managing clients and projects.

The Agency Plan is an add-on for Thumbnail Blaster that costs $67 one-time

and allows users to create thumbnails for clients and sell the service to others.

The Agency Plan includes a commercial license, sub-accounts, custom branding, priority support, and a video marketing course to help users grow their businesses.

It’s a great option for users who want to provide thumbnail creation services to clients, as it offers several helpful features.

OTO3: Template Club – $37 one-time fee

You will get access 20 new Premium Template Each Month

OTO4: Lingo Blaster – $47 one-time fee

It will Translate your video titles and descriptions in 100+ languages

FAQ Of Thumbnail Blaster

1. What is Thumbnail Blaster?

Thumbnail Blaster is a tool for creating and optimizing thumbnails for YouTube videos.

2. Who is it useful for?

It is useful for content creators looking to improve their video’s click-through rates and attract more viewers.

3. What are the benefits of a thumbnail blaster?

It include pre-made templates, AI-powered design suggestions, split-testing features, and affordable pricing.

4. Do they have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. Does It offer a free trial?

No, It does not offer a free trial.

6. Is It Worth Investing in?

Whether It is worth investing in depends on the individual user’s needs and goals. 

However, it has helped many content creators improve their YouTube video performance and is an affordable option compared to hiring a professional graphic designer.

So, we highly recommend you give it a try!

7. Why should I buy Thumbnail Blaster?

It can help you create eye-catching thumbnails for your videos, attract more views and engagement, and ultimately, grow your channel or business.

8. How I will get Contact Thumbnail Blaster Team ?

You can direct contact them via creating blastersuite support ticket

My Final Thoughts On Thumbnail Blaster

Well, well, my fellow content creators and YouTube enthusiasts

Let me tell you, Thumbnail Blaster is the real deal for creating some truly eye-catching and click-worthy thumbnails for your videos.

So, if you want to up your YouTube game in 2024 and beyond. I highly recommend you should Try Thumbnail Blaster.

And the best part?

It is 100% legit and quality product which works well.

So,I highly recommend you should try it out..

Now go forth, create some amazing thumbnails, and watch those click-through rates soar!


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