How To Download YouTube Videos In Desktop and Mobile In 60 Seconds? (Steps By Steps Guide)

With millions of visitors watching trillions of videos per day, YouTube has enthused the world population with its unique content and quality of phenomenon.

Thus, in the modern era, it is somewhat mandatory to know how to download YouTube videos so that you can enjoy these videos offline.

You can decide the format in which you want to download YouTube videos.

So, before you learn how to download youtube videos, you must know that you can even download the audio of any video and save your memory space.

In that scenario, you are required to alter the YouTube content into an MP3 format.

So, let us figure out how to download youtube videos.

How To Download YouTube Videos

How To Download Youtube Videos Online?

Let us discuss how to download YouTube videos online without any hazards.

Just follow the steps given below, and you will find out for yourself that how to download youtube videos was such a petty issue!

1. First, find the best tool for YouTube video download.

We would recommend 4K Download, and then it is your choice that should stand at the end of the day.

2. Then after selecting the YouTube video download tool, go to the video you want to download.

3. At the top, you will get the link to the YouTube video; copy that link.

4. Then paste the link you have copied in the space provided in that YouTube video download tool.

5. Then you will get an option called Start.

Press on that, and your video will start downloading.

Now, you can alter the format in which you can install the YouTube video.

These options will only be available after you paste the full link of the video in the box provided by that tool.

You will find various options, including FLV, SWF, HTML5, WEBM, AVI, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, and many more.

So, your question about how to download YouTube videos online has been answered.

How To Download Youtube Videos Directly?

It is not mandatory to install a YouTube downloader tool to download a YouTube video in offline mode.

Here are some of the ways via which you can get your job done without any external text tools

1. Choose the video on YouTube you are willing to download in a new window.

2. Now, you just need to type two “s” before the statement saying and just after the “www”

3. Then you will be guided to a site that will allow you to download that YouTube video free of cost and free of trouble.

4. There are bound to be thousands of sites granting you to download your YouTube video for free.

The moment to select one, you will find that you have landed on that site.

5. That site will have your URL written automatically.

Thus, now you only need to press on the Download key, and then the video will start to download.

6. You will also get the freedom to choose the video standards according to your preferences.

After that, you will find your YouTube video available on your device within a minimal period.

How To Download Youtube Videos On Laptop?

So, how to download YouTube videos on a laptop is our next challenge.

Let us talk about the ways via which you will know how to download youtube videos on the laptop so that you can enjoy the extensive screening of the laptop every time you play those videos.

1. There is an app called YTD Video Downloader, which you need to install.

2. Using the browser, select the video on YouTube you wish to save.

3. Copy the YouTube video’s address and then paste that address into the space provided in the URL of YTD.

4. That file will be there in MP4 format by default. By default, the location will be your documents file on your laptop.

YTD permits you to alter the saving location of your video.

You can obtain this by pressing the “Save to” option, which is just below the Download quality option.

5. Now press on the Download key, which is there in YTD.

So, that’s it.

You can see in the folder where you decided to keep your video that your YouTube video is present there!

Thus, the next time someone asks you how to download youtube videos on a laptop, you should be able to provide all the details.

A.Ways To Download Videos On Youtube With Browser Add-ons

Now, when you are wondering how to download YouTube videos, you might prefer a solution where you need no other intermediate to download the YouTube videos.

Thus, you can access add-ons to curb this problem.

1. Now there is a wide range of options when it comes to downloading YouTube videos through add-ons.

Safari, Firefox, and Chrome are a few of the big names in this regard. You just need to pick the add-on you feel is apt for you and to find it you can easily search terms like “Best chrome extension for [purpose]”.

Addon Crop > For all types of browsers

2. Step two in this matter is to install the add-on. This is easiest when you are using Opera.

All one requires to do is just start the Opera app and press the ‘Add to Opera’ button.

Just note that you have to ensure that you install the required add-on for the current browser you’re using.

Otherwise, they will not function.

3. Now, search for that YouTube video you want to install. If you have your add-on ready, you will get several options when you select the YouTube video.

You now need to click on the option which says Quick Download, and then that YouTube video starts installing on your device.

4. One note you must be cautious about is selecting the proper format in which you want your video.

This is because most add-ons provide you with a plethora of choices in this regard.

B.Ways To Download A Youtube Video Using A VLC Player

Now, we have discussed how to download YouTube videos on the laptop, so let us move on and talk about the ways via which you can download YouTube videos on your device using a VLC player

1. Start YouTube on your device, and then search for the video you want to install.

2. Copy the address of that video

3. Now, you need to select the VLC Player.

4. Now you need to look for the Media option and select it.

5. So, if you are a Windows OS user, click on Open Network Stream available on VLC Player.

But if you are a MAC user, go to the Open Network choice through the File menu.

6. Now, in the text editor space available, just paste the full address of the YouTube video you wish to see in the offline mode.

7. Now, you have your desired video on VLC, and you can play it anytime by pressing the play key.

8. Then, press on the ‘Tools’ menu on the right-side part at the top. There you will find ‘codec information as an option.

The ‘CTRL + J’ command is an alternative to the ‘codec details’ menu.

9. You will then see that one window has opened.

10. You must copy the video’s information in the lower portion of the page’s location text box.

For the ones using Windows, the process given is very easy.

11. Now, after pasting the URL, you need to save that video.

12. Finally, you will find that the video has been downloaded in MP4 format.

The name of that video will be “video playback” by default.

How Can You Download Videos On Youtube With A Virtual Desktop?

Now, we have discussed how to download YouTube videos, but we have not addressed the topic of how to obtain that by using a virtual desktop.

So, let us talk about it now.

1. First, visit YouTube and search for the video you are willing to download. Then click on the enter key so that the video will start to play.

2. Now, you need to type the letters “vd” after the www but in front of YouTube, in the video url, the same as you did with the upper one method.

3. After this step, you are required to press the enter key. Now, you will find that a website named Django has opened.

This site will help you download the necessary YouTube video.

4. Now, you need to select the format type and the quality of that video on VDYouTube will grant all these choices.

After this, you can move forward.

5. Finally, all you are asked to do is press the download key, lay back, and wait for a few moments for the video to be downloaded successfully.


You can directly download it by installing ByClick Software.

How To Download Youtube Videos In Mobile?

Now, downloading YouTube videos on a mobile phone can be a little complicated.

But don’t worry, here we have provided you with the solution to how to download YouTube videos on mobile.

  • There is an app known as Institute for android users. This application is superb in removing your headache about how to download YouTube videos. This app comes free of cost.

Now, if you are an Apple user, this app will not work on your device. So, don’t try this one in that case.

  • Another answer to your question on how to download YouTube videos on mobile is by purchasing a premium available on YouTube.
  • This plan comes at $11.99 every month. The main perk of selecting the mentioned plan is that it makes downloading videos very simple and safe.

After this, you can carry your favorite YouTube videos in your pockets or purses, and they can entertain you anywhere and anytime, regardless of the internet connection.

Is It Ethical To Download A Video From Youtube?

So, we have vividly discussed the various ways via which you can download YouTube videos.

So, the part about how to download youtube videos from the YouTube app is clear to us.

Now, let us find out if it is legal to download YouTube videos in the first place.

YouTube’s Terms of Service are relatively basic in terms of what the visitors to its website are allowed and what the visitors are restricted from.

So, we cannot deny that downloading YouTube videos without proper grants is not legal from YouTube’s perspective.

There are specific videos available on YouTube which are devoid of loyalty, and YouTube allows you to download them.

But then again, if you are just downloading those videos and keeping them for yourself with no other intentions, then you don’t need to worry about these restrictions.

You can download any video you want. Just be careful while using it for other purposes.

So, we have discussed all the possible ways in which you can download the videos you like on YouTube.

But, just be a bit cautious about any suspicious folder that opens up while downloading a YouTube video.

It can harm your device.

How To Download Youtube Videos Online -FAQs

1. Can you suggest the best method to download videos from YouTube?

Now, this will vary according to your compatibility.

But in general, 4K Video Download is preferred over the rest in case you wish to download videos from YouTube on the desktop.

But, if you wish to install videos from the YouTube app on your cell phone, then you should go for YouTube premium.

But if you are not willing to pay for downloading videos, you can opt for Institute.

2. What kind of soundtrack should you prefer when you are making a YouTube video?

See, YouTube is one of the best platforms to showcase your inner talents and bring out the performer in you.

But you must be cautious not to take its rules and regulations for granted.

Thus, one should prefer using music that does not go against the policies of YouTube.

If you are using someone else’s track, make it a point to give image credit to that person in your video.

3. Why is it recommended to use the YouTube premium plan to install YouTube videos?

The YouTube premium plan lets you download YouTube videos safely and hassle-free.

If you go for this plan, then you don’t need to worry about diverting from the guidelines set by YouTube.

Another reason for opting for this plan is that the YouTube premium plan offers to download videos of very appreciable quality.

It also protects your device from virus attacks while downloading that video.

Over To You

So, now we have come to the end of our discussion on how to download YouTube videos.

You have gained substantial knowledge about downloading YouTube videos from this article.

So, without wasting any more time pondering how to download YouTube videos, get your YouTube video in offline mode and relish your leisure time in a more productive and hazard-free manner.

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