Jasper AI Review 2023 – Is This Crazy AI Writing Tool Worth It?

Do you hate writing content for your blog or website?

Hate to pay writers to write and create blog posts?

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Jasper is Ai based writing tool that helps you write plagiarism-free and SEO-optimized content in less than 60 seconds

So If you’re searching for an honest Jasper AI review,

then you are in the right place

In this review, I’ll give you my honest opinion, as I reveal the truth behind this intriguing new tool.

so you can decide whether it’s worth the money and if it’s right for you.

What is Jasper AI?


Jasper is an AI copywriter who will write anything for you, ranging from Instagram captions to long blog articles.

It will help you create unique, original, creative content in very less time without compromising the quality of the content.

It can even create your advertisement copy for you or your emails and many other things.

And the Best Part?

It provides you plagiarism-free and SEO-optimized content

With Jasper AI You Can Write

1. Blog articles,

2. Social Media Posts,

3. Website Copy

4. Facebook or Google Ads Copy

5. and more…

The Technology Used Behind Jasper AI To Write Blog Posts

Jasper is a product of harnessing both AI technology and machine learning.

Jasper makes use of the GPT 3 technology.

It can generate Human-like text through deep learning.

The GPT 3 or Generative pre-trained transformer 3 is a machine learning model which can generate human-like text by harnessing the input provided to the model Open AI

The four GPT 3 models are-


To learn more in detail, refer to the link below. GPT 3 models

Who is Behind The Jasper?

Well, an entire team of 6 friends is founders:

Dave Rogenmoser – CEO
John Phillip Morgan – CTO
Chris Hull – COO
Austin Distel – CMO
Megan Johnson – Client Success
James Morgan – The Script Mast

How does Jasper work?

As We know Jasper AI works by using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce human-like text by harnessing the input provided to the model Open AI

In the backend, Jasper is using GPT-3 technology (an autoregressive language model) which was created by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research lab based out of San Francisco.

Step 1: Choose a Jasper Template

First of all, you need to choose a template based on the type of content requirement.


For Example:

If you want to write Paragraph Generator then you need to choose Paragraph Generator Template and follow the same for another template

Jasper currently offers over 50 content templates to choose from – Facebook ads, Instagram captions, personalized cold emails, Quora answers, to entire blog post writing using the long-form assistant with Boss Mode.

Step 2: Input Your Product Data

Once you have chosen the template, you will be redirected to the page to fill in the input information in the template data.

You need to fill up the following information:


What is your paragraph about? – Enter the little information that you want to write content about.

Keywords to include – Give keywords related to the paragraph here.

The more information you can provide Jasper, the better the output will get.

The tone of voice allows you to select the tone you want your content to sound.

This is one of the unique features of Jasper is their “tone of voice”

You can either choose to sound serious, funny, witty, educational, sarcastic, friendly or anything you like.

Step 3: Generate AI Content

After you have filled in the required information in the template, click on the “Generate AI content” present on the bottom right of the screen.


Who Should Use Jasper AI?

Now you might want to know if this AI is just what you need or does it satisfy your demand.

So here is a list of who can use Jasper AI

1. Marketers

Jasper AI produces unique content writing tools with zero plagiarism, and the content is SEO optimized in a few minutes, which provides to be very helpful for marketers.

2. Content Publishers

Content publishers can use Jasper AI to produce the content, thus saving a lot of time and at the same time providing valuable content.

3. Bloggers

Bloggers can use Jasper AI to produce content for their website, which will also help to keep the website up to date.

4. Social Media Managers

Social media managers may find Jasper AI extremely useful as it can help them to posts jasper creates any kind of work, be it emails, captions, or outlining blogs

5. Students

Students may need help with their assignments and essays.

Jasper AI can help ease their burden and do the troublesome part of their work for them.

6. Business Owners

With Jasper AI by their side, business owners do not need to hire copywriters as the tool can do it for them, thus saving a lot of money.

7. Freelancers

Freelancers can use Jasper AI will save them a lot of their time.


YouTube is a giant online platform and is growing over time.

YouTubers can use Jasper AI to create more content for their videos in a significantly less amount of time.

9. Agencies

Agencies can provide valuable content to their clients in very little time.

10. Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can use Jasper AI to generate. Content for them will save them money and a lot of time.

11. Email Marketers

Jasper AI provides many templates through which Email marketers can easily create attractive outlines of their emails, thus helping their business grow.

What Types of Templates does Jasper AI Offer?

Jasper AI offers users over 50 content templates to choose from including the following:

1. Long-form assistant – Let Jasper help you write long-form blog posts, emails, stories, scripts, or even books from start to finish

2. AIDA Framework – Use the oldest marketing framework in the world. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

3. PAS Framework – Problem-Agitate-Solution. A valuable framework for creating new marketing copy ideas.

4. Content improver – Take a piece of content and rewrite it to make it more interesting, creative, and engaging.

4. Product description – Create compelling product descriptions for websites, emails, and social media.

5. Blog Post Topic Ideas – Brainstorm new blog post topics that will engage readers and rank well on Google.

6. Blog Post Outline – Create lists and outlines for articles. Works best for “Listicle” and “How to” style blog posts or articles.

7. Blog Post Intro Paragraph – Blast through writer’s block by letting Jasper write your opening paragraph for you.

8. Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph – Wrap up your blog posts with an engaging conclusion paragraph.

9. Content Summarizer (Coming Soon) – Enter in a snippet of text and let Jasper return a quick bullet-point summary.

10. Creative Story – Write deliciously creative stories to engage your readers.

11. Explain It To a Child – Rephrase the text to make it easier to read and understand.

12. Sentence Expander – Expand a short sentence or a few words into a longer sentence that is creative, interesting, and engaging.

13. Facebook ad headline – Generate scroll-stopping headlines for your Facebook Ads to get prospects to click, and ultimately buy.

14. Facebook ad primary text – Create high-converting copy for the “Primary Text” section of your Facebook ads.

15. Google ads headline – Create high-converting copy for the “Headlines” section of your Google Ads.

16. Google ads description – Create high-converting copy for the “Description” section of your Google Ads.

17. Google My Business – What’s New Post – Generate What’s New post updates for Google My Business.

18. Google My Business – Event Post – Generate event details for your Google My Business event posts.

19. Google My Business – Product Description – Generate product descriptions for your Google My Business.

20. Google My Business – Offer Post – Generate offer details for your Google My Business offer posts.

21. Amazon product features (bullets) – Create key feature and benefit bullet points for Amazon listings under the “about this item” section.

22. Amazon product description (paragraph) – Create compelling product descriptions for Amazon listings. The output is typically in paragraph form, but the style will vary.

23. Perfect Headline – Trained with formulas from the world’s best copywriters, this template is sure to create high-converting headlines for your business.

24. Website sub-headline – Create delightfully informative sub-headlines (H2) for your websites and landing pages.

25. Photo post captions – Write catchy captions for your Instagram posts.

26. Jasper.ai Testimonial Helper – Use this template to generate testimonials for Jasper.ai.

27. Marketing angles – Brainstorm different angles to add vibrancy to your marketing.

28. Persuasive bullet points – Generate persuasive bullet points to insert into landing pages, emails, and more.

29. Video Topic Ideas – Brainstorm new video topics that will engage viewers and rank well on YouTube.

30. Video Script Outline – Create script outlines for your videos. Works best for “Listicle” and “How to” style videos.

31. Video Titles – Create engaging, click-worthy titles for your videos that will rank on YouTube.

32. Video Script Hook and Introduction – Create a video intro that will capture your viewer’s attention and compel them to watch all the way through.

33. Video Description – YouTube – Create unique descriptions for YouTube videos that rank well in search.

34. Review Responder – Write responses to public customer reviews that are winsome, professional, and delightful.

35. Personalised Cold Emails – Write cold emails that actually work and get responses.

36. Email Subject Lines – Write compelling email subject lines that get readers to open them.

37. SEO – Create Blog Post – Title and Meta Descriptions – Write SEO-optimised title tags and meta descriptions to write blog posts that will rank well on Google.

38. SEO – Homepage – Title and Meta Descriptions – Write SEO-optimised title tags and meta descriptions for home pages that will rank well on Google.

39. SEO – Product Page – Title and Meta Descriptions – Write SEO-optimised title tags and meta descriptions that will rank well on Google for product pages.

40. SEO – Services Pages – Title and Meta Descriptions – Write SEO-optimised title tags and meta descriptions that will rank well on Google for company services pages.

41. Company Bio –Tell your company’s story with a captivating bio.

42. Personal Bio – Write a creative personal bio that captures attention.

43. Feature to Benefit – Turn your product features into benefits that compel action.

44. Before-After-Bridge Framework – Create marketing copy using the BAB framework. Before, After, Bridge.

45. Unique Value Propositions – create content automatically a clear statement that describes the benefit of your offer in a powerful way.

46. Real Estate Listing – Residential – Creative captivating real estate listings that sell homes quickly.

47. Pinterest Pin Title & Description – Create great Pinterest pin titles and descriptions that drive engagement, traffic, and reach.

48. Press Release Title & Intro – Write the opening paragraph of a press release that people will actually want to read.

49. Engaging Questions – Ask your audience creative questions to increase engagement.

49. Quora Answers – Intelligent answers for tough questions.

50. Text Summarizer – Get the key point from a piece of text.

51. Business or Product Name – Generate a winning name for your business or product.

52. Poll Questions & Multiple Choice Answers – Engage your community and get to know them on a deeper level.

Jasper AI Reviews -Pros and Cons

Jasper AI is a very productive tool and provides many benefits


  • Produces unique, plagiarism-free content.
  • Produces SEO-optimized content.
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Has an active community on Facebook
  • provides 50+ templates as per the content to be written.
  • Excellent customer support
  • seven days free trial jasper
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Consists of a Plagiarism checker
  • Can provide multiple articles in a single day
  • Boost your sales


  • The content produced by the AI is not always accurate, and you must do thorough fact-checking of the article.
  • The technology used by the Jasper AI (GPT 3) can grasp only 10 percent of the internet.
  • Difficulty in running on mobiles.

Jasper AI Pricing – How much does it cost?

Jasper Ai offers two plans

1. Starter plan ($29/Month)
2. Boss mode plan ($59/Month)

Let me take you through each plan in detail

1. Starter Plan ($29/Month):

The Jasper AI Starter Plan is ideal for creating short writing including headlines, email briefings, social media posts, Facebook advertising, introductions, product descriptions, tweets, and other short-form content.

It costs you $29 Per month and You can produce up to 20,000 words every month.

But If you sign up Starter Plan annually you will get up to a 16% discount.

then it will cost you $24 per month instead of $29/month

Who Can Buy Starter Mode?

If you are a blogger and content writer who just started out

If and don’t have enough budget you should start with the starter mode

which has everything you need to get started with your content marketing..

2. Jasper Boss Mode Plan($59/Month):

This Plan is ideal for teams, agencies, and professional writers looking to optimize their workflow and increase content production.

This boss mode plan starts at $59 per month. and gives you access to 50,000 words along with the long-form assistant which can be used to write full blog posts.

But If you sign up Boss Mode Plan annually you will get up to a 16% discount.

Then it will cost you $49 per month instead of $59/per month

The Boss plan is a top-rated and recommended plan.

With boss mode, you have access to-

  • Documents
  • Jasper command
  • SEO Mode
  • Recipes
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Grammarly
  • Revision history of your content
  • You even get certified by Jasper.

These features are not accessible in the Starter Plan.

Hence with the jasper boss mode, creating content will become a lot easier and more accurate, and the boost in your sales will always be worth the money.

Who Should Go for Jasper Boss Mode?

The Jasper Boss Mode Package is an excellent choice for:

1. those who prefer to produce in-depth blog posts or long-format content.

2. those who wish to automate their copywriting so they can concentrate on scaling businesses (like companies or entrepreneurs).

3. those who aim to create reviews of items that are selling well, including product descriptions on Amazon (similar to an affiliate marketer).

4. those who want to appear in SERPs, content writers, and SEO specialists should create original, high-quality, unique content.

5. those who are keen to meet customer deadlines.

6. those who want to create novels, short stories, etc.

Comparison B/w Starter & Boss Mode Plan

Let’s look at a comparison table outlining the features offered by each of the Jasper AI pricing plans.

Features Starter planBoss plan
Words per month2000050000
Bonus per pack$10 for 5000words$40 for 30000 words
Account user loginUnlimitedUnlimited
Writing length Short copywritingLong content
Input lengthGood contextGreat context
Templates50+ templates provided50+ templates provided
Languages25+ languages25+ languages
DocumentsNot availableAvailable
Jasper Commands
Not availableAvailable
SEO Mode
Not availableAvailable
Not availableAvailable
Plagiarism Checker
Not availableAvailable
Not availableAvailable
Project folderUnlimitedUnlimited
Content Search
Revision History
Not AvailableAvailable
Through EmailPriority Response time is 3x faster
Live group video callLive group video call
Jasper community
Training Bootcamp
Weekly job board post
Get Jasper certifiedDisabledEnabled
Access LinkTry Starter Plan >Try Boss Plan >>

Why is Jasper AI the best of the rest?

Jasper is rated as the #1 AI in the marketing industry, and the impact of this AI can be seen.

Some reasons why Jasper is the best of the rest are-

1. It generates unique, plagiarism-free content.

2. The content is SEO optimized, thus helping you direct traffic to your website.

3. Jasper AI creates an excellent output using GTP3 technology.

4. Generates content 2× faster

5. Unlimited account User logins

6. Unlimited content search

7. AutoSaves your content

8. Produces human-like text.

9. Supports 25+ languages.

Pricing plans are affordable at just $29 per month- a starter plan

and $59 per month – boss mode.

With yearly billing, you get two months free and 16 percent off.

The annually billed pricing plans are

1. Starter Plan- $24 per month
2. Boss mode- $49 per month

Jasper AI Real User Testimonial

The users of this excellent AI are indeed delighted with the results.

Here are the testimonials of some of the users

These are just happy users, and the community is still rising like a giant.


Jasper ai Review – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jasper AI plagiarise?

Jasper (previously Jarvis) writes unique, plagiarism-free content and even has an inbuilt plagiarism checker available in jasper boss mode.

How much does Jasper costs?

Jasper is pretty affordable. It provides two pricing plans

Starter Plan- $29 per month
Boss Mode- $99 per month

However, if billed annually

Starter Plan- $24 per month
Boss Mode- $49 per month

You will get two months free in annual billing and an overall 16 percent off on the pricing plans jasper.

What is Jasper (Jarvis) AI?

The copywriting tool jasper uses is Artificial. Intelligence and Machine learning to produce human-like text.

It is the #1 rated AI tool in the marketing industry and produces unique, plagiarism-free content SEO is optimized.

Can Jarvis AI write blogs?

Yes, Jarvis can write blogs using the feature long-form content assistant.
This feature is available in the boss mode plan commands.

Does Jarvis AI work?

Yes, Jasper (Jarvis) AI is a genuine jasper software tool is rated as the #1 AI tool for copywriting.

Jarvis uses GPT 3 technology developed by Open. AI to produce human-like text.

Which languages does Jasper AI support?

Jarvis supports an extensive range of languages.

It can support English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese,

Swedish, French, Greek, and many other languages.

Is Jarvis AI worth it?

Yes, Jarvis AI, now known as Jasper AI, is definitely worth the hype.

It is rated as the #1 AI tool for copywriting and produces SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content.

There are many additional features that we have. As discussed above, take your marketing game to the best level.

Jasper AI Review 2023- Conclusion

We have discussed all the features and pros and cons of elements in the article.

Jasper AI is undoubtedly the most productive AI tool in the marketing world right now, with an exponentially growing community of Fifty thousand AI copywriters.

The users of this AI tool are delighted with the output and testified the profit this copywriting AI tool led to them.

Now, in the end, it all depends upon what kind of business you do and what type of support you need.

If you have any doubts about the Jasper AI tool, you can sign in for an unconditional five days free trial with a money-back guarantee.

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