10 Best FREE Blogging Sites In 2024 (Build A Blog For Free)

Don’t want to splash out on a blog hosting site? No problem! 

Check out our list of the 10 best free blogging sites in 2024. 

From WordPress.com to Tumblr.com, we’ve got you covered. 

So get creative and start sharing your thoughts with the world today!


Best FREE Blog Sites To Consider In 2024

Below, I have listed some of the best free blogging sites to consider in 2024: 

1: WIX


Unique Selling Points Of Wix

  • Wix has 200+ million users globally.
  • 5+ Million are the paid clients of Wix
  • 332,000+ eCommerce websites are created on Wix
  • Wix has over 22 million mobile sites.
  • Wix’s monthly traffic is approx 50 Million.

Wix.com is among the finest free blogging sites tools for building and designing fully customizable websites.

The good news is that you don’t need to know how to code to create a dynamic website.

Wix is a professional website builder that produces great and appealing websites.

It’s one of the easiest CMSs to use and is ideal for both beginners and professionals.

Wix, which was founded in 2006, soon became a market leader in its field and is now popular in almost every country on earth.

It gives customers a complete, all-in-one platform for building responsive websites and running their online businesses.

Additionally, it assists small company owners in lead generation, customer connection development, payment gateway integration, and organic business expansion.

It’s also very flexible, which means you can keep using it as your company grows, establishing long-term, sustainable relationships and never having to switch.

Wix has a unique feature in that they have developed solutions to support musicians and hotels in growing their companies, which are not provided by other website builders.

Who Can Use It?

Wix is a wonderful option for anybody looking for a quick and simple solution to build free blogging sites.

With Wix, you can create a blog without worrying about technicalities like hosting, backups, or security.

All of the setups are handled for you by Wix, even with their free platform options.

If you want to monetize your blog or give it a unique style, you won’t be able to do so with Wix’s free edition.

Examples Of Wix



Pros & Cons Of Wix (Free Blogging Sites)


  • Easy to use
  • No need for domain and hosting
  • Drag and Drop website builder
  • Amazing Template Selection
  • Faster loading


  • No monetization
  • Limited Blogging Functionalities
  • Less Storage and Bandwidth
  • No site migration
  • No switching templates
  • Can’t manage complex eCommerce website

2: WordPress


Unique Selling Points Of WordPress

  • WordPress has 455+ million sites globally.
  • There are more than 54,000 plugins and 11,000 themes in the WordPress ecosystem
  • WordPress monthly traffic is approx 284 Million.
  • WordPress is available in 196 languages.

WordPress.org dominates the free blogging site industry.

Although it is a free blogging platform, users will ultimately need to develop the majority of the website manually.

Additionally, you are required to host the programs yourselves.

WordPress hosting is free, but in the long run, it’s best to pay a reasonable price for a hosting service with a good reputation.

WordPress is a widely-used content management system (CMS) that facilitates the development of almost any kind of website imaginable.

It’s incredibly adaptable, which means you have total control over the appearance and functioning of your website.

However, you will require a basic knowledge of coding to install, operate, and maintain WordPress.

It’s indeed relatively easy to create your first blog, as most blogging platforms include a simple wizard that walks you through the steps of selecting a name for your blog as well as an appropriate theme to use.

You can start writing blog posts right away, and its advanced editor lets you change the look of your blog to suit your needs.

WordPress is not a drag-and-drop free blogging platform like another free blog platform, so you will need to get comfortable with its menu structure in order to use it effectively.

Note: For customization, you may need to install some plugins or themes, or you can create your own.

But it’s definitely worth the effort because it allows you to design something unique and memorable.

Who Can Use It?

If you just want to try out blogging without worrying too much about making money or needing a shedload of features, then the free version of WordPress is for you.

WordPress.org is a useful solution for a reliable, free blog site, perfect for people who wish to start a blog as a hobby or experiment with the free blogging platform to see whether they like it.

Examples Of WordPress

Pros & Cons Of WordPress (Free Blogging Sites)


  • Provide complete control
  • Get several free and paid themes and plugins
  • User-friendly in terms of functionality, accessibility, and control.
  • Huge online community
  • Customizable
  • Ease to Use
  • Completely Free for beginners
  • Maintenance Free


  • Limited Functionalities and Customization
  • Customer Support is not available with Free Plan
  • Little to no monetization

3: Linkedin

Unique Selling Points Of Linkedin

  • Linkedin has 500+ Million users
  • Build strong relationships with businesses
  • 250+ Million monthly active users
  • Approx 1.7 Billion monthly traffic

I’m pretty sure you weren’t expecting LinkedIn on our list of free blogging sites.

When deciding which of the blog sites free platform sites to use, many people don’t start with LinkedIn or even consider it.

Having said that, it does need more attention!

There are two primary reasons for LinkedIn’s being on our list: because of its simple tools and its pre-existing community.

About the audience, Linkedin has more than 30 million companies that are reportedly active on the platform.

Additionally, they aren’t simply there for show. According to other research, 94% of B2B marketers utilize the platform as one of their main lead sources.

In a nutshell, LinkedIn is simply a platform for users to gain visibility; as a result, it is frequently regarded as one of the most effective free blogging services currently available.

No, on Linkedin you will not get your own blogging website.

However, if your primary goal is just to have your blog article viewed by a large number of (the appropriate) readers, LinkedIn will be for you. 

Who Can Use It?

Linkedin is the best free blog platform for business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to reach a wide range of potential audiences.

Examples Of Linkedin

There are many individuals, businesses, start-ups, and hobbyists who can publish their blog posts on the different niches they like or are interested in. 

Pros & Cons Of Linkedin (Free Blogging Sites)


  • Posting is Super Easy
  • Business Focused
  • Can find your specific niche audiences.
  • Reputable platform
  • Generate Free Potential Leads
  • Get indexed quickly


  • No Adsense ads
  • Only good for business writing
  • You will not get your personal website
  • No customization option 

4: Blogger.com

Unique Selling Points Of Blogger.com

  • There are approximately 579,000+ blogs
  • Approx 44+ Million monthly traffic
  • Best platform for most the beginners
  • Blogger is available in 41 different languages

Blogger is a well-known and commonly used free blogging site.

There are several free blogging sites on the market, but Blogger is the one you should not overlook.

Blogger is the best option if you’re looking for a trustworthy and cost-free blogging platform.

Blogger is a web-based blog publishing platform that gives users the ability to build and manage their own websites.

Blogger.com is not just one of the most well-known blogging platforms; it is also managed by Google.

It’s one of the finest free blogging sites that works flawlessly, reducing the necessity for users to purchase, install, and maintain additional software for developing their websites.

Who Can Use It?

If you’re searching for a free site to launch your hobby blog or your first blog, Blogger is a good alternative.

But since there are so many other cutting-edge, free blogging platforms out there now, I wouldn’t personally advise using Blogger for the long term.

Examples Of Blogger.com

Pros & Cons Of Blogger.com (Free Blogging Sites)


  • Completely Free
  • Adsense Monetization is available
  • Good for simple blogs
  • Can integrate custom domains
  • Customizable


  • Less Security
  • Limited features
  • Outdated Interface

5: Medium

Unique Selling Points Of Medium

  • There are over 54 Million registered users on Medium
  • 100+ Million active monthly readers
  • With Partner’s Program writers can earn between $4.32 – $8.19 per 1,000 views.
  • Approximately 137+ Million monthly traffic

Medium is a versatile platform that covers a wide range of topics and allows everyone who has a Medium account to publish.

It is one of the most well-known free blogging sites.

The site contains writing from both beginner writers and professional writers who have contributed to prominent publications in the media. 

Medium writers are also compensated via the platform’s Partner Program, which pays money based on the total article read duration.

The website is well-liked by bloggers since it is free for writers to use and publish their content, it doesn’t need any web designing or technical expertise, and it has attractively formatted posts.

Who Can Use It?

Medium is an excellent choice for authors seeking visibility via a free blogging platform with a huge built-in community. It would be suitable for a hobby blog or to help you develop your writing style.

Pros & Cons Of Medium (Free Blogging Sites)


  • Completely Free
  • Get paid with the Medium Partner’s Program
  • Awesome Platform for publishers
  • Easy to use & publish
  • No pre-setup required
  • Get more traffic
  • Get indexed quickly


  • You don’t get a website
  • No customization
  • No (real monetization)
  • Has no complete control over user experience

6: Ghost

Unique Selling Points Of Ghost

  • 3.1+ Million Ghost Installs
  • Gets 2 Billion requests per month
  • Has 16,146 Active customers
  • 683.1K+ Monthly Traffic

Ghost.org is an open source and one of the simplest and most cost-free blogging sites that anyone can use to easily create stylish blogs.

Ghost was initially built with blogging in mind, and as a result, both its user interface and its feature set are fairly simple.

This makes it easy for new people to use their website and keeps the UI clean and uncluttered.

Ghost has introduced membership and newsletter capabilities that are ideal for content creators who wish to monetize their audience.

Creators have the option of adding a payment gateway and charging users for access to their premium and professional content.

Ghost also enables customers to send out stunning, professional-looking email newsletters to their subscribers.

Who Can Use It?

If you’re searching for a simple, free blog site that’s designed solely for blogging then Ghost could be a good choice. Or for those looking for something with a modern touch. However, be cautious with the technical setup.

Examples Of Ghost

Pros & Cons Of Ghost (Free Blogging Sites)


  • Simple and Flexible for beginners
  • Flexible user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Has themes and can customize
  • It supports automatic backups
  • Offers SEO settings
  • Free Email Marketing


  • Hard to Find Hosting Plans
  • No comment functionality
  • Very costly hosting

7: Weebly

Unique Selling Points Of Weebly

  • 30+ Million Website
  • Currently hosted 12+ Million blogs and websites
  • Weebly gets 250+ Million visitors every month

Weebly is another one of the best free blogging sites that are very popular right now, mostly because it is easy to use and was made with eCommerce in mind.

They have a fantastic blogging solution with many customizable possibilities available.

Even if you have a free plan, you can still explore the Weebly app store. Weebly is a drag-and-drop website builder and has more than 40 mobile-friendly templates.

Weebly is widely considered to be among the most intuitive website builders available today.

It’s also one of the most powerful and dependable website builders, and anyone can use it to build a blog, a personal website, or an online business without writing a single line of code.

Weebly gives you a custom domain and email address, secure and free hosting, fully customizable and stylish themes and templates, and premium help by email, chat, and phone, as well as video lessons, webcasts, and other features. 

Who Can Use It?

Weebly is a website builder for beginners that enables users to simply build a website with no coding skills.

It’s a fantastic choice for those who wish to swiftly build a professional website or an online business.

Examples Of Weebly

Pros & Cons Of Weebly (Free Blogging Sites)


  • Ease of use
  • Responsive-design themes (attractive)
  • Excellent Uptime
  • eCommerce option available
  • Provide 500 MB of storage
  • Easily change blog templates


  • Customization is limited
  • Limited theme customization
  • Slow customer service

8: Tumblr

Unique Selling Points Of Tumblr

  • Tumblr hosts 530+ Million blogs
  • Tumblr gets 255+ Million traffic every month
  • Tumblr is available in 18 languages

Tumblr is a micro-blogging site.

Unlike the other blogging platforms, which are largely designed for writing and publishing, this one is primarily focused on multimedia or social media-style content.

Tumblr is among the fastest-growing websites on the internet, and it appears to be a hybrid of Blogger, Facebook, and Twitter.

Tumblr’s user interface is more engaging and simple to use; upon signing up, you can immediately start posting.

It includes various posting formats for various sorts of information, much like a standard blogging platform.

Tumblr, on the other hand, is primarily for personal use and wouldn’t be a good alternative if you have business-related goals.

As I mentioned earlier, it is simple, has just a few customizing options, and offers a stronger social networking feel.

Who Can Use It?

Tumblr is targeted toward a younger audience and is popular among those between the ages of 18 and 29.

It’s an entertaining and engaging approach to spreading your work.

Tumblr is a remarkable combination of free blogging platforms and an integrated community because it promotes itself as a site where one can find almost anything.

It’s a fantastic option for those who want to create relatively fast and short content but don’t want to be overwhelmed by website development or the additional work required to maintain the website.

Examples Of Tumblr

Pros & Cons Of Tumblr (Free Blogging Sites)


  • Good for short content
  • Creative and fun community
  • Ability to monetize
  • Completely free with no ads
  • Amazing Content management
  • Get indexed quickly


  • Limited customization
  • Not ideal for lengthy posts
  • Limited free themes

9: Joomla

Unique Selling Points Of Joomla

  • Joomla is downloaded 123+ million times
  • Joomla is 2nd most widely used CMS
  • There are 2.5+ million active sites
  • 800K+ people are registered on the official Joomla forums.
  • Joomla has 847.2K monthly traffic

Joomla is comparable to WordPress.org but less noticeable when compared to other free blog sites.

Similar to WordPress, the service is free to use but requires both hosting and a domain name.

Joomla features a versatile user interface that is suitable for both more complicated websites and blogs.

When I evaluated Joomla, I discovered that it featured some great built-in capabilities, a wide selection of extensions, and overall outstanding versatility in how your blog appears and functions.

But I think it isn’t appropriate for someone without coding or technological expertise.

Who Can Use It?

Joomla demands a little more technical expertise than WordPress and the majority of our other best free blog sites, so it isn’t suitable for those searching for a simple (non-technical) platform.

It also features a more advanced user interface, so if you have the necessary technical know-how, there are more things you can accomplish out of the box.

Examples Of Joomla

Pros & Cons Of Joomla (Free Blogging Sites)


  • Customization and Flexibility
  • Good for monetization
  • Built-in access control
  • Ease to use for developers
  • Free Templates
  • Has a user-friendly admin interface
  • Great Multilingual Options


  • Is not user friendly as WordPress
  • Requires moderate technical and programming skills
  • Some compatibility issues

10: Jimdo

Unique Selling Points Of Jimdo

  • There are 15+ Million websites on Jimdo
  • Jimdo has 6.7+ Million monthly traffic.

Jimdo is an online platform that enables users to create their own personal websites.

It enables you to build a free website, blog, or online retailer for any reason you want. It is an excellent blogging platform for small companies.

Jimdo is a website development software that allows users to construct appealing websites in a few minutes using an easy-to-use and user-friendly website builder.

Users have the option of starting blogs, adding text, picture galleries, videos, and online shops.

Users can personalize their sites by selecting from a range of expertly created templates.

There is no need for technical knowledge or coding skills to create a professional website. Every website has been mobile and desktop optimized.

With the help of Jimdo, anybody can build a weblog and an online shop as part of a personalized digital platform.

Jimdo can be used in 12 languages, and it has helped people make over 8 million websites. 

Who Can Use It?

Jimdo is a website builder which is appropriate for individuals with some level of technical experience who wish to construct their website from scratch or modify it using code.

Examples Of Jimdo

Pros & Cons Of Jimdo (Free Blogging Sites)


  • Good website customization
  • Free to use
  • Create unlimited free sites
  • Friendly customer support
  • Mobile optimized


  • The free plan includes some Jimdo ads.
  • Has basic and outdated templates
  • Limited eCommerce options

Best Free blogging site I recommend for beginners

In my starting time, I have used most of the platforms but I like a few among them which is suitable for both beginners and professionals. I would recommend these websites for starting for free: 

  • WIX
  • WordPress
  • Blogger

WIX: It is the best drag-and-drop website builder tool. With Wix, you can create your personal blog completely free, but there is a catch in a domain name.

You will be getting [your_name.wix.com] parent domain name.

You can connect custom your domain name with Wix easily. It is best for beginners who want to learn how to create a website and just get started in this niche.

WordPress: There are two types of WordPress: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. If you want to work on .com then you must need a hosting provider who offers WordPress Website Builder functionality.

Then you can create your blog website. But, if you need a free blog site, then you can choose.

org, here you need to install the software and start working similarly to .com. But here you will be getting the parent domain name of WordPress, which means [your_name.wordpress.org]. It’s best for both beginners and professionals.

Blogger: It is also a free website builder platform developed by Google. At Blogger, you can create your personal website completely free. Here your parent domain name is [your_name.blogspot.com]. It’s best for beginners.

How can I post a blog for free?

  1. Select any one of the top listed Free Blogging Sites.
  2. Create an account with all the details required.
  3. Create content in your niche
  4. Upload it
  5. Publish it 

Are Free blogs really free?

Yes, some of the platforms are completely free (like Blogger and Wix) but if you want to move ahead with your website then you must need a domain name and a suitable hosting plan.

Which blog site is best for beginners?

As a beginner, most people don’t have a budget but have the enthusiasm to learn more about a website, free blogging sites, what is blogging, how to blog, SEO, etc. So, to get started blogging you need a suitable blog site to publish your content.

These websites are:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Wix
  • Joomla
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Linkedin

… and many others

Do I need a website to create a blog?

No, not always. In the same way that you post short posts on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram without needing a website, similarly you can also publish longer content on some social media platforms or free blogging sites.

LinkedIn has recently become one of the most used professional networks for blogging. Anybody can post articles on the website for free without having any technical knowledge as long as you’re connected to the social network.

Conclusion For FREE Blogging Sites

I hope this list of the top free blog sites has helped you start your personal blogs, share your opinions, and interact with other users online.

As I explained in this article, there are several free blogging websites out there. It’s difficult to choose the best and most suitable free blogging sites because you can’t test them all at once.

Therefore, before selecting a blogging platform, be aware of your demands.

If you’re a newbie looking for methods to make money with blogs, I highly suggest that you try Blogger or WordPress from the list of completely free blogging sites listed above.

What are the finest free blogging sites you would suggest to a beginner? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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