3 Best AI Novel Writing Software 2023 – Write Your Next Novel With AI On Autopilot

Have you ever thought of becoming a great novel writer?

But dropped your idea as you never get proper facilities and time due to your other curricular activities? 

Now, your dreams can be true and you can become a great novelist and a writer.

Do you want to know how?

Come with me and read ahead.

Today in this article you will get to know about some amazing software that will help you to save time and write stories with amazing and new content.

This article is all about AI novel writing software.

Let us start! 

It is software that is used by a writer that helps to organize their scenes and chapters.

This is a new technology that generates content.

The writers come up with unique and new ideas through this software.

The AI novel writing software makes it easier for writers to reach their writing goals on time. 

What Is AI Novel Writing Software?


AI novel writing software tool :

is a beneficial tool for writers, making their work quickly complete and accessible in many ways. 

Artificial intelligence(AI) novel writing tool are programmed to generate original content which seems to be written by humans themselves.

There is free software and paid software, but AI novel writing software is free

This software does not provide as many services as can be seen in the paid subscription.

The fascinating element is that whatever material you create high-quality content with AI software will be SEO optimized automatically.

It comes with many productivity-enhancing writing tool. 

You never have to sit in front of a computer for hours to develop unique content-writing software wrap. 

AI-powered novel writing software options allow us to write long pieces of content ten times faster than before.

We can obtain help from the AI novel writing software to improve our writing tone by selecting Rewrite, Expand, Shorten, Formal, Creative, and Casual. 

3 Best AI Novel Writing Software

1. Jasper [AKA Jarvis – Highly Recommended]


Jasper is the highest-quality AI writing software and copy writing tool.

This is one of the best AI story-writing software finals.

Jasper uses the most advanced GPT-3 technology for creating stories, novels, blogs, social media content, emails, etc. 

The technology GPT-3 is an autoregressive language model which San Francisco created- based on lab OpenAI. 

The Jasper software is supported on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

This AI novel writing software is used by many big companies like Google, HarperCollins, etc. 

Jasper is also used to write short stories, and this uses cloud-based software through which our content is automatically saved.

Jasper uses natural language processing to generate new ai-based content writing for any user within a few minutes.

Jasper writing software has over 1000 plus five-star ratings and many reviews too. 

If a writer wants to create unique and excellent content, this should definitely be used.

Jasper is not free software but can provide a free trial.

Jasper is super easy to use and that makes it perfect for beginners.

They also provide a free 45-minute Bootcamp with tons of videos so you can get the best out of Jasper.

For more information on Jasper AI’s free trial plan, click here!

The free trial link is given below for Jasper AI novel writing software to claim 10,000 characters

Why Should We Use This?

The answer is straightforward:

1. Jasper uses artificial intelligence technology and machine learning which creates optimized content that seems to be written by humans- like for novels, blogs, posts, and much more. 

2. Jasper has an extensive range of 50-plus templates that writers use to create their high level of content. 

3. Jasper is an AI story-writing software available in 25-plus languages, so language is not an issue now for any person. 

4. Jasper, an AI book writing software has access to more than 18 plus tones like convincing, inspirational, etc., through which our content becomes more familiar and unique. 

5. Jasper is straightforward to access and use. 

6. Jasper has many advanced features, one of which is that it allows us to add our voice to whatever we like on our content. 

7. Jasper, an AI book writing software is very user-friendly; anybody can use this without any training and experience. 

Jasper Pricing

1. The starting pack starts at $29 per month for 20 thousand words per month, and this allows us to access all 50 copywriting skills. 

2. The other is an exclusive pack that starts at $59 per month for 50 thousand words per month which allow us to access all 50 skills, SEO mode, plagiarism checker, grammar checker, and many more writing software tools.

2. ShortlyAI Software


Shortly is an AI novel writing software, AI book writing software, and AI story writing software, and is one of the best AI book writers.

This is based on exclusive GPT-3 technology. This software was founded in the year 2020.

This software has numerous latest and outstanding tools which facilitate a writer to create content unique and creative content.

Shortly AI software helps writers to turn their thoughts into well-written paragraphs. 

shortly has Instruct Commands key features through which we can write on any topic and anything we want to write.

Through ShortlyAI, an AI book writing software, a writer can write articles, do copywriting, emails, YouTube video scripts, social media posts, books, novels, and many more. 

shortly is not free software but can provide a free trial.

For more information on the Shortly AI free trial, click here!

The free trial link is given below for ShortlyAI novel writing software

Why Should We Use This?

1. Shortly provides us with excellent work and results, which we want precisely to be. 

2. This AI book writing software helps a person save time and work fast. 

3. shortly, an AI novel writing, also writing software offers a free plan trial test which we can use without any hassle. 

4. ShortlyAI free trial has many helping commands like rewrite, expand, shorten, and instruct our paragraphs through which our content can become most effective.

5. ShortlyAI novel writing software is straightforward to use as even a non-technical person can easily use this software. 

6. ShortlyAI, a book writing software, allows a user to select the output length of the content for their book and novel. 

Shortly AI has dedicated an entire page with videos and text lessons for users to make the best out of it. Click here!

ShortlyAI Pricing

shortly novel writing software has different plans according to time. This has- 

1. Weekly subscription at $81.66 

2. Monthly subscription at $70.58 

3. Yearly subscription at $389.28 

If billed once, the amount paid will be $312.38.

This can be billed annually and can be canceled anytime by the users.

3. Rytr AI Software


This is one of the most acceptable content creator AI novel writing software.

Rytr is an AI book writer, AI that can write stories and catchy and original content.

This software is very user-friendly and reader-friendly software. 

Rytr was launched in April 2021. This AI book writer software is 

founded and led by Abhi Godara, who is a great entrepreneur from San Francisco. 

Rytr stores and manages all the projects and data in one place, which is provided in a simple folder structure.

AI book writer, AI that can write stories, and this software is used for journalism and long-term writers. 

Rytr AI novel writes software has compelling features already inbuilt into it, like an SEO analyzer, grammar checker, plagiarism check, and many more. This also has a reword button.

The free trial link is given below for Rytr AI novel writing software

Why Should We Use This?

1. Rytr has access to 30 plus languages and 30 plus use cases. 

2. Rytr has 20 plus tones which add personality and feel to our content. 

3. Rytr has a ‘continue writing styles’ option to add to our content. 

4. Rytr AI novel writing software content output is generally error-free, plagiarism-free, and with no grammar mistakes. 

5. This has a section that shows the readability score from which we would know how many readers liked our content.

Rytr Pricing

Rytr AI software comes up with different plans. Let us see-

1. This is free at $0 per month to generate 5,000 characters per month in which we can also use all cases and plagiarism checkers. 

2. This plan is named a saver plan in that the price is $9 per month to generate 50,000 characters per month, plus we can have access to customized and new cases.

3. This is the ultimate pack named an unlimited pack, and the pricing is at $29 per month and can generate unlimited characters per month. 

Rytr is an excellent tool with low pricing levels.

If anybody is a blogger with a low budget but wants to use any software, ShortlyAI software might be the best and right choice for him.

Comparison Between 3 Best AI Novel Writing Software

1. We get 99% unique content from Jasper AI, whereas 95% from both ShortlyAI and Rytr AI novel writing software.

2. Jasper AI supports 25 languages, Rytr supports 30 languages, whereas ShortlyAI supports only one language.

3. The output quality of Jasper AI is 9/10, whereas the output quality of ShortlyAI and Rytr AI is 8/10.

4. The ratings are 5/5 for Jasper, whereas 4 / 5 for the other two software are ShortlyAI and Rytr.

5. The three software Jasper, Shortly, and Rytr use AI technology.

FeaturesJarvis AIShortly AIRytr
End Result9/108/107.5/10
Unique Content99%95%95%
SEO FriendlySureferSEO is integratedNoNo
Supported Languages25130
Try NowTry JarvisTry ShortlyAITry Rytr

Why Should We Use AI Writing Software?

A writer uses AI novel writing software to generate new content and uses many tools that help them edit their content and many more. 

There are many reasons we should use this AI software as this helps them get new ideas, use templates, get free plagiarism and grammar checker tools, save a lot of time, and many more. 

This AI novel writing software is not replacing human writing but helping them write more creatively and instantly.

The person who has a lot of other work to do and wants to save time for writing, these 

software is best for them.

Our Recommended Software

We recommend Jasper AI novel writing software.

For more information on Jasper AI free trial, click here!

This helps in new idea generation, editing, articles, blog posts, social media posts, and much more. 

Jasper is the best AI book writer, novel writing AI software, and AI story writing software. 

This is one of the best AI novel writing software with new and trendy writing software tools.

The pricing cost is high but not that much that each one can’t afford it as it provides many features that help a writer enhance their writing.

This software is straightforward to use, and any person needs no user experience before using this application or software.

FAQs For AI Novel Writing Software

1. Name the best and most efficient AI novel writing software. 

Ans. Jasper is one of the best AI novel writing software to make content straightforward and quick within minutes. 

2. Is the content created through this AI novel writing software grammatically correct and plagiarism free? 

Ans. Yes, the content created by this AI novel writing software like Jasper is mostly plagiarism free and grammatically correct.

3. What facilities does this AI novel writing software provide?

Ans. Artificial Intelligence (AI) software, through these, AI writing tool, we can write novels, articles, poems, short stories, music, grammatical and plagiarism checkers, editing features, thousands of templates, and many other features.

Conclusion Ai Novel Writing

The best AI novel writing software is Jasper.

It is the best and most capable choice for many writers as it comes up with many features and creates qualified content quickly that a writer most importantly needs. 

This software is relatively new, and these are for people who want to save time and want to fulfill their dreams within minutes should use it. 

This AI novel writing software is best known for blogs, novel writing content, and social media platforms to write something new and unique on posts, articles, etc.

If you also want to know about AI Story Generator, Then you can read this article “https://guideblogging.com/ai-story-generator/

I hope you liked the information provided here, and if you found the information helpful and unique, do share it. 🙂

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