Spin Rewriter Review 2022 – Legit or Hype ? Truth Exposed !!


Creating unique content can be quite a tiresome job, especially for people who own multiple sites.

Spin Rewriter can help to ease some responsibility by providing value and uniqueness.

Well, if you do not know about spin rewriters, buckle up people, because here is this spin rewriter review.

we will be taking you on a ride covering all the facts about the spin rewriter and rest assured by the end of this article.

you will have a very clear idea if it suits your interests.

This Spin Rewriter Review 2022 article will cover:-

Overview Of Spin Rewriter Review

Product NameSpin Rewriter 12
CreatorAaron Sustar
Official SiteClick Here
Coupon/discount60% discount on the yearly plan
Pricing3 Pricing Options

Monthly plan- $47
Yearly plan-$77
Single lifetime payment-$497
RecommendedA single lifetime payment is recommended.

What is a spin rewriter? – Spin Rewriter Review

As content creators, we all face the challenge of writing quality-based content every single time, and when you have to write the same topic, again and again.

it messes up your creativity and also takes up most of your time. A spin rewriter can ease this responsibility.

A spin writer is a software that creates a unique article after spinning the original content from the article.

Its algorithm is designed to revise the articles and produce a copy that has not been posted. Spin Rewriter rewrites on paragraph, word, and sentence levels.

It uses the ENL (Emulated Natural Language) technology which allows it to derive the meaning of content and then spin it into a copy without losing the meaning and is readable by humans.

It can even design a sentence correctly and changes the tense of the sentence or paragraph. 

We will explain the functionality of ENL technology in the following example.

For example – You want to spin an article on the topic of dairy designing spin rewriter based on the ENL.

You will look up the synonymous words while retaining the meaning and can even rephrase the sentences allowing you to create a new unique article with the same meaning.

How does a spin rewriter work? – Spin Rewriter Review

Spin the writer is simple software and is very user-friendly.

First, sign in to a spin rewriter.

You can also take a 5-days free trial for which you have to create a free account.

After signing in, the Spin Rewriter dashboard will appear.

The columns are-

  1. Rewrite a Single Article
  2. Rewrite Multiple Articles
  3. My Archive
  4. Profitable Affiliate Program
  5. WordPress Plugin & Integration
  6. Gold Membership
  7. How-to & Video tutorials
  8. Support & Contact

Rewrite a single article

It can be done in just 3 simple steps.

1. Rewrite a single article.

2. Choose words and phrases.

3. Generation of a unique article.

Rewrite an article

On the spin rewriter dashboard, a tab labeled Rewrite is present.


Select anyone and the rewriter module of the software will be presented before you.

Here you can see 3 labeled steps on the top of the module.

Now you enter your article, however, if you do not have any content to start with.

you can also choose to fetch a new article hyperlink in the top right corner of the input section.

The spin rewriter with the help of big content search allows you to search for articles related to keywords.

Now you can write your article or cut and paste the content or fetch one using the hyperlink and the spin rewriter will allow you to fetch an article using the keyword.

Now before moving on to the next step, let us have a look at the settings. Toggle on the right bottom of the input section.

After you have pasted your article on the input section, you can configure the settings to your choice to get the best result possible.

After clicking on the setting button, a pop will appear on the screen which presents you with the choice to configure settings in 3 segments.

  1. Sentences and paragraphs 
  2. Words and phrases 
  3. Advanced settings

You can set the spinning of the article as per your choice.

1. Sentences and paragraphs 

Sentences and paragraph segments allow you to control the changes that are to be made in the article as per your wish.

You can either choose to automatically rewrite sentences, automatically rewrite entire paragraphs, rewrite new paragraphs and summaries, or change the structure of the senate and phrases.

Toggle on or off the manual rewriting of sentences and paragraphs as per your choice.

Configuring settings may help you enhance the uniqueness of the article.

2. Words and paragraphs 

The second segment of words and paragraphs allows you to choose the number of synonyms you would want for your content to create more unique content.

This segment is the main segment responsible for the level of uniqueness in the spun content.

It offers three choices: 

1. Most unique- use as many synonyms as possible 

2. Recommended- reliably correct synonyms 

3. Most readable- only use correct synonyms

The “Recommended” setting is the best option to go with.

You can choose to “protect” certain keywords 

i.e., they will not be replaced by any synonyms.

You can also choose to protect the Capitalized words.

3. Advanced settings 

Advanced settings allow you to: 

  1. Automatically start the “One-correct write” process in Step 2, after you have pasted the article.
  2.  Speed up the one-click rewrite process by using hyper-speed technology.
  3.  Enabling level or multilevel nested spinning.

After you have configured the settings as per your choice, press the OK button at the bottom right of the screen.

After saving the settings, click on the “rewrite article” button and a unique copy of the article will be presented.

The spin writer analyzes the structure of sentences, reads the tense of the text, and replaces words with synonyms presenting a unique copy of the article.

Further, it provides you with 3 options:

  1. One-Click Rewrite process
  2. Save for later
  3. Finalize Article

1. One-click Rewrite

If you are not satisfied with the spun content, you can use this button to write the articles again.

2. Save for later

You can save your article and download it later by using this button.

3. Finalize Article

If the spun content is up to your liking, then you can finalize your article by clicking on this button.

You can find your finalized article in the “my Archive” section.

Now after finalizing your article in rewriter 12, it further provides you with options such as inserting royalty-free images and videos in your content.

When finished press that “generate a unique article” button and voila! You will soon see the newly generated unique article.

After the generation of the unique article, you can view the unique percentage of your article in the bottom left corner.

You can also choose to compare side by side with the original content by toggling on the switch on the top left of the module.

And to add to the already long list spin rewriter 12 software even allows you to check the plagiarism with the help of Copyscape.

Or you can download the spun content as a .txt file.

You may choose to publish the newly spun article on the WordPress site but for that, you need a WordPress plugin.

With the commencement of this step, you have completed the generation of a unique article.

You may also refer to the spin rewriter demo “DEMO” by Aaron Sustar to visually understand the spinning process by spin rewriter.

Rewrite multiple articles

Spin Rewriter is also designed to rewrite multiple articles at the same time making it more productive software.

Click on the “Rewrite multiple articles” button that is present on the dashboard of the spin rewriter.

You will be directed to a module that gives 3 options:

  1. Enter articles
  2. Upload text file
  3. Upload ZIP file

You can either upload the article as a text file or zip file.

Click on “add another article” to add more than one article.

Once done, you can configure the settings by clicking the settings button for rewriting the single article, and then you may click on “Rewrite Multiple Articles”.

Now let the spin rewriter do its work.

After that, you can fetch the new unique article as you did for rewriting the single article.

My Archive

In “my archive folder”, you have access to all your finished spun articles.

Saved articles are all present here and you can download them from here.

You can also organize the article. You can create new categories or delete old ones so you can access your content easily.

Spin Rewriter 12 upsell – Spin Rewriter Review

Spin Rewriter 12 provides 2 upsells: 

1.WordPress plugin 

2. Gold membership

The one-time fee for both upsells is $47.

Benefits of WordPress plugin – Spin Rewriter Review

1. Installing the WordPress plugin, lets you publish your newly spun article directly to your websites.

2. It can automatically spin and republish old posts on the site.

3. It can automatically fetch new unique posts relevant to your site.

4. It allows you to spin posts right inside WordPress.

5. This feature helps to connect your website to your spin rewriter account.

6. You can also schedule the post for uploading later as per your choice.

7. It can also spin and republish your old articles automatically.

Benefits of Gold membership – Spin Rewriter Review

You can get both a gold membership and a WordPress plugin for $47.

Gold membership allows you certain extra benefits of the spin rewriter 12.

1. You get exclusive insider knowledge from the SEO professionals who help you to complete your task in less than 12 hours!!!

2. You can create multiple user accounts.

3. Access to the mobile-friendly version.

 4. You also get priority customer support and SEO consultation for free.

What is new in spin rewriter 12? – Spin Rewriter Review

Spin Rewriter 12 is an update of spin rewriter 11.

Here’s what’s new:

  1. Refined suggestions from the algorithm for synonym database.
  2. Improved user experience. 
  3. 12+ tutorial videos providing visual guidance.
  4. A more powerful mobile version. 
  5. Expanded integration with a stock photo and video collection.
  6. Improved phrases spinning.
  7. A new onboarding process guiding new users.
  8. Easy creation of new categories.
  9. Improved capitalization of acronyms.
  10. Improved exports. 
  11. Improved custom article titles.
  12. Automatic spinning and republishing of posts on WordPress using the WordPress plugin.
  13. Powerful active to passive voice converter.

Pros of spin rewriter 12 – Spin Rewriter Review

  1. It has a very simple interface that is user-friendly.
  2. It understands the meaning of words and then spins them to unique content without losing the meaning.
  3.  It creates human-readable articles very simply.
  4. It can create more than 1000 articles.
  5. Be it a laptop, computer, or mobile spin rewriter. You can work on any device.
  6. It also gives you video tutorials to help you operate the software better.
  7. The spinning of multiple articles.
  8. You can check for plagiarism using copy space integration.
  9.  Checks grammatical and spelling errors. 
  10.  Side-by-side comparison. 
  11.  It has the option of a free 5 days trial.
  12.  Spin Rewriter 12 is very affordable and provides excellent results.
  13.  It allows you the mass export of articles.
  14.  All spin tax style.
  15.  You can insert images and videos in the article.
  16.  You can buy a lifetime plan for $497.

Cons of spin rewriter 12 – Spin Rewriter Review

1. It does not support multi-languages.

2. Extra charges have to be paid for the WordPress plugin.

Who can use a spin rewriter? – Spin Rewriter Review

Spin Rewriter can be utilized by anyone from professionals to beginners in the writing arena.

  1. SEO professionals 
  2. Bloggers
  3. Researchers Freelancers
  4. Students
  5. Affiliate marketers
  6. Online marketers
  7. Writers

Content writing takes a lot of effort and creativity, so if you are someone in the writing area.

A spin rewriter can help to ease that burden and create unique articles with just one push.

Spin rewriter vs competitors – Spin Rewriter Review

FeaturesSpin RewriterThe Best SpinnerSpinner
Chief 6
Free Trial5-daysNoFree-Plain
Monthly Price$47No$23
Yearly Price$77$67$43
Money Back Guarantee30 Days30 DaysYes
Web VersionYesYesYes
Desktop VersionNoNoYes
Bulk SpinningYesYes
Manual SpinningYesYes
Mass ExportYesYes
Sentence SpinningYesYesYes
Paragraph SpinningYesYesYes
Word SpinningYesYesYes
Spelling CheckYesNo
Grammar CheckYesYes
All spin tax supportYesYes
Side by Side ComparisonYesYesYes
Developer APIYesYesYes
Videos TutorialsYesYesYes

Buyer testimonials – Spin Rewriter Review

Here are testimonials of some users who have used this software.

Price and Evaluation of spin rewriter 12 including upsells

Spin Rewriter 12 offers 3 pricing options:

Monthly plan- $47 per month

Yearly plan- $77 per year

This is the amount after the special discount on the amount $197 on the yearly plan. It also provides a 5-day free trial.

Lifetime single payment- $497 single payment.

The yearly plan includes a 60 percent discount and a 5-day free trial.

Click here for pricing plans

We would recommend the Lifetime single payment plan.

Upsells – Spin Rewriter Review

The two upsells of spin rewriter are-

  1. WordPress plugin
  2. Gold Membership

These both are offered at the one-time payment of $47.

Why should you buy spin rewriter 12? – Spin Rewriter Review

Spin Rewriter 12 is a very efficient tool for those who work in the writing field.

Here are some points on why you should consider buying spin rewriter 12 by Spin Rewriter Review –

  1. It can spin the content, and produce unique articles to inspire go.
  2. Multiple unique articles can be created very efficiently.
  3. It allows you to check for plagiarism and also provides side-to-side comparisons of original and spun articles.
  4. It allows articles to be posted directly on the word press site.
  5. You can configure the settings of the content spinning to your choice.
  6. It allows the mass export of articles.
  7. It provides a 60 percent discount on the yearly plan.
  8. It provides a single lifetime payment of $497.

Overall, Spin Rewriter is a productive tool.

Conclusion – Spin Rewriter Review

All the features with pros and cons of spin rewriter 12 are discussed above in this Spin Rewriter Review.

A link to the demo video is provided for visual understanding and the pricing of the software has been mentioned.

You may go for the 5-day free trial and understand this software better. Click here for a 5-day free trial

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