150+ Best Web 2.0 Sites List 2024 (Get Free High DA Dofollow Backlink)

Are you looking for a web 2.0 site list to make backlinks and rank higher in search engines?

Then, this post will help you to know about the whole web 2.0 and As a bonus,

you will get a site list to get make do-follow the link.

The Internet has come a long way.

After its inception, it was usually frequented by tech geeks who were interested in tech know-how, i.e.

how the platform worked, focusing less on what the sharing platforms web we can do.

Over the years ago reply, through massive leaps and jumps, we have a platform on our hands.

which probably harvests the largest amount of human attention. Now we have websites that focus more on communicating with each other.

Some of these websites are now billion-dollar business listing sites and empires.

Most popular websites like Facebook and Twitter are based on Web 2.0 technology.

But what exactly is a Web 2.0 website?

NOTE – Benefits of reading this article

If you’ll read this article from start to end so you’ll get to know about:

1. You’ll find 200 web 2.0 site list which helps you to make backlink.

2. You’ll find some websites that you can use to increase your blog traffic. 

3. and many more

So must read this article till the end…

Let’s dive into it

What Is A Web 2.0 Website?

Web 2.0 Sites List is a step forward to increase the sociability and networking of different people and different websites.

The initial version of the web had static pages that were usually explored by tech geeks.

But with the web development of web 2.0, the internet was planned to be penetrated by the general public.

This change, they thought, could be achieved by building dynamic websites that involve animations and more user interaction.

And, building social networking websites that facilitate communication among people.

further increasing the reach of the internet to different households.

Web 2.0 also focussed on content generated by users.

So there would be a self-sufficient model where users would general content as well as consume content among themselves.

Some examples of web 2.0 site services are Google Maps, Google Docs, YouTube, WordPress, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How Is A Web 2.0 Sites Different From The Others?

What makes web 2.0 stand out from its predecessor is that it promotes a read-write approach amongst users compared to web 1.0 which promoted a read-only approach.

Web 2.0 Sites List brought many advanced features such as availability across different platforms, real-time discussions among different people, and incorporations of different media.

These services weren’t offered earlier, and Web 2.0, it created a platform for services like Facebook and Twitter to thrive on.

How to Use them for Building Create Valuable Backlinks?

Building-Backlink-With-Web 2.0

The Internet is full of web 2.0 websites now.

It is a no-nonsense decision for web 2.0 websites to be successful.

it is better to get links from another web 2.0 websites ranking higher in the search engines.

Here are two crucial ways of getting create quality backlinks:

Creating Profiles on Major Social Networking Websites

The first step is to let the search engines know about the existence of your website.

This can be achieved by creating profiles on websites like Alexa, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


You can also add your website/business to Google My Business Page.

Links from these websites help your website index faster in search engine results.

As well as, you get some high-quality backlinks from high-ranking websites.

Spreading your Website’s Footprint

After creating your profile, you need to create backlinks to your brand’s identity across different social media channels.

You can create profiles on Quora and Yahoo Answers and answer relevant questions common to your niche.

You can create content in a forum as well and drop a link that points back to your website.

Make sure that you don’t overdo the backlinking part as it might invite a penalty from Google.

Top 10 Web 2.0 Websites For Link Building

There are lots of websites available on the internet that will help you get good link juice.

But for that exact reason, it is usually harder to find the best among the crowd.

Even if you land links from another website, you have to be extra careful about not landing bad links.

If in the process of building links, you get five good links, one bad link can spill water on your hard work.

One good way to counter this is to have a solid foundation for creating quality backlinks from high domain authority websites.

These backlinks will act as a buffer and protection against any accidental acquisition of malicious links in the future.

On list top of that, your SEO‌ rankings also get boosted.

So it is a two-headed spear that helps you improve your exposure to search engines and their crawlers.

Taking that into consideration, we jot down some of the best websites.

These websites have classified ping submission sites into different categories.

Category A: Blogging Websites

These websites are usually used to build personal blogs and websites.

You can create secondary websites with additional data and link them back to your main website.

You can also make use of different sections of the website: footer, side widgets, and headers to place links to your main website

1. Blogger.com

First up, we have Blogger.com by Google.

Blogger.com has a domain authority of 100, which will boost your search engine rankings.

Since you plan to create a secondary website, you mustn’t waste a good amount of time creating web the entire blog/website.

Thanks to Google’s backing, the entire process of creating a blog is quite straightforward.

2. WordPress.com

WordPress and Blogger usually lock horns against each other when it comes to choosing the best platform for creating your website.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms, powering about 30% of the web.

But it doesn’t matter which you choose.‌

Creating your website on one platform, you can always create a secondary website on the other platform.

It is important to note that we are not talking about the self-hosted software by WordPress but the free blog from WordPress.com.

This free blog gives you a WordPress subdomain with a domain authority of 94.

Like Blogger, it is easy to start, and with some good content, you can start ranking content from your second website as well!

3. Wix

One of the latest entrants in the blogging niche, Wix, aims to help users create websites in a matter of minutes.

With drag-and-drop builders and different wordpress theme, you can easily set up the website.

Their service targets users who have no previous idea-sharing platform for building a website before, so you don’t have to break a sweat while creating your website.

Once you create your profile and choose your domain name, the Wix system will assist you in creating your personalized website.

With a domain authority of 93, you can have a good flow of link juice coming to your website.

4. Weebly

Last but not least, Weebly is one of the underrated services available right now.

It is important to note that it is a free service, and you get a .weebly subdomain.

It may not be as user-friendly as Wix, but it is still easy to navigate and move around compared to Blogger and WordPress.

They have inbuilt tools and themes.

so you don’t have to google your way around to know how to operate the website.

It has a domain authority of 92.

Category B: Social Bookmarking Website

These types of websites are usually places where you can promote your website.

Not explicitly, but you can use it smartly to get some link juice and traffic.

You have to take care that you subtly do your link-building web or you might incur a posting ban of sorts.

1. Reddit

Perhaps one of the best-emerging websites of recent times; you can use Reddit two to get two jobs done at the same time:

first, increase the targeted traffic by posting on a selective niche. And second, the building creates quality backlinks.

Reddit is a platform that thrives on posting interesting links.

You are usually given a no-follow link, but with some upvotes that can get changed to the do-follow link.

If you know a thing about the trending topic, you can ride the wave by covering the content.

Unknown websites get flooded with traffic if it comes to the homepage, you can at least give it a try.

Even if it doesn’t click by many people but it will still click with some people and you will land up with a do-follow link.

Reddit has a domain authority score of 90, enough to give a good social signal to search engine crawlers.

Although you have to make sure that you are not directly doing promotion of your website as it might lead to a ban of your account.


Not many will know about this website.

but if used properly it can give you big gains in link-building web and acquisition.

Stumbleupon is a content aggregator website.

It solely works on collecting links to different websites and providing them under different domains.

You can provide your submission of links for exposure to traffic, but here we will focus on creating a profile on the website.

StumbleUpon has a Domain Authority of 90. Unlike YouTube, it offers you a no-follow link. But you can link that to a specific keyword.

Although it provides you with a no-follow link, the search engine trusts this website and can help increase your overall PPC training SEO of the website.

Like YouTube, it gives you faster-crawling rates for instant results.

3. Quora

Quora can be used effectively in link-building.

You can answer questions from the category relevant to your niche and drop a link back to your website. For


eg: if you answer a relevant query and you have covered the same on your website.

you can add a read more tag below the answer.

Quora doesn’t give you a do-follow link, but it can give you relevant traffic which can be monetized through Affiliate Marketing and many more things.

One shouldn’t always aim to get do-follow links, as one has to maintain a healthy balance between both do-follow and no-follow links.

You can also use Yahoo Answers to get backlinks to your website as well.

4. Live Journal

Not many would have heard of this website. But this used to be popular in the earlier decade.

People used to share their journals with other people.

Gradually though over the years, its popularity has plummeted.

But you can still make use of this service effectively. It has been live since 2003 and has a  high Page Authority and Domain Authority.

Both these factors come in handy to boost your SERPs.

Plus you also get do-follow links, unlike Reddit which further helps you in the link-building web.

Category C: Microblogging Websites

These websites remain somewhere in the middle of the first two categories.

When you don’t want to create your full-fledged website but don’t want to restrict yourself content-wise as well.

We didn’t include Twitter here as we wanted to focus on a website that gives you the option to create content longer than the 200-word limit set by Twitter.

1. Tumblr

Tumblr is popular among various fandoms.

You can leverage the same for building both backlinks to your website and boosting traffic to your website, as well.

You can create your microblogging website to create your content back-linking to the website, as well as create your own profile and add your website’s link to it.

Thanks to a domain authority score of 99, you will get ranked easily and fast.

And the best part is unlike Facebook and Twitter; it offers you do-follow linking.

You can add links to your post and every re-post of another blog entry.

Moreover, you can add a link directly or anchor it on a specific keyword.

2. Medium

Medium is one of the recent microblogging platforms but it has taken the world by storm.

The basics remain the same; you get a backlink for creating your profile.

At the same time, if you want to have a reader base, you can do the same.

The benefit of using Medium is that you can create your fan base and promote your website amongst them, creating a new avenue for internet traffic.

It has a domain authority score of 93.

 I think now you got enough information about Web 2.0 and You already know some of the big websites which work like Web 2.0,

But Wait,

I think you want some more Web 2.0 Site List to create more backlinks for your blog.

If you want to do this, Then here is the list of 200 web 2.0 listing sites list which gives you a do-follow link.

But before that, I want to aware you that web 2.0 is very risky and take more effort If you are thinking that you can create a backlink on automation but it’s not,

So I recommend you to only make backlinks from high authority sites like Blogger, Quora (By adding your link), WordPress, Wix, and many more (Which are listed above)

Ok! If you are curious to know more sites then here it is,

150+ Web 2.0 Sites List 2024-2025

  1. https://entrecoquins.com
  2. https://tapatalk.com
  3. https://cabanova.com
  4. http://withtank.com
  5. https://podbean.com
  6. http://booklikes.com
  7. https://officelive.com
  8. https://zoho.com
  9. http://xtgem.com
  10. https://blogster.com
  11. https://simbla.com
  12. https://spruz.com
  13. https://yola.com
  14. https://gomilio.com
  15. http://tilda.cc
  16. https://kickofflabs.com
  17. https://goodnightjournal.com
  18. https://sitey.com
  19. https://angelfire.com
  20. https://gather.com
  21. https://bcz.com
  22. http://lycos.com
  23. https://emyspot.com
  24. https://thoughts.com
  25. https://xanga.com
  26. https://wikispaces.com
  27. https://typeform.com
  28. http://greatwebsitebuilder.com
  29. https://blogreaction.com
  30. https://edublogs.org
  31. https://yousaytoo.com
  32. https://snappages.com
  33. https://blog.com
  34. http://blogdigy.com
  35. https://zellintech.com
  36. https://site.pro
  37. https://winksite.com
  38. https://blogge.rs
  39. https://salon.com
  40. https://livelogcity.com
  41. https://dreamwidth.org
  42. http://simplesite.com
  43. https://webspawner.com
  44. http://ampedpages.com
  45. https://uwcblog.com
  46. https://webnode.com
  47. https://myblogsite.com
  48. https://blinkweb.com
  49. https://wetpaint.com
  50. https://rediff.com
  51. https://posterous.com
  52. https://sweetcircles.com
  53. https://ucoz.ru
  54. https://evood.com
  55. http://ohlog.com
  56. https://exposure.co
  57. https://hubpages.com
  58. https://site123.com
  59. https://freshdesk.com
  60. https://flixya.com
  61. https://typepad.com
  62. https://squarespace.com
  63. https://2itb.com
  64. https://multiply.com
  65. http://somebody.io
  66. https://wallinside.blog
  67. https://blogpico.com
  68. http://ontrapages.com
  69. https://over-blog.com
  70. https://doodlekit.com
  71. https://workable.com
  72. https://penzu.com
  73. http://1msite.com
  74. https://blogetery.com
  75. https://insanejournal.com
  76. https://skyrock.com
  77. https://nabble.com
  78. https://webstarts.com
  79. https://mywapblog.com
  80. https://zoomshare.com
  81. http://all4webs.com
  82. https://cyteis.com
  83. https://wallinside.com
  84. https://areavoices.com
  85. http://wox.cc
  86. https://jimdo.com
  87. https://crevado.com
  88. https://manifo.com
  89. https://snacktools.com
  90. https://jigsy.com
  91. http://xbuild.com
  92. http://aeonity.com
  93. https://page4.com
  94. https://kidblog.org
  95. https://smore.com
  96. http://blogmaster.net
  97. http://inube.com
  98. https://foliodrop-welcome.com
  99. http://lycos.com
  100. https://lifeyo.com
  101. https://bravenet.com
  102. https://fc2.com
  103. http://postbit.com
  104. https://webflow.com
  105. http://tblogz.com
  106. https://webself.net
  107. https://box.com
  108. http://wifeo.com
  109. https://peatix.com
  110. https://minds.com
  111. https://opera.com
  112. https://rebelmouse.com
  113. https://wiseintro.co
  114. http://blogsome.com
  115. https://slashdot.org
  116. http://1minutesite.co.uk
  117. https://mytripjournal.com
  118. http://myfirstworld.com
  119. https://own-free-website.com
  120. https://ucoz.com
  121. https://beginthier.nl
  122. https://iblog.at
  123. https://xing.com
  124. https://puzl.com
  125. http://carbonmade.com
  126. https://ecwid.com
  127. https://beginzo.nl
  128. http://ucraft.me
  129. https://travelblog.org
  130. https://pressbooks.com
  131. https://hpage.com
  132. https://eklablog.com
  133. https://blurty.com
  134. https://moonfruit.com
  135. https://icon.io
  136. https://wikidot.com
  137. https://squidoo.com
  138. https://issuu.com
  139. https://website.com
  140. https://webs.com
  141. https://webgarden.com
  142. https://bloghi.com
  143. https://strikingly.com
  144. https://mozello.com
  145. https://telegraph.co.uk
  146. https://weblogplaza.com
  147. https://bookmark.com
  148. https://getjealous.com
  149. http://gomymobi.com
  150. https://portfoliobox.net
  151. https://calameo.com
  152. https://shutterfly.com
  153. https://devhub.com

Conclusion Web 2.0 Sites List

So here we come to an end, I hope you enjoy this whole article because In this we tried to explain to you the whole web 2.0 and In bonus.

we also give you 150+ web 2.0 sites list 2024-2025 from which you can get a good number of backlinks.

This backlink can help you boost your search ranking and index your website much more quickly.

If you have any recommendations or If you have any query then, Let me know in the comment section.

This is a Guest Post by Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi is running a digital marketing company that provides content writing in India.

He blogs since 2011 and runs various affiliate marketing blogs in many niches.

Follow him on Twitter @kulwantnagi for more information.

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