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>>LeadsGorilla Bundle-Deal (FE+ All 4 OTOs)<<

>>LeadsGorilla 2.0 Front-End Edition <<

>> LeadsGorilla OTO1: Pro Edition <<

>>OTO2: Citations Optimiser Edition <<

>> LeadGorilla OTO3: Agency Edition <<

>>LeadsGorilla OTO4: Clientsnest Edition <<

What is Leadsgorilla 2.0?

LeadsGorilla is the world’s leading local client finding & closing platform used by more than 21.000+ agencies small businesses & entrepreneurs worldwide.

You can use it to Find, Nurture & Close Hyper-Targeted Leads in ANY niche

With version 2.0, you will get a proven client-closing formula –

Which you can use to nurture the leads inside LeadsGorilla with A.I.-generated responses, A.I.-generated outbound emails and email sequences, A.I.-generated descriptions, and more.

Plus it comes with top of a completely revamped UI, multi-language support, an enhanced dashboard & over 40 feature & quality-of-life feature updates & tweaks based on honest community feedback.

What’s NEW in LeadsGorilla 2.0?

🆕 20+ NEW Lead Data Points –

Get Industry-Leading insights on every Google & Facebook lead you to find and craft a customized business proposal.

🆕 A.I.-Assisted Client Closing –

Nurture & Close the leads you find inside LeadsGorilla AUTOMATICALLY with AI-generated emails, email sequences, responses, descriptions, and more.

🆕 Revamped Proprietary Lead-Scoring Technology –

Stop wasting time on ‘dead leads’ and use our Proprietary Lead-Scoring Technology to go after the best leads (for you) according to their optimization level and the services you’re offering.

🆕 Improved Claimed / Unclaimed search –

Leadsgorilla V2 will identify unclaimed GBP listings with 100% accuracy. No other tool in the market does this.

🆕 Fully Customizable PDF Report Design –

In version 2.0, the PDF Reports that you use to close clients are FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE and EDITABLE. Tweak to perfection or use the proven-to-work standard.

🆕 Lightning-Fast Search Speed –

Improved lead search times by as much as 80% by enhancing the legacy lead-finding functionality with an A.I. layer. Save time & find clients FASTER!

🆕 Industry-Leading Email Identification –

Never again will you send a business proposal to a bouncing email address. With V2, all the contact information is cross-checked across multiple databases to ensure that it’s updated.

🆕 Multi-Language Support –

LeadsGorilla V2 is now available in 14 additional languages. Go after NEW clients worldwide regardless of your native language.

🆕 Revamped UI –

With version 2.0, the entire app got a visual overhaul that makes it even EASIER to find NEW leads & close clients for your digital services.

➕ Over 40+ NEWLY Added Features

Leads gorilla 2.O OTO – Features & Benefits

1. Find Claimed & Unclaimed Businesses with 100% Accuracy.

2.A.I.-Powered Lead Scoring Technology allows you to go after prospects that NEED your services the most.

3. FULLY Customizable Client Reports for GMB & Facebook.

4. A.I.-Assisted Lead Search Technology improves loading times by 80%.

5. A.I. Business Description Writing Tool AUTOMATICALLY generates SEO-optimized business descriptions.

6. A.I. Cold Email Creator – Craft personalized outbound emails around the lead’s pain points AUTOMATICALLY.

7. A.I. Review Assistant – Respond to Negative or Positive Reviews AUTOMATICALLY.

8. A.I. Yelp Post Creator – Create engaging Yelp posts for ANY business AUTOMATICALLY.

9. A.I. Facebook Post Creator – Create engaging Facebook posts for ANY business AUTOMATICALLY.

10. A.I. Google Post Creator – Create engaging GPB posts for ANY business AUTOMATICALLY.

11. Industry-Leading Email Identification – Ensure that your outbound emails are never sent to a bouncing address.

12. Multi-Language support allows you to Generate Client PDF Reports in 14 Additional Languages besides English

13. Accessible & Intuitive UI / Dashboard – Use LeadsGorilla immediately, regardless of skill level.

14. 24/7 Customer Support – Industry-leading customer support & customer success teams at your disposal 24/7.

15. Quick-Start & In-Depth Training – Learn how to use LeadsGorilla in 2 minutes, or take the time to understand every feature with our in-depth training.

16. Monthly QoL Updates – We’ve already pushed +30 that made Leadsgorilla EASIER & FASTER to use. More will follow at no additional cost to you.

17. 1-Click Lead Contacting – One click of your mouse is all it takes to get in contact with a lead found via LeadsGorilla.

18. Global Geo-Targeting – Get Leads from ANYWHERE in the world.

19.3-Step Client-Closing System using the proven-to-work VIA (Value in Advance) framework.

20. Outbound Email Template Library – Eliminate missed opportunities with our library of battle-tested email templates that you can personalize INSTANTLY.

21. Dynamic Email Placeholders – Personalize ANY email template found in our community library in seconds.

22. Multi-Angled Constructive Problem Reporting – Close clients by making them aware of issues regarding their Facebook listing, online presence, GMB issues, local ranking issues & more.

23. Cloud-Based Solution works on EVERY device – Just open your browser on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, or ChromeOS & you are ready to go.

24. Lead Management Module – Organize your leads & save all your qualified prospects.

25. Search By Category – Target specific business categories you want to do business with.

26. Search by Radius – Target a specific location and expand or contract your lead search radius.

27. Lead Filtering – Narrow down the leads that you find by applying dynamic filters that will focus your results.

28. Search in ANY Language – Find & Close Leads WORLDWIDE by doing searches in 140+ languages.

How Does Leads Gorilla 2.0 Work?

LeadsGorilla works in 3 steps:

Step 1. Find & Analyze Leads from FB & Google My Business

Search FB groups, pages, & Google for thousands of local leads & see a detailed analysis of them only LeadGorilla can provide.

This includes proprietary LeadsScores that tell you how easy it is to land & make money from that lead, plus if they have claimed their GMB or FB listing yet.

Step 2. Generate Beautiful Print-On-Demand Optimization Lead Magnets

LeadsGorilla identifies lots of key issues with their Facebook or GMB listing & turns it into a custom report/lead magnet automatically for you to send.

Step 3. Land the Client w/ Email Marketing Technology & DFY Swipes

Have the app reach out to qualified leads & land them w/ built-in email marketing tech. Use our proven DFY swipes in tons of local niches.



Leadsgorilla 2.0 OTO – PRICE & EVALUATION

FRONT END: Leadsgorilla 2.0 – ($37) >>More Details<<

Let me recap what you will get inside

  • Find Claimed & Unclaimed Businesses with 100% Accuracy.
  • A.I.-Powered Lead Scoring Technology
  • FULLY Customizable Client Reports for GMB & Facebook.
  • A.I.-Assisted Lead Search Technology
  • A.I. Business Description Writing Tool
  • A.I. Cold Email Creator –
  • A.I. Review Assistant –
  • A.I. Yelp Post Creator –
  • A.I. Facebook Post Creator
  • A.I. Google Post Creator
  • Industry-Leading Email Identification
  • Multi-Language support
  • Accessible & Intuitive UI / Dashboard
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Quick-Start & In-Depth Training
  • Monthly QoL Updates –
  • 1-Click Lead Contacting
  • Global Geo-Targeting
  • 3-Step Client-Closing System
  • Outbound Email Template Library
  • Dynamic Email Placeholders
  • Multi-Angled Constructive Problem Reporting
  • Cloud-Based Solution works on EVERY device
  • Lead Management Module
  • Search By Category
  • Search by Radius
  • Lead Filtering
  • Search in ANY Language

For a Limited Time, You Can Grab With Early Bird Discount Price Of $37

LeadsGorilla Is Available for Low One Time Price For a Short Period Only. Make Sure You

Act Before The Price Rise. The Price Will Keep On Increasing Every Hour

LeadsGorilla 2.0 Review



If you want to unlock unlimited features without any limitations then you should check out Upgrade Below

LeadsGorilla OTO1: Professional ($37/m) >>More Details<<

In this premium upgraded version of LeadsGorilla, you will get the following…

Generate UNLIMITED Leads for your business and yield better & faster results.

UNLIMITED Client Reports and provide value in advance for as many leads as possible.

Contact UNLIMITED Leads and remove all limitations for the number of potential clients you can connect with.

A.I. Client Closing Email Sequence Creator – Instantly generate a personalized client-closing email sequence for every lead you find.

Google 3-Pack Rankings Checker – Instantly know where a potential client ranks in the 3 Google Pack & on Google Maps.

Google Local Ads Validation – Find out if a local lead is already spending money on advertising services & craft your business proposal accordingly.

SEO Tools Module – Collection of 4 SEO tools that will cater to your client’s needs (SEO Report URL, Site Comparison, Ultra Suggest Keyword, and Most Searched Questions)

LOCAL Tools Module – UNLOCK 4 Additional tools developed specifically around small businesses (GMB Report Generator, Facebook Page/Place Report, Core Web Vitals Report, Local Rankings)

Additional Local Reports Data – UNLOCK additional PRO metrics for your reports, including local schema, Google tags, SSL certificates, Yelp presence, and more.

Personal Branding for All Client Reports – Personalized all the reports available inside LeadsGorilla with your own logo & business information.

NEW Email Categories & Swipes – Expand your available library of DFY email templates with a series of professionally written email swipes.

Fully Editable PDF Report Design – Customize your client reports by adding custom messages, persuasive wording, descriptive text & more.

Local Genius Training – Get access to 100+ different lessons that will make you a PRO at fulfilling digital services. Training is structured into 3 modules: Google Business Profile Genius, SEO Genius & WordPress Genius.

PRO Video Training – Additional over-the-shoulder local marketing training will help you reach your business goals FASTER.

Upgraded VIP Support – Receive support FASTER & get access to our customer success team that will help with your marketing plans.

LeadsGorilla OTO2: Citation Gorilla – ($57) >>More Details<<

Let me recap what you will get inside

It will help you to get more citations, improve your reputation, and local SEO listings, and show reports to them.

Citation Analyser & Optimization Module – Generate Local Citation reports for all your prospects in one click.

1500+ Citation Sources – Get INSTANT access to 1500+ High-Authority Citation Sources (Industry-Leading)

16 Supported Countries – Find local citations for 24 countries besides North America.

(Drop down here with all supported countries)

80 Niche Specific Categories – Generate PDF-ready Citation reports in 80 different categories.

Leads Citations SEO Audit Analyzer – Get an instant bird’s eye view on every citation and check if it’s verified and ranking accordingly.

Missing Citations Highlighter – See what local citations are missing for every potential client you run this report on.

Customizable Citation Reports – Ability to add custom messages, persuasive wording, descriptive text & more to your citation reports.

Print-Ready PDFs – 1-Click Export every generated citation report into a beautiful PDF and send it to your clients.

Export. CSV function – Export the full citation list in a .csv file and use it externally.

Citation Outsourcing Checklist – Step-by-step instructions on outsourcing the tedious part of building local citations.

Citation Reporting for Individual URLs – Run citation reports on external leads that weren’t found with LeadsGorilla.

Revamped Citation Report Design – Brand NEW PDF Report Design for Citations that will boost your conversion by 45%.

Citation Summary Statistics – Add an overview section to each citation report. Perfect for business owners who want value-in-advance.

LeadsGorilla OTO3 : Agency – ($67) >>More Details<<

In the Agency version of LeadsGorilla you will get the following allowing them to get their own local agency set up fast with everything DFY:

Let me recap what you will get inside

Pre-Populated Website Content – Take advantage of world-class copywriting to maximize the conversions on your agency website.

Client Relationship Management Module – Get access to an industry-leading CRM system that allows you to handle everything client-related from one screen.

Zapier Integration – Integrate Zapier to manage your leads workflow & automate every tedious process within your business.

DFY Facebook Ads – Use a series of High-Converting Facebook Ads to grab the attention of LOCAL Businesses by appealing to their pain spots.

DFY Web Banners and Google Ads – Run ads locally on Google and blow the competition away by using our perfected in-house Google ad formula.

DFY Agency Marketing Cold Email Swipes – Always start the conversation with the right opener by using our collection of DFY Agency Swipes.

DFY ‘WEB Ready’ Graphics – Get access to a collection of graphics that are easily edited and deployable on any type of LOCAL agency.

DFY Agency Marketing Teleswipes – Use our done-for-you scripts to contact potential leads over the phone and make your pitch professionally.

DFY Legal Contracts – Use our DFY legal contract (already vetted by an attorney) to lock in your next clients.

LeadsGorilla OTO4: Client Closing ($147) >>More Details<<

Let me recap what you will get inside

You can get the opportunity to sell LeadsGorilla for yourself and pocket 100% of any sale they make.

you will get training videos on how to actually sell it, the ability to give access out, and we take care of the support.

Plus, tons of graphics and videos to use, too.

Leads gorilla OTO – Real User Testimonial 2023

Take a look at what Leadsgorilla Real Users are saying

Comparison Between Leads Gorilla 1.0 v/s 2.0

Here’s a comparison table to help you figure out what you can expect from the new version of LeadsGorilla:

Leads Gorilla 1.0Leads Gorilla 2.0
1. Find Facebook & Google LeadsAI-Assisted Lead-Search technology improves loading times by as much as 80%.
2. Find Claimed & Unclaimed Businesses
Find Claimed & Unclaimed Businesses with 100% by leveraging an ‘AI Status Checker bot’ that eliminates false positives
3. Generate GMB (Google My Business), and Facebook PDF Reports

Completely redesigned clientPDF reports for both Facebook & Google updated with all the ranking metrics that because important in 2021 and 2023.

* GMB Report is now replaced with the new GBP (Google Business Profile) branding & contains all the new ranking metrics. 
4. Identify Local Ranking Factors
Identify and exploit ranking issues with an AI module that automatically recommends digital services that the business needs.
5. LeadScore ALgorithm

UPGRADED AI-powered Lead scoring algorithm allows you to find the most unoptimized leads first on Facebook & Google. 
6. Manage Local LeadsThe NEW & Revamped Lead Management module allows you to add, save, filter, and organize prospects without leaving the dashboard.
7. Contact Local Leads
1-Click Lead contacting & seamless SMTP integration. 
8. 30+ Email Templates Integrated
NEW Outbound Email Template Library + AI Cold Email Creator that allows you to generate UNLIMITED variations of Email Templates. 
9. Custom Email PlaceholdersDynamic Email Placeholders allow you to personalize any Library template and every AI-generated email template.
10.❌AI Business Description Writing tool will AUTOMATICALLY generate SEO-optimized business descriptions. 
11.❌AI Review Assistant allows you to respond to Negative and positive Reviews AUTOMATICALLY.
12.❌AI Yelp Post Creator allows you to create Yelp posts for ANY business AUTOMATICALLY.
13.❌AI Google Post Creator allows you to create engaging GBP posts for ANY Business AUTOMATICALLY.
14.❌AI Facebook Post creator allows you to create engaging Facebook posts for ANY business.
15.❌Email Identification Technology ensures that emails are never sent to a bouncing address. 
16.❌Revamped & Intuitive UI & Dashboard
17.❌Multi-Language support – Generate Client PDF Reports in 14 Additional Languages besides English
18.❌Global Geo-Targeting allows you to Target Leads anywhere in the world regardless of your physical location. 
19.❌AI-powered Multi-Angled Constructive Reporting – Close clients by informing them of their biggest issues with Facebook, Google Business Profile & Local Ranking factors. 

How it is Better Than Other Lead Finders Apps?

Some bullet points on how it’s different from other lead apps:

1.LeadsScore Secret Algorithm Technology –

See how easy the lead will be to land & how profitable they will be with our ‘prequalification’ lead score

2. All-in-One Features –

First to have lead finding from Google & FB, 4 different types of PDF report generation, and email marketing w/ DFY proven swipes all in the front-end offer (like a DFY lead gen agency)

3. Email Marketing Shortcode Technology –

auto populates emails based on specific client data for hyper-customized emails (better results)

4. View More Advanced Data About Each Lead –

See crucial data about each lead no other lead finder can show including how optimized their FB or GMB page is if they are optimizing for video marketing, & more

5. Sort Leads Instantly by 10 Different Options –

including if their GMB page is claimed or unclaimed

6. DFY Proven Templates –

these are integrated into the app and available for many different local business agency niches

7. Generate FB & Google Marketing Lead Reports

with more data than before (lead reports are print-on-demand ready now as well)

Frequently Asked Questions Of LeadsGorilla OTO

Is Leadsgorilla 2.0 Worth It?

Based on our research and analysis, LeadsGorilla 2.0 is definitely worth the investment for businesses looking to generate more leads and sales.

LeadsGorilla 2.0 is lead generation software that helps businesses find and contact potential clients.

With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, it can help you find and contact potential clients in your target market more efficiently and effectively.

If you are looking for a tool to help you with lead generation, then LeadsGorilla 2.0 is definitely worth it for you.

Is this TRUE A.I. technology or is it just a fad?

Yes. It’s real A.I. technology that we’ve developed in-house.

This technology will give you access to more data, show you the best leads, and write emails that you can send to potential clients.

How soon can I see the results?

They have people that are closing multiple deals quickly using this platform. However, because we don’t know your work ethic, we can’t answer that for you personally,

but they can CONFIDENTLY say that you’ll find some of the highest and best quality available in 60 seconds once you log in on the next page.

is Leadsgorilla legit?

Based on our research and analysis, LeadsGorilla 2.0 appears to be a legitimate lead-generation software tool.

It has received positive reviews from users and industry experts and offers a range of features and benefits for businesses looking to generate leads and grow their customer base.

However, as with any software tool or service, it is important to do your own research and due diligence before making a purchase decision.

Is there a Money Back Policy?

you can see on our page, they have a 30-day money-back policy.

If you are not satisfied with our product just contact them and they’ll refund your money.

Do I get support and tutorials on how to start?

They have full video training and tutorials.

You can always contact their support team if you have questions or concerns.

Their dedicated support team can answer to any questions and help you when needed.

Leadsgorilla 2.0 OTO 2023 – Conclusion

Hopefully, with my honest thoughts about Leadsgorilla 2.0 OTO Review, I really hope it did help you with your buying decision.

I understand the decision of taking out a $37 one-time price is not simply made but this investment is profitable and for a sustainable business.

And your investment is guaranteed safety thanks to 30 Days Refund without any questions asked.

and Leadsgorilla 2.0 is NOT Any Hype or But It is a 100% Legit Product

We Highly Recommend You Should Try It Out If you want to generate leads

Thank you so much for reading my Leadsgorilla 2.0 OTO Reviews.

This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird.

Take action ASAP for the best deal.

>>LeadsGorilla Bundle-Deal (FE+ All 4 OTOs)<<

>>LeadsGorilla 2.0 Front-End Edition <<

>> LeadsGorilla OTO1: Pro Edition <<

>>OTO2: Citations Optimiser Edition <<

>> LeadGorilla OTO3: Agency Edition <<

>>LeadsGorilla OTO4: Clientsnest Edition <<


1st: Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete to clear all the cookies and caches from your internet browser.

2nd: Click the “BUY NOW!”  to get a Discount (Or Get it via Discount Link of this article ” LeadGorilla 2.0 OTO Review”)

3rd: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at support@guideblogging.com

4th: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours


Grab LeadGorilla 2.0 Copy + My Exclusive Bonuses ( Expire Soon, Hurray Up)

Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

>>LeadsGorilla Bundle-Deal (FE+ All 4 OTOs)<<

>>LeadsGorilla 2.0 Front-End Edition <<

>> LeadsGorilla OTO1: Pro Edition <<

>>OTO2: Citations Optimiser Edition <<

>> LeadGorilla OTO3: Agency Edition <<

>>LeadsGorilla OTO4: Clientsnest Edition <<

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