How To Make Money From Blogging In 2024 – Step By Step (A-Z) Guide


Blogging in today’s society is the true “in” thing.

Various websites like WordPress and LinkedIn are crowded with some great write-ups that genuinely connect people by heart and need.

But there lies another flip side of this practice. 

These days blogging can be a viable option to make money from blogging, and this article will go on with precisely this understanding of how to make money from blogging.

After the covid outbreak, society has gone through a drastic change.

The practice of staying within the home and making money from blogging while being with the near and dear ones has been trending these days. 

They are in constant need of searching for how to make money from blogging and accessing how to make money from blogging by setting at home.

But, people with an excellent flair for writing capacity should give a thought to this particular job of composing great pieces in writing and sharing them throughout the globe. 

There are even some people who are already aware of this parallel world.

Still, they are unaware of the possibility to make money from blogging by the practice they love the most, or some of them have tried a lot but could not figure out how to make money from blogging

This write-up carries the essence of all problems, one solution for them.

Let’s come and crack the solution. 

How To Make Money From Blogging For Beginners

These days blogging gives money, and to make money from blogging by fulfilling your passion.

Understanding ‘how to make money from blogging is the most wanted idea around the globe.

It is said, where there is passion, there lies job satisfaction.

And a satisfied person is richer in heart than a person whose hunger doesn’t let them realize the satisfaction. 

There are various ways how to make money from blogging, like selling ads on your blogging wall, which your community often visits. 

Sometimes blogs are used to sell some products.

which attracts to make money from blogging into the blogger’s pocket.

And affiliate marketing is another excellent option for how to make money from blogging.

Ways To Make Money From Blogging – For Beginners

It has already been stated that understanding ‘how to make money from blogging is not something very tough to crack.

Instead, it needs basic knowledge and engaging your web traffic with your master content.

But there are a few simple steps to knowing “how to make money from blogging” and changing your blog to a money-earning blog.

Things Need To Know Before Monetise Your Blog

Even before giving a thought to how to make money from blogging, one needs to be alert to a few warnings or some reality checks.

1) You have to have a blog of your own, without any minor mistakes.

Because some mistakes should be avoided by amateur bloggers while making a blog; otherwise, these can be dangerous for your future goals.

2) While the domain needs to be secured and private as well, everything in the blog must be simple.

The toughness of language and using hard words don’t at all entertain people.

3) Other than language, the content should be taken care of in a good manner. Uniqueness is sought very often from the contents.

4) To-the-point discussions attract more people. Also with that, topics should be well-researched.

The need for the topic, and the popularity the topic enjoys – these should be kept in mind when targeting a decent audience to come and spend some adequate time on your blog.

5) Now, when you are ready with your unique content, private and secret domain, and your own blog, now you need to have a great audience which means in technical words, organic traffic on your blogging wall.

Because that will prepare your community.

For this, you should work on three things- Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Off Page SEO.

(6) Firstly, you need to work hard on the part that when anybody is searching any content in any of the search engines like Google, Bing your website should come first.

To do this, one needs to work very effectively taking all the possible technical help which is known as Technical SEO 

(7) Now, we need to work on the particular page.

For example, anybody is searching with the keyword ‘bird’.

Now it is your work that will ensure that one of your pages with the word bird will come up first in rank any others.

This is known as On-page SEO. 

(8) Now remains Off-Page SEO.

No no, there is no need to be afraid. You just have to work on the search engine through various processes.

And this will help your site to come up better than the others. 

This will eventually build a community around your brand those who will visit your blog again and again, and who will subscribe to your blog, will be notified through various means whenever you will post something new.

Search results in your blog will come first.

This organic traffic resulting in your online community will support another very important goal to make money from blogging besides publishing your write-ups.

The time has come to address the question of how to make money from blogging.

Here Are the Top 12 Ways To Monetise Your Blog as Mention Below

1. Google Adsense

2. Affiliate Marketing

3. Sponsored Blog Content

4. Selling E-Books

5. Selling Digital Courses

6. Selling Physical Products

7. Freelance Writing

8. Coaching & Consulting

9. Launch Your Tools

10. Launch Your Workshops

11. Business Partnerships

12. Podcast Sponsorships

Let me go through each of them

And show you exactly how you can use them and monetize your blog

Let’s start with Google Adsense (The Best Way To Monetise Your Blog)

1. Google AdSense


A. What Is Google AdSense?

Ans: Basically, google AdSense is the way of publishing ads of google on your website/ blog and making money from blogging by showing advertisements to your user.

B. How To Earn From Google AdSense?

Once anybody AdSense their blog, the structure of earning comes in the following way.

For example, you have added Google AdSense to your blog, and Google has provided an advertisement while the advertiser pays Google for the advertisement.

Here lies one fundamental point.

If any loyal client of yours has clicked on the ad through your blog, the money will be diversified in the following way.

The blogger will get 68% of the money paid by the advertiser. 

Google will get 32% of the money paid by the advertiser.

This is the way through which one can bloggers make money by adding AdSense to the blogging account.

C. What Are Other Ways To Make Money From Blogging?

Now when you have earned the first money from your blog, your mind whispers for a larger amount to make money from blogging more, more and more…

First, you need more traffic and more loyal customers for your blog. Also, with that, there are some other techniques. 

You can look for different ads roundly, concentrating on the cause of which ad is earning more and you can make money from blogging by this smart method which will boost your income.

Once you find a particular blog, you can repost that particular blog, again and again, to make money from blogging by repeating the system and process. 

But before publishing AdSense on the site, one needs to have the following things clear in the heart.

D. What Are They?

They are as follows:

a) You have to have significant organic traffic on the website

b) A decent email list should be there in reach of the blogger.

c) A loyal community is a must.

d) Convertible content should be there in the blog.

Besides these, the position of the advertisement is very much necessary to take care of selling your own products through your own blog.

E. How Can Use Google AdSense In Personal Blogs?

To start advertising on your wall using Google AdSense, these particular steps are to be followed.

i) Signing UpSigning up in AdSense is free of cost.

After signing up for the free account and choosing the advertisements, one gets to read about the documents available in the portal.

ii) Choosing The Right PlaceNow, when you have chosen the ads, which can be one or more, you just think about the place in your blogging where you want to post them.

Posting the advertisement in an exact location will affect the amount you will be earning from the ad.

iii) Promoting The ContentAs much you promote your content, your traffic will grow.

And this increased traffic will directly affect your income from the ads.

2. Affiliate Marketing


A. What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Promoting other peoples’ products and businesses on your blogging wall and earning commissions from selling that particular product is known as affiliate marketing. 

B. How To Find Affiliate Programs?

There are various affiliate marketing networks available in the market. Among them, Amazon Affiliate is very much enjoyable.

Because every time anybody visits Amazon through your blog and buys the product, you get a small percentage of that profit. 

Also, with that, two other affiliate marketing networks are ShareASale and Commission Junction.

These websites comprise various affiliate programs, helping find good affiliate programs and putting them in blogs.

C. How To Start Affiliate Marketing (Action Steps)

A) List-Making Firstly, it is needed to find out the products and services you love, and you will be interested in promoting them.

And then search in various affiliate marketing networks for them.

B) Signing UpNow, sign up there when you find the correct affiliate marketing network. 

C) Content CreationNow it’s time to create unique content to promote the product in the best way possible.

This is your part where you can ensure that you can engage and convince your traffic into the potential buyer of that particular product you are promoting. 

D) PromotionYou have to have a great crowd for your content. So, for promotion, just share your content wherever possible.

Sharing the content on a grander scale can strengthen the possibility of earning more.

Affiliate Marketing is mostly commission-based marketing.

Once you patch up with any other organization and you convince them about using your portal for their advertising, they provide you with their banner and links to directly visit their portal.

When anybody visits that particular portal and buys any product, you get your commission from that purchase. 

But there are a few things you should take care of.  


D. What Are They?

a) When you promote one product to your loyal clients, you should already use the product.

Do not promote products to your clients that you don’t use. To have a loyal customer, you need to be a loyal blogger. 

b) Before doing affiliate marketing, just be specific that your sole motive is not only to make money from blogging.

It should include your value towards your traffic.

Also, just be sure about one thing that the kings of affiliate marketing do not always promote.

It would be best if you kept a balance of it.

3. Sponsored Blog Content


A. What Is Sponsored Blog Content?

So Sponsored Blog Content is a new money-making strategy in the blogging industry that helps you to make money from blogging.

It is mutually beneficial.


Let’s understand.

It is mainly the blogger who writes promotional content for the company or any other product of them and provides this to their loyal clients (Much like the selling pitch).

And the company pays in return for this.

B. How To Start Blog Sponsorship (Action Steps)

The first job is to find out the products that go with your ideas of blogging and that you find attractive in working with.

The second is to make a list of them and visit their websites to get connected with somebody in marketing or Public Relations. 

Just send an email about your willingness to have a partnership with them.

If everything falls in a good way, the whole idea will definitely crack.

4. Selling E-Books


A. What Is An E-Book?

An eBook is a book but not in physical format as we see, but rather in a digital format available on electronic devices.

B. Use Of E-Books To Make Money From Blogging?

Earlier in this content, it is already discussed that if anybody wants to make money from blogging by selling their product, the most accessible one is eBooks.

Because a lot of people buy and access eBooks.

Also, with this, buying eBooks can also show you how popular your products are in the market.

From an eBook, you can actually start selling various products through your website.

C. How To Start E-Books Business Via Blog (Action Steps)

(i) Choosing The Subject

First, choose the subject on which you want to work for your eBook.

You have to search for the topic that resonates with your audience, the topic that goes by your niche.

(ii) Writing The E-Book

Now the idea needs its way out into the structure of words and dynamic designs.

It’s time to write an eBook with excellent designs and an exciting outlook.

(iii) Figuring Out The Place Of Selling & Setting Up The Sales

There are various places where one can plan to sell books.

From Amazon and Flipkart to ClickBank, and SendOwl one can plan sales.

Also, the payment options and the delivery are to be decided.

Even one can also fix their system.

(iv) Promotion

Promoting the eBooks through the blog and convincing the loyal visitors into being potential customers make the whole intent easy and successful.

5. Digital Courses


A. How Do Digital Courses Help To Make Money?

Next to eBooks, digital courses give more profit than earlier.

You can organize various digital courses upon the ideas on which you work in your blog.

Digital courses on various topics like education, fashion, food, and music can be organized through this.

Give more depth to your course, and you will earn more from the courses.

If you cater to more people with their needs, they will pay you more than any others.

B. How To Start Courses (Action Steps)

1. Pick A Theme:

Your course ought to be about a subject you can assist your crowd with.

Assuming there’s a battle or an issue that surfaces routinely, address it by taking a course about it.

2. Make Your Substance:

Once your subject is set up, accomplish the difficult work of arranging and making your course.

There are many arrangements to convey a course, yet most are typically a combo of recordings, slideshows, and text.

Conclude how you will convey data and make content appropriately. You needn’t bother with any extravagant hardware to begin.

You can set up your content in Google Docs and account for your videos on your phone (but utilize a tripod).

Simply pick a calm spot and begin making.

3. Sort Out Where To Sell:

There are numerous ways of dealing with a course on the web.

A portion of your choices are:

A. On your webpage: You can have your seminar on your site

B. On Udemy (or other comparative destinations)

C. On Teachable, or different comparable stages.

Where you sell your course will likewise rely upon its intricacy.

Stages like Teachable make it simple to create a course weighty on recordings and slideshows.

4. Set Up For Selling:

Once individuals purchase your course, you will require a method for conveying the course to them.

You can have your recordings on YouTube or Vimeo and convey them to your clients on your site at the exceptionally essential level.

To keep things straightforward, course makers frequently use stages like Teachable or Click Funnels.

These stages help you have the course and effectively acknowledge installments for your courses.

If you’ve chosen to sell on Udemy, to begin with, the stage will direct you through the most common way of setting up and selling a course through them.

5. Advancing Your Course:

Like all the other things, if the promotion doesn’t take place, nobody will realize you have a course.

Tell your crowd through email and virtual entertainment, and publicize everything over your blog that you have a course.

Promote any gatherings and discussions where potential learners invest their energy.

6. Physical Products


A. Ways To Make Money By Selling Physical Products?

There are two ways to make money from blogging by selling physical products through your blog.

The first is where you can have your inventory and produce your products, and the second is where you dropship through your blog.

B. Mindset When Selling Physical Products Via Your Site?

First, you have to think about selling, packaging, delivering, and quality control.

But for the second, it is much like a marketplace, where all the sellers can advertise their products and sell.

You just get the commission.

C. How To Start Selling Physical Products (Action Steps)

(i) Suppose you want to sell your products but think about the manufacturing. 

(ii) In that case, you can take online concerns like Alibaba or Printify into account, making your products and delivering them on your behalf, and it’s one of the highest profit-gaining methods to make money blogging.

(iii) Besides, you have to create an online store linked to your blog to give perfection to the idea. 

(iv) Selling physical items is an individual decision you want to choose for yourself in light of your specialty and the sort of business you need to begin. 

(v) Physical items are incredible when you have a fanatic gathering per user, or the thing normally adjusts with your specialty, and there’s demonstrated interest in it. 

(vi) You can also make yourself free from the tension of creating a factory. You do one thing.

If you find that your brand is quite popular and sellable, just make your products from outside factories with your brands and sell them through your website.

7. Freelance Writing


A. What Is Known As Freelancing?

Freelancing is when you do any work for any company without being a permanent employee of any particular company.

This is more of a job where you can actually use your knowledge without any company policy or any other constraints.

In today’s time, freelancing is an alternative career option in any field of jobs.

This constitutes a perfect relationship between the employer and the employee.

A clear understanding between the amount of work and clear payment to make money from blogging is this excellent venture’s wings.

Good traffic in a blog is perfect for freelancing to make money from blogging by using the freelancing method.

B. What Is Freelance Writing?

Freelance Writing is when you write blogs for any company without being a part of that company.

C. How To Start Freelancing (Action Steps)

Pick Your Claim To Fame:

There are numerous sorts of independent compositions.

Do your exploration to conclude whether you need to go into blog composing, copywriting, virtual entertainment composing, etc.

Search For Work: 

There are many various ways of searching for independent composing work.

Here are a few thoughts:

1. On Upwork: Join an outsourcing stage, make a profile, and begin applying for work like upwork, fiverr etc.

2. Random selling to clients: Research expected clients in your specialty (for example, on the off chance that you run a wellness blog, consider entrepreneurs who could be possible clients in the wellness business).

Email them to pitch composing blog content or secretly composing for their business.

3. On Facebook gatherings and discussions: Writing or outsourcing-related Facebook bunches are extraordinarily famous and can be an incredible wellspring of work for amateur essayists.

4. Through your organization: Let your organization realize you’re searching for composing work.

No one can tell who could require your administration.

5. On your blog: Create a ‘Work with Me’ or ‘Administrations’ page and rundown Freelance Writing as help for clients.

If potential clients show up on your site and like what they see, they might be keen on working with you.

Additionally, look at our article for some more assets for an independent composing position: Freelance Writing Jobs:

26 Resources for Finding PAID Work.

Advance yourself: 

Remember to utilize your blog, virtual entertainment, and professional organizations to advance your independent composing administrations.

8. Coaching & Consulting


A. How Does Online Coaching Help To Make Money?

When you are already publishing eBooks and providing online courses through your blog, your customers already expect that you are an expert in a particular field.

This can be anything from sports to dance through fashion, education, and many more.

Such a blog and its maker can venture for online coaching and online consulting on those particular topics quite easily.

B. How To Start Consulting Business (Action Steps)

1. Pick Your Forte: Decide why you need to offer an instructing or counseling administration.

Consider some ways you can help individuals and consider making assistance based on that.

2. Advance Yourself: Sell your new support to your crowd. As they know and trust you, they may also be keen on your new instructing administration.

So that’s it.

Six unique and sensible ways to make money from blogging or your first $100 from your blog.

You don’t need to do everything (you can if you need to), so begin with one. 

Pick the one that appears to be generally possible for you right now and that requests you the most and simply gets everything rolling.

9. Launch Your Tools


A. How Does A Software Tool Help Us?

A software tool makes the whole work of publishing the blog easier than the work done in some manual ways.

And launching new tools in the blog can open up a new avenue of monetary possibility.

B. How To Start To Launch The Tools (Action Steps)

Programming and other advanced items in this vein aren’t bound exclusively to things like WordPress topics.

Different models incorporate things like:

Portable Applications – These are actually simple software tools that we can carry very easily from one browser to another, from one computing environment to another quite easily. 

Efficiency Apparatuses – It is merely a measure that shows how well the software is used in comparison with its full power.

Email Advertising Specialist Co-Ops – The work here is to send and receive emails actually to very specific maintain the total email marketing system.

Client Relationship Management Tools (CRMs) – This is the system through which the owner keeps in contact with all of his/ her clients.

Indeed, even video games get placed on that list.

Assuming there’s an interaction or series of errands individuals do consistently, programming can be worked to help computerize or smooth out those exercises.

If you have a crowd of people who offer this equivalent test, you can earn cash quite easily by writing for a blog and tackling their requirements through programming.

The fun part will be working hands-on with a modest bunch of perusers to make and ideal your product before delivering it out into the world.

10. Launch Your Workshops


A. How Does Launching Workshops Help To Make Money?

When you provide coaching and consultation, you are publishing eBooks, and it’s also advisable to organize virtual summits or workshops.

Because it does both the work of earning more profitable possibilities and driving more crowd towards your blog, also, with that, your already loyal clients can get the answers to their long preserved questions through your website.

B. How To Start Launching Your Workshops(Action Steps)

Characterize The Goals

Each studio should have an objective.

Do you have to further develop your organization’s recruiting process?

Would you like to show supervisors how to be better?

Do you have to do some group work with a recently framed group?

Without this reasonable objective, it’s truly useless to get individuals together.

Conclude Who Will Attend

Realizing who will go to straightforwardly connect with your goal.

For instance, if your goal is to give step-by-step solutions, you presumably need 10 or fewer key participants.

If your objective is focused on training, you may be content with a much bigger gathering, which separates into more modest gatherings for conversation.

Pick The Right Location

If you have 10 participants, the gathering room a few doors down will presumably be okay.

Yet, assuming you have 50 individuals, you might need to observe an external area that is adequately huge.

Make An Agenda

Now that you know your essential goal and who will join in, you can begin to foster a framework of how you’ll accomplish the studio’s objective.

i) Primary concernsCreate a rundown of central matters to examine, and afterward separate each bigger point into subtleties that you need to convey to your crowd.

Visual guides – List the visual guides, if any, you’ll use for each point. If you really want specialized help, this helps individuals giving it to figure out where they need to concentrate their endeavors.

ii) Conversations and exercisesTake time to list precisely which bunch of conversations and exercises you’ll have, all in all in the studio.

How long will you take into consideration each activity?

Ensure your exercises are fitting for the size of the gathering, and guarantee that your setting has the assets (for instance, workshop rooms) expected to run meetings.

Keep in mind, that the more itemized your arrangement, the more you’ll guarantee that your studio will rush to plan – and find lasting success.

Foster A Follow-Up Plan

The best way to see whether your studio was a triumph is to have a successful subsequent arrangement.

Make a poll to provide for all members toward the finish of the occasion, and offer them a lot of chances to impart their insights on how well it went. 

During The Workshop – Getting People Involved

When you have a strong development plan, sort out some way to bring some energy into your occasion.

You know your desired themes to cover, however, how might you make the data fun and essential for your group?

Getting everybody in question is vital to an effective studio. And also making a bunch of practices is different for every studio.

Remember these tips:

Many individuals are anxious about talking openly or in a new gathering.

So, individuals should feel more open in talking and collaborating.

Stir up various kinds of individuals in each gathering.

By empowering individuals to connect with different divisions, they can figure out how to check out things according to alternate points of view.

Decide how you’ll record the thoughts from each gathering.

Will members yell them out while you record them?

Or on the other hand, will they record their own thoughts and afterward give them to you?

This is a little, yet significant, detail that is frequently missed out.

Keep in mind, invest however much energy that you can to make a fun and fascinating gathering works out.

These will probably keep everybody intrigued and partaking.

11. Business Partnerships


A. What Is The Use Of Business Partnership?

When you have a potential customer base of yours, this becomes the right time to make the partnership with any other company where the sharing of the customer base will be a good point of share.

B. How To Start Business Partnership(Action Steps)

A business partnership can shake out in various ways, making sense of only one’s troubles.

A business association can be as simple as a member relationship that we’ve proactively covered.

In any case, it could likewise mean.

a) Working with a tech organization to white-mark their application and offer that form of it to your adherents

b) Collaborating with one more blogger to make an item together and market it to one another’s crowd

This applies a lot similarly to laying out mutually advantageous business associations.

Observe different organizations or people that line up with your crowd.

You’re contributing to blog objectives, particularly your arrangements for how you need to bring in cash publishing content to a blog.

From that point, all that is left is figuring out how to cooperate so that all gatherings benefit.

Indeed, there are a couple of ways of adapting a culmination.

12. Podcast Sponsorships


A. What Is A Podcast?

Podcasts are digital audio files that can be downloaded or can be accessed online.

B. What Is The Use Of Podcasts?

These days Podcasts have taken a very important deal to make money from blogging as well as making the blog overall active.

Writing is not always able to express the whole while, and Podcasts cast the voice of the blogger.

If all the settings are arranged, Podcasts are much more accessible than creating great posts.

C. How To Start Podcast Sponsorships(Action Steps)

a) Assuming you’re in a rush, you can begin by taking your current blog entries, transforming them into verbally expressed words, and starting to consistently post them as digital recording episodes that discuss all of the most well-known content from your blog (and offer reviews of what you’re dealing with at this moment). 

b) Throughout your initial not many months of podcasting, you’ll probably draw in more audience members consistently, assuming your show is engaging, and you talk about intriguing subjects or welcome exciting visitors. 

c) Advance your blog and web recording by making a smart blogger effort to pitch yourself as a visitor on other webcasts, offer up visitor writing for a blog, and build a local social area to impart new satisfaction routinely.

d) Whenever you have a webcast with some ordinary listenership, you can add podcasting to your media unit and begin charging patrons for digital broadcasts promotion situations like 30-second pre-rolls, mid-rolls, and post-moves that plug your supported items and administrations.


Q) What are the ideal hosting platforms?

A) Hostinger, Bluehost, Nexcess, and HostGator are some of the ideal hosting platforms.

Q) What is affiliate marketing?

A) Affiliate Marketing is mostly commission-based marketing.

Once you patch up with any other organization and convince them about using your portal for their advertising, they provide you with their banner and links to directly visit their portal.

When anybody visits that particular portal and buys any product, you get your commission from that purchase.

Q) Which kind of SEOs is to be done for a blog to get popularity?

A) Technical SEO, On-page SEO, and Off-Page SEO are to be done for a blog to get popularity.

Q) What is Organic Crowd?

A) Organic Crowd is the number of people who have visited the blog through unpaid distribution.

Q) What are the ways to make money from blogging?

A) Several ways are there, like Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsoring Blog Content, Publishing eBooks and Digital Courses, Producing consultations and coaching, and many more.


In these post-covid days, the public has put a special notice on how to make money from blogging or how to make money online/ how to make money blogging from home.

This has come up as the prime option to make money from blogging by various methods.

But there lies acute poverty in the knowledge of the money-earning process among beginners.

So, this content has intended to make the whole process clear about how to make money from blogging for beginners.

Have our sincere thanks for coming and taking a share of this knowledge with us because sharing doesn’t lessen the knowledge but enriches the person who shares.

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