Top 10 Free Directory Submission Sites Lists 2023 – With High Domain Authority & Low Spam Score

Are you searching for the best free directory submission site lists with high domain authority in 2023?

If YES, you’re on the right web page.

If you want to build a high-traffic website in this highly competitive digital age, then you cannot rely on just one strategy.

You have to try every single thing for a better ranking of your blog.

You must have always heard from pro bloggers saying that if you are struggling to increase traffic then focus on SEO.

It sounds very easy to hear, but in order to generate more traffic, you need a lot of quality backlinks.

High authority free directory submission sites help you a lot in generating these quality links.

In this article, I am going to discuss some of the top free directory submission sites with the help of which

you can build high-quality links for your blog and increase the exposure of your blog in 2023.

What Are Directory Submission Sites?

Directory submission sites are a kind of websites that have information about specific categories of sites.

In other words, Directory Submission is a process of adding your website URL to many web directories (websites).

It is one of the off-page SEO techniques and a great way of backlink building.

You can increase your DA (domain authority) by submitting your website’s URL to these high DA (domain authority) & low spam score directory submission sites.

It will help you to get more website exposure, better ranking, and more organic traffic from google search engines if you keep doing this regularly.

Types Of Directory Submission

directory submission is a great way to build up backlinks.

There are several types of directory submissions.

Here are the main types of directory submissions.

1. Free directory submission:

There are many free web directory submission sites but there is no guarantee of approval of your link by the administrator and also you have to wait for a long time for approval.

2. Paid directory submission:

In this type of submission, the owner of the directories site charges you but with this type, you will get fast backlinks.

Some directories sites also offer annual or lifetime submission packages.

3. Dofollow directory submission:

If you want to increase the ranking of your blog and organic traffic from search engines, then dofollow directories will be very helpful for you.

Dofollow backlinks help in getting a high ranking and increasing your blog’s traffic.

4. Nofollow directory submission:

The use of Nofollow directory submission is becoming controversial day by day.

Would you consider submitting your website to the nofollow directory submission?

5. Automatic directory submission:

You can submit your website to directories by using tools and software.

6. Manual directory submission:

In this type, you need to do directory submission manually.

7. Niche directory submission:

These are the directories that include blogs, scripts, web hosting companies, SEO companies, etc. All niche directories are dedicated to specific categories.

8. Reciprocal Regular Web Directory Submission:

In this type of directory submission, you need to submit a reciprocal link to your site after activating the sites web directory link.

Then only the administrator will approve your site’s link.

Tip: The more quality backlinks you build, the more your website’s ranking and visibility will increase in the search engine.

Why Should You Submit Your Blog To Directory Submission Sites?

If you want a better ranking in Google’s search results, then you have to do SEO on your blog.

Directory submission is one of the off-page SEO techniques and a great way of backlink building.

There are plenty of benefits to having your site listed in popular directories. Some of the benefits are listed below;

1. Fast indexing of pages and blog posts:

Bloggers often have to face indexing and crawling issues.

If your site is listed in top directories then search engines can easily find your website for crawling and indexing.

2. Higher Link Popularity:

The number of quality backlinks is also considered a ranking factor by search engines.

And one of the main benefits of directory submission is that directory submission gives required quality backlinks to your website.

This is a very easy way to build links for your website.

3. Higher Search Engine Rankings:

Listing your website or blog in top directories gives enough exposure and you can boost your site’s ranking by building backlinks.

4. Generate high traffic:

The targeted and high traffic of popular directories can be diverted to your site.

5. Increase brand awareness:

By listing your website in top directories, your brand will get more exposure which helps increase brand awareness.

Top 10 Free Directory Submission Sites 2023

Directory Submission Sites

For directory submission, always choose only those sites whose domain authority is high and whose spam score is very low.

You can use the Moz Link Explorer tool to check spam scores and DA.

I have seen many such directory submission sites whose spam score is 40 out of 100 or more.

Stay away from such directory submission sites, otherwise, you could end up building bad backlinks for your website.

I have compiled a list of the top 10 directory submission sites for you.

These are all high-DA directory submission sites, so you can safely submit your blogs on them.

Quick Note: I have used domain authority (DA) and spam score as the metrics to write this article.

And I have included only those directories in this list whose DA is more than 25 and whose spam score is less than 5 out of 100.

Top 10 Free Directory Submission Domain Authority Access Link
Entireweb Directory(DA 52)Click Here 41)Click Here 41)Click Here 36)Click Here 34)Click Here 32)Click Here (DA 32)Click Here 28)Click Here (DA 27)Click Here (DA 25)Click Here

How To Join Directory Submission Sites To Submit Your Blog For Free?

Here’s the step-by-step method of directory submission:

Step 1: Choose the best directory submission site that you think relates to your website.

Step 2: Then select the most appropriate category for your post that relates to your post.

Step 3: After that, click on the selected category.

Step 4: Select the relevant sub-category and click the submit link to submit your content or click on add article in the section.

Step 6: Provide the required details like URL, title, and description and you are done with the submission.

Tips to Consider While Doing Directory Submission

While submitting your site to directories, you have to follow some important guidelines.

Here are some important tips that you can follow during directory submission.

1. Always do manual submission to each directory or use the services of manual directory submission service providers only.

Never you automated directory submission tools.

2. Before directory submission, check whether the directory itself is indexed in search engines or not.

Because if the directory itself is not indexed then there is no point in getting listed in it.

3. Always target important terms like your main keyword, brand name, exact match domain name, LSI keywords, etc. in the titles and descriptions.

4. Always submit to different types of directories like niche, general, country-specific, and premium directories.

5. Don’t rely only on directory submission for link building. Use other ink-building tactics like guest posting, social bookmarking, etc. along with directory submission.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Directory Submission Sites

There are certain do’s and don’ts of directory submission. Here are some of the important dos and don’ts of directory submission.

(i) Always submit the website and content to relevant and reputed online directories.

(ii) Submission of the website and other content must be done under appropriate categories and sub-categories.

(iii) Don’t submit your website to directories having high spam scores.

(iv) Make sure the details like website/article title, URL, description, and other details are correct.

(v) Do not submit in online directories that ask for links from your website or ask to put up their banners.

Pros And Cons Of Directory Submission Sites


  • Increase the traffic of your site
  • Backlinks building
  • More exposure to your site
  • Instant indexing
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Increase brand awareness


  • Paid directory submissions are expensive
  • Easy but competitive link-building method
  • Slower process
  • Directory submissions are not always effective

FAQs About Directory Submission Sites In 2023

What are the best free directory submission sites for SEO in 2023?

Some of the popular directory submission sites are; Entireweb Directory,,,,

What’s the benefit of submitting your blog to top directories?

Directory submission is one of the off-page SEO techniques and a great way of backlink building.

There are plenty of benefits of having your site listed in popular directories like instant indexing, better ranking, high traffic, etc.

Does directory submission still work in 2023?

Yes, directory submission sites are still a good way to increase the exposure of your blog and SEO in 2023.

Final Thoughts About Directory Submission Sites

Undoubtedly, directory submission sites with good domain authority (DA) and low spam scores can help you boost your ranking and increase the exposure of your blog.

I hope that you will submit your blog to these top directories in 2023 to increase the SEO of your blog.

What do you think about directory submission sites?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to share the article.

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