How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India (2024) – (Step By Step Guide)

If you are looking for an answer on how to start affiliate marketing in India, then you are in the right place

In this guide, I’ll teach you how to start Affiliate Marketing in India and find the right products for your audience

and which will help you generate affiliate commission

I’ll show you how to promote products in a way that people will thank you for the time

and effort you put in to help them make a buying decision.

So let’s get started

What is Affiliate Marketing?

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India

Affiliate marketing india is performance-based marketing where you will earn a commission of up to (50%) on each and every product

whenever a customer buys the product on your recommendation.

It is an advertising model and one of the best and easiest ways to make money online…

And The Best Part?

  • You don’t need any experience
  • You don’t need enough budget
  • You don’t need any inventory
  • You don’t need any tech skills

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate Marketing Works In Just 3 Simple Steps

Step #1: Join Affiliate Networks & Get Your Affiliate Link

Whenever you want to start your own affiliate marketing in India your first step is to join top affiliate networks like Clickbank, jvzoo digestive, and warrior plus.

and Find high affiliate programs converting affiliate offers based on your niche

Step #2: Create High Converting Landing or Squeeze Page

Once you will get your affiliate link you need to create a landing page or squeeze page for promoting an affiliate offers

Step #3: Send traffic to your landing page & Make the Commission

Now you can send quality traffic to your landing page from social media or paid traffic (google or Facebook ads )

When someone will buy through your affiliate link you will make an affiliate commission again and again…

Who Can Start Affiliate Marketing In India?

Anyone can be an affiliate marketer. But to be a successful one will take time and effort.

It’s the skill, experience, and amount of time you invest in the work that determines if you can be successful in it or not.

This doesn’t mean you have to be available online all the time.

All you will need is a product to sell and the ability to sell them to many potential buyers and make a commission

How Much Money Will You Need to Start affiliate marketing?

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you just need to use various tools like

1. Domain (Must)

2. Hosting (Must)

3. Landing Page Builder (Must)

4. Autoresponder (Must But Not Day One)

5. Tracking Tool(Must But Not Day One)

But you do not need them on day one.

Even you can use free tools at the beginning, and reinvest your gross earnings to get the paid versions of the tools.

But trust me, the free tools can work just fine If you just started.

It’s not the tools that define your worth as an affiliate but your content that convinces people to buy the product.

So If you have a minimum of 5k-20k K in your hand you can start your affiliate marketing journey…

How Much Do Affiliate Marketers Make?

On average, a person who is doing affiliate marketing in India can make up to 40,000 per month in Indian rupees.

You can earn even more if you could invest more time & effort.

but there is no limitation on it…

Many top affiliates in India are making $10000 per month or even more just doing affiliate marketing

Even I am making $10,000 per month through affiliate marketing as mentioned screenshot below

If I can do it then you can do it too

This is entirely performance-based, and you will receive an income on a commission basis.

All that matters is how many people are convinced by your work to buy the product or service.

Tools Requirement to do Affiliate Marketing

To be a great how much affiliate marketers earn in india,

You will need to use all these tools.

Utilize these tools to the maximum to build your business.

Tool Requirement RecommendationPaid/Free Access Link
DomainNamecheapPaid Click Here
HostingHostingerPaidClick Here
BluehostPaidClick Here
Rocket.NetPaidClick Here
A2HostingPaidClick Here
Landing Page BuilderElementorFree/paidClick Here
Systeme.IoFree/PaidClick Here
ClickFunnels 14 Days Free Trial Click Here
GrooveFunnels Free/ Paid Click Here
Autoresponder GetresponsePaidClick Here
ActiveCampaignPaidClick Here
Mail ChimpFree /Paid Click Here
Tracking ToolClickMagic 14 Days Free TrialClick Here
BemobFree/PaidClick Here

What is The Top Affiliate Networks?

These are the top affiliate networks of 2024.

Try to associate with them to build an affiliated career.



3. Jvzoo

4. warrior plus

5. CJ Affiliate

6. Amazon associates

7. Awin


Proven Blueprint for Doing Affiliate Marketing

If you want to do affiliate marketing In India affiliate marketing and want to generate affiliate commission on autopilot then…

You must follow 3 Step Proven Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Step #1: Find High Converting Affiliate Offers & Get Your Link

Step #2: Build/Create High Converting Landing Page

Step #3: Find Quality Traffic Source & Drive Traffic To Your Landing Page

That is what you have to do every time whenever you want to promote an affiliate offers…Nothing Else

Let me explain each step In detail…

  1. Affiliate Offers & Get Your Link

So now the question comes to your mind

How To Find High Converting Offers? am I right?

Let me take you into detail

Whenever you want to find high-converting offers…

Here is what you need to do…

1. Join Top Affiliate Networks ShareASale, ClickBank, Jvzoo WarriourPlus, CJ affiliate, Amazon associates, Awin, digestive

How to Join JVZoo Platform –

First, visit the “JVZoo Sign-Up Page

Then fill up all the details asked in the form as shown in the image below-:


2nd Step now verifies your mail.


the last step is now to link your payment method to which is suitable for you.

Supported payment methods by JVZoo are shown below


How to Join ClickBank Platform –

Follow the video given below from CLICKBANK OFFICIAL

Now, you’re good to go with the account, and let’s move over to finding the BEST PRODUCT TO PROMOTE 🙂

2. Go to the offers section and Find out those offers which have a high conversion rate (8-10%+) and less refund rate(1-3%)

or higher gravity score or popularity and less refund rate…

To go to the OFFER SECTION follow the steps given below-:

Click on the “Affiliate” section given in the sidebar >> then click on “Find Products”

1. Conversion Rate: Out of 100 clicks how many conversion happens

For example, if you will get 8 conversions from 100 clicks, your conversion rate would be 8%, since 8 ÷ 1,00 = 8%

Refund Rate: Out of 100 purchases how many customers refund the product

For example, if 100 customers bought a product and 8 customers refunded the product so your refund rate would be 8%, since 8 ÷ 1,00 = 8%

Gravity Score: It is a performance metric used to measure the sales momentum of offers on the ClickBank affiliate marketplace.

ClickBank Gravity Score calculates how many unique affiliates are making commissions on a particular offer

So higher gravity on any offers means more and more affiliates have picked them up and they are making crazy money

3. Once you will find a high converting offer based on a higher conversion rate and gravity score and less refund rate

Then request or ask permission vendor like how you are going to promote their offer and how you will drive traffic to their offer

and get your affiliate link.

To get your affiliate link for any specific product follow these steps-:

First, click on “Request Approval”

Now Enter your message over the box.

Tick the “I have read and followed any instructions in the vendor’s message above.” box

Verify Capture >> Click on “Request Approval”

Now I hope now you understand how to find high-converting affiliate offers and get your affiliate link…

Let me move further

And guide content marketing you on how to create high converting Landing Page

Step #2: Build/Create High Converting Landing Page

Whenever you want to create High Converting Landing Page

Firstly you need to signup for Landing Page Builder as

1. Elementor

2. System.Io

3. ClickFunnels

4. GrooveFunnels

5. LeadPage

Once you will sign up for the landing page builder

Then you need to either use they’re done for the template to design your landing page or you can start from scratch…

Here is The Element Need to Use to Make High Converting Landing Page

● Always use the attention-grabbing headline to express to people what the product is about

● Make sub-headlines look engaging, they should attract the audience to read your entire content

● Always tell about the benefit of the product instead of the product feature

● Add Product Demo Video (How It Works)

● Provide social proof that the product is beneficial

● Add a call to action button (add your affiliate link) on your landing page so that the audience can easily buy the product

● Must Include pros and cons about the product…

● Must add a legal page like privacy policy and earning disclaimer and terms and conditions and refund policy etc

This is how you can use this element to make your high-converting landing page

Step #3: Drive High-Quality Traffic To Your Website

What are the Top Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketers?

Affiliate marketing is performance-based; the more visitors you send out as buyers, the more you get paid.

There are 2 types of traffic you can use to drive traffic

1. Free Traffic: It will cost you your time and require your patience to see the results and don’t need much money to use it

2. Paid Traffic: It will cost you money and require some patience to see the results and don’t need much time to use it

To increase the traffic that visits your landing page, you can use both free or paid traffic sources as per your budget and time

I have mentioned all free & paid traffic sources in detail below

Let’s start with Free Traffic…

These are Top High-Quality Free Traffic Sources (Below)

1. Facebook (Free Traffic)– You can use Facebook or Facebook Group to drive traffic to your landing page by providing value-able content to your audience

2. Quora (Free Traffic) -You can use the Quora forum to drive traffic to your landing page by answering people’s questions.

3. Pinterest (Free Traffic)– You can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your landing page by pinning images & link to your landing page

4. YouTube (Free Traffic)-You can use YouTube to drive traffic to your landing page by making review videos about a product

5. Google (Free Traffic)– You can use Google to drive traffic to your landing page by making review content about the product

6.TikTok (Free Traffic)- You can use TikTok to drive traffic to your landing page by showcasing product and how it helps them

I hope you understood now what are free traffic sources

Let’s start with Paid Traffic Source

These are Top High-Quality Paid Traffic Sources (Below)

1. Google Ads (Paid Traffic): You can use google ads to drive more traffic and leads and sales to your landing page and make a sale

2. Facebook Ads (Paid Traffic): You can use FB ads to drive more traffic & leads and sales to your landing page & make a sale

3.YouTube Ads (Paid Traffic)– You can use YouTube ads to drive more traffic & leads and sales to your landing page & make a sale

4. Quora Ads (Paid Traffic)– You can use Quora ads to drive more traffic & leads and sales to your landing page and make a sale

5.TikTok Ads (Paid Traffic)– You can use TikTok ads to drive more traffic & leads and sales to your landing page and make a sale

6. Pintrest Ads (Paid Traffic)– You can use Pintrest ads to drive more traffic & leads and sales to your landing page & make a sale

7. Push Notifications(Paid Traffic)– Providing a notification now and then will help you own a place in your audience and recommend your site to others.

8. Native Ads(Paid Traffic)-These ads are efficient as they enable both the publisher and advertisers to work together in creating ads. These ads gain more traffic as the brand

These are the paid traffic source you can use to drive traffic to your landing page…

How To Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page?

There are two ways you can drive a lot of traffic to your landing page– paid and unpaid.

These are some strategies through which you can bring traffic to your page.

1. Use email marketing to reach the people you already know.

2. Launch Email Newsletters.

3. Start conversations in online communities and forums.

4. Reach out to influencers for paid promotion

5. Optimise your landing page for SEO.

6. Promote your landing page through brand

7. Promote your landing page through social media.

8. Promote your landing page with paid ads

9. Promote your landing page on youtube

These are a few ways you can use to drive traffic to your landing page

10 Proven Strategies To Promote Affiliate Offers

As an affiliate, you are in a partnership with a company to drive leads and sales, and revenue in their business

These are the few strategies that will help you to promote your partners’ products amongst your audience.

1. Write Epic Review-Based Content

Create a full-fledged epic article post. Mention all the information about the product- the design, how to use it, its benefits, offers, price, etc.

Do not just stop with the review of the product.

2. Make a Review Video

Create as many YouTube videos as you can make about the product. You can embed them in the article you have created.

3. Webinars and Live Sessions

Host webinars and live sessions to express more about the product. These are really powerful tools to reach your audience.

4. Webinar Replays

Post your webinar replay on YouTube or other social media platforms. These can be viewed by people who missed the live session.

You can also embed this video in your epic article post.

5. Bonus Content

Create one or two bonus contents. Give more information about the product. This is considered to be an underrated but effective tactic.

6. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are the best marketing tools. Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to indirectly market your partner’s product.

You need not share the direct affiliate link, but all details about the product should be presented in an appealing way to attract the audience.

7. Giveaways and Social proof

Provide giveaways to your audience with the support of your partner. This will increase your social proof.

To participate in the giveaway, your audience will leave a comment. Social proofs are the best way to express your reach.

8. Email Marketing

Start an email marketing campaign with the list of emails you have at hand. These emails can get more traffic to your site.

9. Advertise on Other Person’s Sites

Hold a partnership with other site holders and request them to promote the affiliate link for you.

Join hands with bloggers and other friends and partners you can pick up on online media platforms.

10. Compare and Review Them

Compare the product with the competitors’ products and provide reviews for both products.

Give a choice to your audience to choose from, and do not lie about your partner’s product to make it look the best.

Be loyal, and you will surely get people to your side.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing


  • It is a billion-dollar industry
  • Extremely Low-Cost Investment Required
  • You Don’t Need Any Inventory
  • Low Risk & Huge Potential
  • You Don’t Need Any Past Experience
  • You Don’t Need Any Tech Skills
  • You Don’t Need Any Qualifications
  • You Don’t Need To Handle Customers Service.


  • You have to agree on affiliate network rules and regulations
  • There is some competition
  • It is a totally performance-based marketing
  • You will not get paid if someone will be refunded
  • You have to follow the affiliate offer terms and conditions

Things You Need to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

There are a few things you have to avoid if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer.

1. Ignoring to work on your site’s speed.

2. Publishing content that is not up to the mark.

3. Ignoring to produce content with readability.

4. Not understanding the product you are selling.

5. Working without knowing the basics of SEO.

6. Not utilizing marketing guide content that is evergreen.

7. Forgetting that the main task is to help the audience to find the product.

8. Focusing more on selling the product despite it being a not-so-worthy product.

Top 7 Courses to Learn Affiliate Marketing In India

Course NameVendor NameDescription Link
1. Super Affiliate SecretsUmer QureshiIt is step-by-step affiliate marketing training that teaches you how to do Affiliate marketing with both free & paid traffic source >>Click Here
2. Ministry of FreedomJono ArmstrongIt is step-by-step affiliate marketing training that teaches you how to do marketing affiliate by Launching your Own Product>>Click Here
3. YT SupremacyChris DerenbergerIt is step-by-step affiliate marketing training that teaches you how to do Affiliate marketing with YouTube Free Traffic>>Click Here
4. Affiliate MillionaireRobby BlanchardIt is step-by-step affiliate marketing training that teaches you how to do Affiliate marketing with Facebook ads traffic source>>Click Here
5. Easiest System EverDevon BrownIt is done for your affiliate marketing system which teaches you how to do affiliate marketing with email marketing >>Click Here
6. Super Affiliate SystemJohn CrestaniIt is step-by-step affiliate marketing training that teaches you how to do Affiliate marketing with Paid ads traffic source>>Click Here
7. Perpetual Income 365By Shawn JosiahIt is step-by-step affiliate marketing training that teaches you how to do Affiliate marketing with solo ads and email marketing >>Click Here

How To Start Affiliate Marketing In India-FAQ

1. Is it necessary to have a website to begin a career in affiliate marketing?

Yes, It is necessary to have a website to bring in traffic.

2. How to sign up for an affiliate program?

The first step is to choose the right niche. Then you can register yourself in any volume affiliate programs under your niche

3. What are the methods through which you can get paid?

Affiliate marketing is primarily online, and people from everywhere are part of this market.

So, the payment is also made online using payment tools like PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Wire transfer, Stripe, etc.

4. What are the major reasons for failures in this field?

You cannot be successful in this field overnight. It takes immense patience and effort to gain more traffic.

People fail only when they lose their patience to wait for success.


Being a part of this million-dollar business asks only for your patience and nothing else.

To be successful in this field, you have to know all these strategies.

Instant success is never possible, but you will surely grow up to that level with consistent effort.

From door-to-door sales to online business platforms and affiliate marketing, times have changed.

It is much easier to attract buyers with affiliate marketing.

Taking up these online courses will surely get you more knowledge on how this field works

and how you can get better with every move you make.

This knowledge will take you to heights.

I hope today I taught you How to Start Affiliate Marketing step by step and make money online…

I am looking forward to your first affiliate marketing commission.

In case if you have any questions..please ask in the comment section

I will love to answer them.

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How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India
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