Best Websites to Buy Backlinks for Your Blog 2024 – Are they safe or Legal ?

Best Websites to Buy Backlinks for Your Blog

Do you know what are Backlinks? Are they safe?

What are the websites from which you can buy a Backlink safely or the Best websites to buy backlinks?

Backlinks are links that join one website to another web source or web page.

There are a lot of websites to buy Backlinks, but first, let’s know them better.

They are important to SEO(Search Engine Optimization) as it includes links to other SEO in their content website owner.

Backlinks can also be bought from other websites for you to include and use them. 

But why do we buy Backlinks?

They are bought and not generated by the user as it is a lot easier and you get quality Backlinks.

So allow me to answer these questions for you and tell you the best websites to buy backlinks.

If you still think Backlinks should not be used, then let me tell you some advantages of using Backlinks in your blog which increases its quality. 

Firstly, many people think that including Backlinks in your blogs increases your search engine ranking as then it is considered valuable by others.

The chances of gaining brands on your blogs get higher if you use Backlinks in your blogs.

Adding Backlinks even promotes your blog a lot more and also catches the eye of many famous SEO service providers like Edge, Opera, and Google.

But still, one disadvantage of using websites to buy Backlinks 2024 is that adding too many Backlinks makes your article spam by backlink service as it includes Backlinks more than the limit.

Is it safe To Buy Them?

One question is always doubted by all the people who buy them, is this even legal?

Don’t worry, we will be answering that too on these Websites to buy backlinks for SEO

So buying Backlinks from different websites is not particularly illegal, it doesn’t need a special bot or any coding for you to purchase them. 

But one thing which is important while buying Backlinks is to buy them from high-quality buy link backlinks.

many of whom will be told in this article only.

Also, check the spam score of the website you are buying from if not purchasing from a well-known website. 

Now another question, does Google Promote them? And a clear-cut answer is, Yes.

Google does allow and promote your article with Backlinks on their SEO, but not if there are too many, those articles are considered spam by Google.

Websites from which we buy Backlinks can be characterized into 4 categories:-

  1. Backlinks sites
  1. Backlinks(SEO) Forums sites
  1. Freelancing sites
  1. Cheap sites to buy backlinks(THESE SITES ARE NOT RECOMMENDED)

We will tell you the most trusted Backlinks purchasing sites backlink buying in each, Backlinks(SEO) Forum, Freelancing, and Cheap sites.

1. Links Management


So you want the best quality Backlinks, but your budget is pretty low? Allow me to suggest Links Management. 

Here you can Backlinks’ price of $1, even assuring their quality by features like SEO analysis of your Backlink and report in just 30 seconds.

shows the progress of your article after including the Backlink, how many min read links, and the time and money will be needed to outrank your competitor.

They have over 8,000,000 links buying backlinks for you to choose from. Follow this read link building to check it out.

2. Adsy

Adsy is a special Guest Posting Service that unites exceptional publishers and buyers to help them reach a new level of business greatness.

With Adsy, you will :

  • Get quality posts from relevant sites with traffic: 40,000 publishers & outreach managers
  • Сhoose the relevant publishers and blogs or websites to publish affordable guest posts with do-follow links
  • Order blog post creation or provide your own text
  • Become a publisher, download the websites you work with, and make money with our platform.

Plus If you Register now and get a welcome $10 bonus on your account.

3. Authority Builders


Authority builders is a company that builds its case studies link rather than just selling others.

It is owned by Matt Diggity, an SEO expert, and a digital marketer. 

This company’s SEO builder not only helps you in link building services and a one-time good article but makes your foundation a lot deep in Search Engine rankings. 

They provide a very user-friendly interface for everyone. They also have a huge experience of 10 years in the industry, so they might be the most experienced Backlink provider of any other.

Its pricing starts from at least $177. If you are interested. check this link out.

4. OneLittleWeb


If you are looking for a Backlink website that specially focuses on making your article better with their SEO expert tool, then OneLittleWeb is your choice. 

A basic pricing plan is $999/ month which is pretty costly, but it’s worth it. It consists of quality Backlinks and has over +10,000 options so you can search well.

It is best known for its SEO expert tool as it gives options like Plagiarism correction, the best keywords to choose from for your blog, and shows your progress of articles with every word.

suggests words so that you come to the top on search engine ranking. You can find the OneLittleWeb website here.

5. Loganix


Logix is best known for securing the best buy quality backlinks for the buyer. Its pricing starts from $400 which is pretty high. 

Its provided Backlinks are considered to be one of the most quality Backlinks from the original websites. 

The only problem with Loganix is that it provides too costly Backlinks so you might only use them when you have a big budget or when they provide a big discount, which happens a lot on this website.

Still interested? There you go.

1. BlackHatWorld Forum site


BlackHatWorld Forum sites are where you find the best PBN(private blog network) sites.

These PBN sites are of high quality and very cheap. 

Its pricing starts from $10, which if you ask me, is pretty cheap if compared to many on this list.

It can also highly boost your search engine ranking with good buy quality backlinks at a cheap cost and with great SEO expert tools. 

Paid guest posts :

It also provides other types of links like comment links, web 2.0, paid guest post write, article submissions, and many others.

Check BlackHatWorld Forum here.

2. WickedFire Forum


The WickedFire Forum site is something you will be needing to increase your marketing and seller for your studies link-building blog.

It provides you with highly expert web builders and content writers.

link developers for your help in your blog so that it is on the prime, you can also hire them to write for you.

It also gives options for web designing and development, which also is a lot helpful in internet marketing. Its pricing starts from $45 at least. You can find the website here.

3. Warrior Forum


This Forum is famous for producing highly expert people for you to hire for your work which is great in many different categories of work like marketing, finance, coworking mental health post, and others too.

Because of this expert hire tool, the ranking of your blog becomes unmatchable.

It also provides highly valuable backlinks from Forbes,, and many more at very affordable pricing starting from even $1. I suggest Warrior Forum so check it out.


websites-to-buy-backlinks does not have a lot of popularity in this field, but it still has some features we can count on for Freelancers. 

Its SEO expert understands your blog very well and can help you write beautiful plagiarism-free articles.

 It has a lot of options for buying Backlinks but it is mostly not suggested to buy those as it has both certified and uncertified Backlinks.

Its pricing starts from even $5., check it.


Fiverr is the best-known marketplace for different and various kinds of services, so why not Backlinks.

The pricing of any gig here starts from $5, and so does a Backlink. 

Yes, you can buy Backlinks here for just $5. But you can’t just trust any seller, do you?

so Fiverr provides ratings so that you can check the rating before buying anything. 

It’s considered one of the best Freelancing Backlinks selling sites.

Go on, check it out.

3. Upwork


Upwork is a marketplace platform not just to buy backlinks but many other things.

It is mostly used to hire freelancers for your tasks who are good at their work. 

I talk about numbers, there are over +15 million freelancers on this website, but you should check the profile review, portfolio, and ratings of any freelancer.

Also, Upwork is not a great place to buy Backlinks as they are pretty expensive compared to others.

The pricing starts from $100. UpWork, here you go.

1. Black Hat Links


Black Hat Links can not be used to buy one to two backlinks, at once, you will get a stack of Backlinks together. 

These Backlinks get prepared in 1 week for order and get 50-200 backlinks a one-time order.

And also all these links have low OBL(OneBount Links). It also has a great SEO planner and provides links to PBN, Web 2.0, and Comment type of links.

Minimum pricing starts here at $50. BlackHat link, here you go.

2. Buy High-quality Backlinks


It takes your Google SERP(Search engine result page) to another level with its SEO expert and low-budget Backlinks. 

It provides High PR(page rank) Backlinks, Site submission, Blog commenting, Article submission, etc. many other options. 

It has high PR backlinks which always range between 5-7 PR, which can explain its quality very well.

Its pricing starts from $12 which is the cheapest it can give. 



Bach is considered to be one of the most famous and popular backlink-buying websites. 

One thing it is unique in is that it provides many ways of paying for your backlinks as it provides you options to use a debit card, credit card, or even PayPal account. has been selling Backlinks for the last 10 years so you can’t doubt their experience. 

It has over 10 million-plus professionals which sell backlinks so you have a lot of options.

it also allows you to sell backlinks on the same platform so you can anyone gain profit from it.

It is so cheap that its pricing starts from $1. can be found here.

4. BacklinksRocket


BacklinksRocket is as powerful as it sounds, BacklinksRocket is one of the most premium quality providers for backlinks on cheap sites. 

Link-building services :

It also provides a campaign for you to easily learn link-building services.

This site not only gives you great quality backlinks but also boosts your search engine ranking just like a rocket. 

It not only gives you a good search engine ranking but also raises your Alexa ranking. Its basic pricing starts at $10 for you.

It can be found at


websites-to-buy-backlinks is a Russian Backlink seller website so before using it, we suggest you add a Chrome language translator extension. 

But anyway if we talk about it, it has the biggest base in the list of “Cheap sites to buy backlinks” with over 50,000+ websites and links to select and use. 

If you think “that is too much, how do we know which is the best?” Then for that.

it has a sorter that filters based on page authority, ranking, outbound Backlinks, etc.

for you to choose the best. too provides many options to pay like PayPal, Bankcard, Web money, Yoo money, etc.

Its basic pricing is $30. Find it here.

6. LinkWheelPro


LinkWheelPro is best known for selling EDU(short form for education) Backlinks of really high quality and affordable cost, also having many choices of over +1000 backlinks. 

EDU Backlinks can easily boost and raise your blog as they are trusted by many.

so this site might come in pretty handy. But make sure to select the good rating one as this website also has both certified and uncertified Backlinks.

Its basic pricing goes to $5 at least for a buy cheap backlinks for your blog. And find it here.

Let’s answer some of the people’s FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) that people mostly doubt.

FAQs For Websites to Buy Backlinks

1. Are buying Backlinks legal?

Of course, it is legal to use websites to buy backlinks. We wrote about it above too in detail. (expand child menu)

2. Does Google Promote them?

Yes, it does promote your blogs if you have Backlinks, instead, your blog becomes more valuable to them as it is more informative with those links.

3. Why do we prefer to buy Backlinks?

We prefer buying Backlinks instead of creating them ourselves because it takes a lot of work to create them. And the Backlinks we buy are high-quality ones.

4. What should be the basic pricing of a Backlink?

A normal Backlink at least costs $15-$20 for selling, anything below this is considered pretty cheap but beyond $100 is considered a costly backlink.

5. How do Backlinks affect my blog and boost my Search Engine ranking?

Backlinks help you to raise your search engine ranking in many ways.

Firstly, a blog with Backlinks is considered more informative than a normally written blog.

And the more Backlinks are in the blog, the more valuable it becomes and catches the eye of famous SEO providers.

6. Why does adding a lot of Backlinks not boost my Search engine ranking more?

Adding too many Backlinks is a mistake. There is a link limit in every Search engine ranking, of every SEO service provider.

any blog which adds Backlinks beyond this limit is considered “spam” by them and the ranking and valuable fall.

So be aware of how many Backlinks you add, don’t get carried out by websites to buy backlinks.

7. How do I sell Backlink successfully?

If you are a seller, then here are some tips for you to sell your Backlinks. Firstly, choose a good backlink-selling website.

you can choose anyone from the above lists, they all are very efficient in that work.

Then, advertise your Backlink everywhere so that more and more people reach the website and buy your Backlink increasing your rating.

And that’s it, if your rating goes pretty above, then you have successfully sold a Backlink.

But make sure to choose a well-known site so that no one doubts your Backlink before buying.

8. By how many methods can I pay for Backlinks?

Backlinks can be bought in many methods of paying depending on the site you are using.

Websites like Sape and have many methods to pay like PayPal accounts, Bank cards, Net banking, etc. other not-so-famous account features.

But most of the other Websites to Buy Backlinks only have the method of net banking to pay.

9. Comparisons of websites to buy backlinks:-

a) Authority Builders VS Loganix

Authority Builders is better than Loganix in Quality Links and prices considering Loganix has high prices.

b) Warrior Forum VS WickedFire

Warrior Forum is a better alternative to WickedFire as it provides experts in other fields too while WickedFire is only an expert in Backlink.

c) Fiverr VS Upwork

Fiverr is a lot better than Upwork as it provides a cheaper amount of backlinks than UpWork and has more quality Backlinks.

d) Sape VS

The shape is better than Backlink as it provides many options does not like a huge base of over 50,000 Backlinks to choose from and all of them are of high quality while Backlinks does not have that much of Backlinks to choose from.

Over To You Websites to Buy Backlinks

Finally, these are some doubts about backlinks cleared and the best websites to buy Backlinks building blog contact in the Backlinks sites, Backlinks Forum sites, Freelancing sites, and Cheap sites(but we seriously don’t recommend them).

The links to all the websites are given in their description so check them out if you liked them. Thanks for reading.

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Best Websites to Buy Backlinks for Your Blog
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