How To Start A Podcast In India 2024 – Step By Step Guide

To start a podcast unless you’re searching for step-by-step instructions on how to start a podcast, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

Beginning a podcast isn’t complicated, however, there are a few procedures you’ll need to take to get it up and running. 

Unless you’ve never performed stuff scientific previously, you’re going to discover how to start a podcast in india step by step.

Podcasting for beginners might be perplexing, but this article will help users know how to start a podcast in India.

How To Start A Podcast In India


Starting podcasting in India is a rapidly developing format in India, developing at a pace of 58 percent each year.

Even during the lockdown, podcast usage has soared, and tons of thousands of podcast stations are indeed being established.

Podcasting in India has still yet to grow and succeed, and we believe it is in its infancy to learn how to start a podcast in India.

The notion that we already have about 40-500 million podcast stations out of 5 billion people who use the internet lends credence to starting a podcast.

Podcasts in earnings were predicted to be about 900 million us dollars last year and have been likely to exceed a billion in the year. 

And, considering the fervor by which podcasts have been devoured since such a shutdown started.

users wouldn’t even be shocked if we’ve already surpassed this figure and the cost how to start a podcast in India is well appreciated.

Corporations and people are realizing the value of podcasting and creating their individual podcasting networks to promote their brands, profession, or unique reputation.

After China and the United States, India is the third consumer of podcasts.

When we become increasingly digital, the population is rising, and practically every home now has numerous cell phones.

This provides podcasters with the ability to reach masses of humans not only in India but throughout the world.

How To Start A Podcast In India For Free


1. Come to a conclusion on a podcasting theme, subject, and branding.

2. Choose a podcasting structure.

3. Use the experience when it comes to podcast advertising.

4. Configure the podcasting production and gear.

5. Find the most suitable podcasting production equipment for the show.

6. Get ready to record the first few podcast shows.

7. Start recording the first show of the podcast.

8. The podcast recordings may be edited, fine-tuned, and enhanced with effects.

9. Start releasing the podcast by uploading it to a web host

10. Use social networks and promotion to promote the podcast.

11. Start earning money by monetizing the podcast.

One can use the steps “how to start a podcast in India for free” using many apps and platforms after one has done their own research of their suitable preference.

Things To Do Before Starting A Podcast


1. In the modern environment, starting a podcast may be the next easiest task after eating somebody’s birthday gift.

2. Realistically, unless you’re just getting started, whip out your cell phone or begin filming your ideas, either alone or with a gathering of pals in India.

3. As electronics deprive us of socializing in our daily lives, our desire for social content grows rapidly.

As people advance in their careers, one may enhance overall expertise by including “how to start a podcast in India”:

1. Have A Purpose Of A Profitable Podcast Show?

So, first and foremost, what would you like to have to create a podcast?

Here, one may deliver important and engaging material to company clients and target audiences.

One may foster trust and cultivate the obsessive hardcore fans that every firm desires.

However, how do start a podcast in India to create a profitable podcast show for beginners, podcasting is not only a digital marketing tactic for businesses – far from it.

One could be approaching it from the standpoint of a “source of motivation.” 

This might entail producing the program around your own time and on a topic about which you are enthusiastic.

However, there would still be a purpose, and it might be just as important as a firm wanting to acquire new consumers.

2. How Much Will It Cost To Start A Podcast

Some apps and channels may charge initial learning and courses to begin using podcasts for users and beginners in India while others provide free services depending on the services provided and utilities provided.

3. How You Can Start A Profitable Podcasts Shows

This is really a commonly asked issue, and it is a worthwhile one to address before moving on.

When some people actually execute and know how to start a podcast in India a little bit, they already have a small audience.

This can range from a company or brand to an artist, retired athlete, or novelist.

If beginners and users have such a viewership for anything except the podcast.

now is a fantastic time to establish the groundwork for the show’s popularity.

This, of course, implies whether the podcast is meaningful and profitable or is this a profitable podcast show for that demographic.

Beginners may choose to poll their target audience throughout the planning stages.

You can ask them questions such as, “What is your biggest pain point?” and “how much are you currently suffering with?” Something may help you to maintain the material in the future.

You might also want to learn more about them.

This might range from demographics and geography to what most audiobooks (if any) they subscribe to.

4. Provide People An Interest In Listening To Good Podcast Shows

Even if you’re sharing knowledge to assist people to lose weight (as in our personalized trainer’s scenario) or conducting a highly fascinating conversation with another one of their favorite novels (as in our zombie podcaster’s case), you’re contract procurement to the audience.

You’ve not just given readers a cause to hear, but as well as an incentive to keep returning for some more.

It is critical to consider this throughout the planning process.

Can you brainstorm 10-15 possible episodes that you believe the main demographic would enjoy listening to?

5. Giving Your Podcast A Name For Beginners 

Any “when and how to start a podcasting” article is genuine until it addresses the most often asked issue — what else do I name the thing?

When it comes to describing your program, there seem to be three primary groupings.

A) Possibility 1 – The Ingenious Name

You could come up with a very cool nickname for the program.

However, keep in mind that people must be able to locate it while searching for answers to your issue.

If you’ve had a descriptive adjective for the program, attempt to include a description in the title as well.

It’s pointless to provide outstanding content if no one can find it.

One of our programs, for example, is titled Path of Least Barrier.

Even if we’re not so creative, it tends to come within the ‘clever title’ classification… So, to provide some context, we also utilize the catchphrase: The Unconventional President’s Guidebook.

B) Alternative 2: A Distinctive Title

The understandable (but somewhat boring) option is to just name the podcasts that the intended customers are looking for.

If the fitness trainer titled her podcast The Workout Podcast, there’s really no mistaking what it’s all about.

That’s a decent idea, however, it may lessen its memory slightly.

C) Option 3: Selection Is To Use Your Personal Name.

When they now have a following, this is really a zero.

If anybody launched The Mike Smith Show with a rock-climbing podcast, listeners would just say “who is Mike Smith?” and walk onto another episode.

Furthermore, one may include it here in the title of the program or even something explanatory (‘Rock Climbing, with Mike Smith’).

However, avoid calling the program after yourself without providing any additional information.

6. Select the Ideal Length For Starting A Profitable Podcast Show?

What time does it take to get the word across? Most profitable podcasts fans would define a “short” program as being anything less than 15 minutes.

And a “long” narrative would most likely be anything longer than an hour.

Sometimes people may point to the median work commute (which is reported to be approximately 20 mins) as a decent duration to aim for.

However, episode lengths ranging from 20 to 30 min appear to be in the “perfect spot.”

Wouldn’t get too caught up in such numbers; fundamentally, the episode durations should be determined by two factors.

7. How Frequently Must New Shows Be Released?

It is just another important ‘where & how to start a podcasting’ topic.

And here is the solution:

The finest timetable is usually the one that one can keep on a constant schedule.

So, it’s fine if you really can simply achieve once a week. It would be especially great if you could somehow do this every two weeks.

When you can handle it on a weekly basis, that’s fantastic.

A biweekly or monthly program will still have a major impact, but individuals commonly schedule their life according to which day of next week one ‘s favorite entertainment air.

Having said that, meeting a timetable just for the sake of meeting a goal is worthless.

You’ll have just a greater effect if we release a fantastic show every month rather than a very decent program each weekend.

Hardware Needs For Your Podcast


1) Microphone:

For beginners usually, phones are already packed with cutting-edge equipment, however, if you really have some doubts about the phone’s loudspeaker, you can get one.

A packed microphone will still provide happiness, but will also increase the performance of the audio recording being heard by the viewers.

The first necessity for recording audio for podcasts is a microphone. You may also capture the voice using a cell phone.

2) Pop Filter

A pop filter, also known as a windshield, is a piece of equipment that may be placed across from the microphone when recording.

It removes the popping effects and the speech that is produced during some of those utterances, allowing you to capture a clear voice.

It is not necessary for a novice to acquire a pop filter.

However, you may experiment with it and utilize it to improve the listening quality of the podcast audience.

3) Digital Audio Workstation/Audio Editor:

A good audio editor may perform a good job.

although if you really want to improve the quality of your audio and add sound effects and other effects, you need to use a DAW.

The main distinction here between DAW and a Sound Editor is that DAWs are significantly more expensive than just a competent audio editor since DAWs come with a plethora of plugins and modules utilized by Experienced Musical Artists.

Software Needs For Your Podcast


1) Mixer/Audio Interface

In rare circumstances, while recording your voice on a computer, the designed sound card is ineffective.

An audio interface transforms an analog signal into a digital signal and feeds it to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for production.

You can use it if your podcast has many hosts.

A mixer would be a more complex board that has more settings and effects for improved studio recording.

It is a prerequisite for the composition of musical tracks.

2) Software For Audio Editing

Regardless of whether you use competent audio recording equipment, you must still modify the clip to eliminate undesirable bits and do retouching prior to publishing a finished clip.

There are two excellent choices for audio editors for podcast creators.

Whether you want a free version, you could use Audacity, or if you want commercial software for elevated production, you may use Adobe Audition.

Platforms To Start Podcasts Profitable Shows


For beginners in India when people have already finished recording, editing, and generating their episodes, you must locate a platform and make the podcasts available to the general public. 

You may use any platform that is relevant to your specialities, such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anchor, or Soundcloud.

It is all about how to start a profitable podcast and how to start a podcast in India for beginners.

How To Start A Podcast On Spotify


Many apps can be used to create Spotify accounts for podcasting, for example, Anchors may be used to broadcast a podcast to Spotify.

1. Use the Anchoring android application or go to

2. Open an account and publish the initial podcast episode.

3. Add a title, a summary, and the Station design.

4. Until you’re finished, click Submit Now. Users should now provide the Podcast’s title and a description of what’s in it.

Type out all of the information, and afterward click Publish my podcast hosting.

5. The dispersion status can then be checked the following morning.

And, after the podcast is authorized, it will be accessible on Spotify as well as other compatible platforms within a few minutes or a day.

Process Done Of >> How To Start A Podcast On Spotify

How To Start A Podcast On Anchor.FM?

Publishing Your Draft Episode From The Web

1. Sign in to the Anchor account through the web; Pick “Episodes” at the top of this page, and Navigate till after users locate the exactly prepared show users want to broadcast. 

2. Final draft shows will have a lock icon beside the header.

3. Towards the top of the serial, choose the 3 dots (…) and then “View episode information.”

4. Select the pencil button at the top of the title sequence.

5. When you’re through filling up the show information and prepared to submit, use the purple “Publish now” option.

Process Done Of >> How To Start A Podcast On Anchor.FM By Using Web.

Publishing Your Draft Episode From Mobile

1. Sign in to any Anchor account using the Anchor mobile phone app.

2. Click “Your Podcast” in the bottom right corner of the window. 

3. Read down until users locate the show stored as a draught when you want to broadcast. For each season stored as a draught, the term DRAFT will indeed be displayed in red.

4. Choose any show and then click the purple “Publish this Showbox“.

Process Done Of >> How To Start A Podcast On Anchor.FM By Using Mobile

How To Start A Podcast On Google Podcasts?


1. Navigate to the Play Store Podcast Portal.

2. Select “Add A Podcast” from the drop-down menu.

3. Enter the RSS reader URL for the podcasts.

4. Select “Submit RSS Feed.”

5. Confirm the License

6. Double-check the episode information

7. Select “Publish Podcast“.

8. Await Clearance

Process Done Of >> How To Start A podcast hosting On Google Podcasts

How To Be A Good Podcaster?


This will really help if you know some good points about how you can good at be podcasting and its same importance as “how to start a podcast in India”

1. Talk About Topics That Interest

While this is kind of apparent, picking a topic that one enjoys discussing is the foundation of interactive media.

Not only it aids in the creation of intriguing material, but it really plays an important role in the creation of new shows for the viewers to appreciate.

2. Concentrate Upon The Target Demographic

Regarding ideas, look for subject suggestions in various areas, such as steps in this regard or interactions associated with them that are useful to the customer.

Alternatively, check the replies on the podcast’s posts on social media or give extra context to hot themes from earlier series.

3. Tell Several Stories

Storytelling may help users reach customers in amazing ways.

These elicit biochemical pathways in the minds, allowing everyone to concentrate and sympathize with the speaker.

4. Assist The Viewers In Taking Another Step

We must offer the listeners interest in following the program, which includes generating practical podcast material.

5. Make The Audio Flawless.

Improve audio recordings by using the correct equipment and experimenting with our tips for capturing cleaner speech the very first time users go around the mic.

6. Be True To Oneself

One may be compelled to emphasize some aspect of the persona or enhance a behavior that one believes others will like.

However, if one just wants to generate highly compelling podcasting material, one should be yourself.

How To Grow Your Podcast?


1. Set Aside 10-15 Minutes Each Day To Interact With Your Audience.

Podcasts are popular since they have a social feel to them.

Whenever listening to a podcast hosting, people often feel as if they are listening through personal friends, so maintain the dialogue flowing.

2. Pay Attention To The Target.

Regardless or even whether they respond to the public, they will provide criticism.

That criticism may be tough to hear, but it is vital for progress.

3. Make Connections With Other Content Creators.

There are also podcast Facebook pages where active podcasters share their expertise, receive help, and trade insights.

If users discover podcasts that individuals enjoy, promote this with the community since others may enjoy it as well.

4. Have The Sessions Transcribed.

People may not be able to perfect it, but one can do a few measures to boost overall search terms, one of which is transcribing each show and putting the text in the notes section.

Platforms To Promote Your Podcast


These points will help you to get a boost in your podcast and it’s as imp. as “how to start a podcast in India

1. Submit Your Podcast To All Major Podcasts Platforms.

Giving one’s talk show with as many podcast folders as possible was among the best strategies for promoting it.

Though Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify have the highest number of podcasting listeners, alternative applications can help them attract a lot of additional followers.

2. Spread The Word About The Show On YouTube.

YouTube makes it so much easier to locate podcasts individuals desire, and 55 percent say YouTube is a preferred source of amusement.

3. Invite People To Attend Your Show.

Approaching celebrities in the area with a massive following and convincing people to distribute the podcasts will satisfy them.

4. Give Away Prizes In Return For Feedback And Stocks.

Most people will be unable to resist the draw of contests and freebies, particularly if they are relevant to the user.

5. Paid Promotional Offers Through PPC Ads

Each social media site and digital marketing platform allows businesses to target their content through sponsored advertisements. 

Ways to Monetize – How To Start A Podcast In India


If you’re learning how to start a podcast in India then knowing how to get money to throw it is the important and best step because this can help you and your journey of podcasting to do more better improvements in it.

1. Solicit Contributions

Looking for donations is the easiest approach to promoting a show.

Many listeners are willing to contribute a little money to their favorite content creators to ensure that they continue receiving high-quality content.

2. Establish Paid Membership Tiers

The current broadcasting trend is to create premium membership tiers. Subscribers can purchase to gain access to specific material, secret Facebook pages, or podcasting stuff.

3. Sell Partnerships Or Advertisements

The much more popular approach to monetizing a podcast is through sponsorship.

Apart from receiving donations, it is also the simplest because you do not need to manufacture or sell anything.

Users only need to come to an arrangement with a sponsorship.

4. Sign Up For An Advertising Platform

Advertisement networks such as AdvertiseCast, Midroll, Popcorn, and PodGrid serve as intermediaries.

5. Market Premium Episodes

Since users understand the audience that enjoys listening to the podcast, it’s likely that some of the people will subscribe to premium versions of the material.

All you have to do is make some limited-edition recordings that will only be available for purchase.

6. Sell Tangible Goods

Whenever a community likes podcasting, customers may purchase items that promote the show.

One may offer T-shirts, cups, badges, etc that allow the listeners to interact with the program beyond just hearing the current broadcasts.

7. Promote Affiliate Items.

Many businesses have accessible affiliate programs that you would use. Individuals are not required to make a contract or obtain approval.

FAQs About How To Start A Podcast In India

1. How can One create podcasts that stand out from the pack?

Whenever someone publishes a podcast on the web, the headline is the sole reason a visitor will engage in that without seeing most of the advertisements.

2. How does one broaden the market of a one-of-a-kind podcast?

Not that every podcast host makes use of the numerous additional digital venues to interact with their listeners. These are some examples:

1. Blog sites

2. Display webpages

3. Trips of live shows

4. Youtube clip material

5. Presence in some other programs as a contributor

Conclusion – How To Start A Podcast In India

How to start a podcast in India can be perplexing at times but the cost to start one depends on one’s choice of whether to take it for free or podcast for beginners.

Considering most of these common suggestions before beginning the podcast.

Each voice should be recorded independently.

Selecting individual vocals individually can improve the audio levels and allow one to edit each audio file more.

Contemplate including tunes.

The intro soundtrack may captivate listeners while also improving the total output of the podcast. 

Look for royalty-free music that suits the atmosphere of your presentation in internet music sources.

Make a test show.

If you’re experiencing trouble making the first podcast, relieve some of the strain by first performing a few sample programs.

Calm hit that play button, and talk publicly.

Consider the topic with caution.

Choose a subject that would pique your attention for generations to follow.

A podcast takes thousands of hours to study, write, tape, and produce. Being enthusiastic about your subject can make us stronger.

Try to be patient.

Building an audience takes time. 

Maintain your release strategy and concentrate on improving the effectiveness of your podcasts regularly.

Over time, you may be able to monetize your podcasting using partnerships, adverts, or direct contributions from the podcast audience.

I hope this article will help you to start your podcast A to Z, Step by Step about How to start a podcast in India.

If it help you then must comment on your views and share them with your friends to help them to evolve according to new things and start their podcast too. 🙂

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