Bluehost Vs Dreamhost 2024 – Which Is Best Hosting In 2024?

In today’s time, there is too much competition with similar products flooding the internet.

The common dilemma the consumers face is to pick the best of the lot.

One such confusion arises when one is encountered picking between DreamHost and BlueHost.

Suppose you are one of those confused souls and want a BlueHost Vs DreamHost 2024 comparison, fear not.

This article will provide just the correct information you need. 

We will explore Bluehost Vs Dreamhost comparison; their features, Bluehost pricing, DreamHost pricing, and many other elements. 

Keep on reading to form a constructive idea regarding the best web hosting companies for your needs.


There are thousands available on the internet for web hosting companies.

All the companies offer more or less similar features and claim to be the best among the rest. 

One big dilemma that consumers encounter is which one they should rely on?

Which one is genuinely the best? Which is best for my usage? 

Although there are a lot of companies, you must have narrowed down your research to the two most well-known and budget-friendly hosting companies – BlueHost DreamHost

If you are in a rush and cannot afford to read through the entire article, here is a quick full comparison for you. 

After a detailed analysis Wix pricing of the two hosting providers, we concluded that when it concerned price, speed, and uptime, DreamHost performed better than BlueHost.

when it was to the user interface, convenience, and customer support, Bluehost surpassed DreamHost. 

Both have their pros and cons. Your work usage determines the hosting provider you should rely on.

About Bluehost Shared Hosting Company

BlueHost is a Hosting web company whose idea was first conceived in 1996.

It officially started in 2003. The Endurance International Group owns BlueHost.

This company hosts more than 2 million domains.

Among all the hosting companies available, BlueHost marks its place among the most significant 20. 

Among big names, BlueHost hosts platforms like WordPress and WooCommerce.

It also does VPS hosting and dedicated hosting as well.

About Dreamhost Shared Hosting Company

DreamHost is a web hosting provider.

It is based in Los Angeles. It has been working efficiently in the market for many years before BlueHost.

It was founded in 1996, and in 1997, Michael Rodriguez registered it. DreamHost hosts more than 1.5 million analysis weebly domains with half a million global customers.

Dreamhost shared hosting plans offer different hosting. To name a few, it does WordPress and VPS hosting. 

FEATURES – Bluehost Vs Dreamhost

The features given in both BlueHost vs DreamHost are very similar, with minute differences here and there. Let us discuss the features and make a little comparison. 


Both Bluehost Vs Dreamhost provide Bluehost Shared Hosting.

This means multiple other websites are being hosted alongside yours.

If you are running a blog, a small business, or a designer of some sort, you can rely on DreamHost. 

Both come with numerous hosting plans. You can get yourself the one that best suits your requirement.

2. Domain Name

By domain, we mean the digital address of your site. 

Upon purchasing a hosting plans of 12 months, both companies will offer you a free domain name registration.

You have to pay the renewal fee for your domain name after the completion of one year.

If you have a pre-existing domain name, then no issues. Buy your preferred hosting plans and register your domain. 

3. Number of Websites

Both companies offer the same number of websites at the initial stage. 

web hosting :

Both Bluehost vs Dreamhost will offer one hosting website with the primary and cheapest hosting plans.

If you want unlimited websites, you have to buy the Shared Un.

In the case of DreamHost, you have to buy the Shared Unlimited plan to access unlimited websites.

For BlueHost, any plan apart from the Basic plan will give you access to unlimited websites.

4. Storage Space

DreamHost wins by a significant margin here. 

DreamHost offers you unlimited storage regardless of the plan you purchase.

Most hosting providers make the same offer with their higher costing plans. bluehost dreamhost is one such.

With Bluehost’s Basic plan, you get a storage capacity of 50 GB.

You have to buy their higher costing plans for unlimited storage like the Plus plan or Choice Plus plan. 

5. Bandwidth

Unmetered bandwidth is a feature provided in both BlueHost vs DreamHost.

Bandwidth refers to the data transferred from your website to the user’s device. 

Bandwidth is measured by the number of people visiting your page. The more visits you have, the more bandwidth you will use.

Since there is no limit to bandwidth with both providers, you do not have to worry about it. 

6. Control Panel 

A control panel is a component that allows you to make changes in the setting of the web hoster. 

Bluehost uses the standard control panel called the cPanel. Since cPanel is used, people are more familiar with cPanel.

It is also easier to navigate for the accustomed eyes. 

On the other hand, DreamHost uses its control panel, the Bespoke control panel.

Bespoke is user-friendly. You will have no trouble learning it if you are new to web creation.

If you are someone familiar with cPanel, then it might be a little troubling to get the hang of it in the Bluehost vs dreamhost control panel. 

7. SSL Certificate

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is needed for security purposes.

It makes online communications safe and secure.

In recent times encryptions have played a vital role. Words have moved from HTTP to HTTPS for that reason. SSL-secured connections over HTTPS.

Both BlueHost and DreamHost provide you with an ALL certificate Let’s Encrypt

If you do not prefer a free SSL Certificate, you can get one from anywhere and apply for it in either BlueHost or DreamHost.

8. CDN (Content Delivery Network)

To put it simply, CDN is needed for speed. Users always want websites to work smoothly without lag.

A fast website appeals to the users and helps with SEO.

Both bluehost vs dreamhost come with CDN with free and paid plans. 

Performance – Dreamhost Vs Bluehost

When talking about the elements responsible for the performance, it narrows down to two factors- Uptime and Speed.


Uptime is the duration of time your website performs well without any lag.

It gets very unprofessional and annoying when you visit a site that is unavailable or down.

A non-functioning website affects your traffic and leaves a bad taste in the user’s mouth.

You always want to have excellent uptime.

Though bluehost vs dreamhost have competitive features, even a slight difference is too much regarding uptime.

BlueHost offers an uptime of about 99.98%.

It sounds pretty impressive, doesn’t it, except it is not compared to other reputed web hosting providers. 

99.98% uptime means your website will be unavailable or down for around 8 mins 45 secs in a month, and annually it adds up to 1 hr. 45 mins.

When it comes to DreamHost, it performs way better than BlueHost.

DreamHost has an uptime of 99.99%.

This data means in one month, your website will be down for around 4 mins 22 secs, and annually it will add up to 52 mins 35 secs.

DreamHost gives you a 100% uptime guarantee.

This means they do their best to provide you with the best service. 

And in times if your website is not working, you can claim a refund for the time your site was unavailable. 


Speed is the time taken by our website to load.

The faster the speed, the better the user experience. 

DreamHost wins this round as well. 

BlueHost offers a loading speed of 0.72 secs.

No doubt this is fast, but it is nothing compared to DreamHost.

DreamHost comes with a loading speed of 0.26 secs. Excellent!

3. User Experience

Both dreamhost vs bluehost perform well when it comes to user experience. 

User experience is judged on numerous factors like user interface, Dreamhost-managed WordPress hosting, control panel, dashboards, and many other elements.

First, let us talk about BlueHost.

BlueHost is user-friendly.

It uses the standard cPanel, which makes it easy on the eyes of the already accustomed users.

The dashboard is pretty neat and easy to read.

Therefore, you will face difficulty traversing through the system.

It has a drag-and-drop feature for the WordPress site, which in my opinion, is of great convenience. 

The one thing that you might find a little irritating is the constant encouragement to buy additional features.

Do not get fooled by this. Purchase things that you require. If you are doing well with the pre-existing features, you need to buy extras.

Now let’s come to DreamHost.

The process of signing up in DreamHost is easy and quick.

As mentioned earlier, DreamHost uses its control Panel called Bespoke. 

Bespoke is easy to understand and works very well with new users.

But if you are familiar with cPanel, it might give you a hard time navigating it.

Like Blue Heart, DreamHost has a drag-and-drop and a one-click WordPress installation feature.

Making websites from scratch is also made easy here.

If you are an experienced person and are familiar with making websites, DreamHost is better in this choice of bluehost vs dreamhost user experience. The interphase is best suited for experts. 

4. Customer Support

BlueHost clearly when it concerns Customer Support. 

Customer support is essential.

Sometimes, we get stuck in a technical problem or find ourselves lost and confused in interphase. 

During these times, we need someone to assist us in solving our problems.

Both dreamhost vs bluehost provides 24/7 customer support. But there is a difference.

BlueHost comes with ample customer support options. You can Live Chat, Call, and Email. Contact the customer service team at any time of the day, and you will be assisted with expertise. 

There might be a slight delay, as they deal with multiple customers at a time. Therefore, have some patience. Your help is on the way.

Talking about DreamHost, Live Chat is provided for everyone to use, but the response time is not guaranteed.

If you pay for the Call Back feature, you can instantly avail of the live chat.

If you wish to make a call, you have to pay extra.

In short, customer support in DreamHost is a hassle.

5. Cancellation Service

While using BlueHost, if you find it unsatisfactory, you can get your money back under the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Keep note that this money-back guarantee is only applicable for hosting plans Dreamhost. 

The money you spent on the domain names or the cost you paid for add-ons will not be refunded.

DreamHost, on the other hand, has a 97-day money-back guarantee.

Like BlueHost, the refund applies to the hosting plans, excluding domain names and other services.

With DreamHost, there is another benefit. If you wish to cancel your service after you have crossed the 97 days mark, it will refund the amount of the hosting plans you have left unused.

Pricing Comparison – Bluehost Vs Dreamhost

DreamHost comes at the minimum price of $2.59 per month for the Shared Starter pack, and the Shared Unlimited plan comes for $3.95 per month.

Here you can look at the prices and the features that come along.

BlueHost comes with an array of plan options. See below for the details.

To visit the official site for the price, click here

Unlike DreamHost, the minimum duration you need to subscribe is one year. The plans of BlueHost are a little confusing, though. 

If you enlist for three years, you can save a few bucks for both hosting providers. 

Once your initial plan expires, you will be charged a little more every month. 

If you are looking for a long-term value-for-money package, you should go for the DreamHost plans. 

Best About Bluehost Over Dreamhost

Both companies have competitive features.

Here are some parts of BlueHost that shine over DreamHost.

  • BlueHost is user-friendly. Control panels are essential for web hosting. Bluehost uses cPanel, which is familiar to most users. 
  • Customer Support is a 10/10 for Bluehost. You do not need to pay extra for calls. All the features like live chat, rings, and emails are given with any plan. 
  • Security in Bluehost is better.
  • Though both of them come with SSL, upon paying $30, BlueHost provides you with an automatic malware detector along with a Google blacklist monitor.

Best About Dreamhost Over Bluehost

  • The prices in DreamHost are less and cost-effective in the long run. Suppose you go for the three years subscription for $2.59/ month. If you want a short-term plan, you can go for the monthly amount of $1.99.
  • With Managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting,  Dreamhost Shared Hosting plans, and many others similar to BlueHost, DreamHost provides you with Cloud storage, meaning you can host on multiple server response. 
  • Storage with DreamHost is unlimited.
  • Regardless of the plan you buy, you get unlimited storage. With BlueHost, you have to purchase plans with higher price values to unlock unlimited storage. 
  • Uptime is better in DreamHost. Here uptime is 99.99% and comes with a back guarantee. Uptime in BlueHost is 99.98% (1 hr. 45 mins annual unavailability).
  • Dream Host’s 99.99% uptime means your website will be unavailable for 52 mins 35 secs in a year. 
  • Speed is incredible in DreamHost. The loading speed is 0.26 secs compared to BlueHost, which gives you a loading speed of 0.72 secs.

FAQs – Bluehost Vs Dreamhost

Q. Is BlueHost better than DreamHost?

Both these hosting providers excel in some category or the other. Consider your priorities, then buy the best one.

Q. How much storage will I get with DreamHost and BlueHost?

With BlueHost, 50GB of storage with the minimum cost plan. With DreamHost, you get unlimited storage irrespective of the plan you purchase. 

Q. Which is a better option for beginners? Bluehost Vs Dreamhost?

BlueHost is a better choice for beginners.

Q. Which offers better pricing, DreamHost or BlueHost?

DreamHost is a better option if you are looking for a value-for-money long-term package.

Q. Can I claim my money back in BlueHost or DreamHost if I don’t like the facility?

You can. To know more, visit the ‘Pricing Comparison‘ section above.

Over To You

Both Bluehost Vs Dreamhost is affordable hosting providers. Each of them comes with some unique features.

The features of both providers are similar and competitive, which makes it difficult for a user to pick the best.

To understand the best option for you, you have to go through its features and match its prices with your budget.

Both are excellent choices—no doubt about that. But before subscribing to any, go through the features and then proceed.

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