MrBeast Net Worth 2024 – How He Gained 93 Million Subscribers

Have you heard about Mr.Beast? It looks like a joke. Isn’t it?

Because in the era of the internet, you won’t believe that anyone has not heard of him.

Mr.Beast has gained so much popularity in recent times that no one can think of it.

He is known for creating expensive stunts and out-of-the-box content on YouTube which is why people are wondering about his net worth(MrBeast Net Worth).

MrBeast Net Worth

Biggest Achievements of Mr. Beast

Fundraising #TeamTrees

Mr.Beast collaborated with former NASA engineer Mark Rober and started a fundraising campaign named #TeamTrees.

Their motto was to raise $20 million for the Arbor Day Foundation within a short period of three months.

They achieved the $20 million target one month before the deadline. So far, this project has raised $23 million.

They have completed the afforestation of more than 6.5 million trees.

Their target is to achieve the plantation of 20 million trees which will have a huge impact on reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere.


At the beginning of 2024, Donaldson made an announcement regarding the creation of a new food factory named Feastables.

It released its own brand of chocolates called “MrBeast Bars.”

At the time of inauguration, they provided 3 flavors of bars.

The launch corresponded with over $1 million in prizes.

including 10 grand prize winners who would get an opportunity to participate in a chocolate factory in an upcoming video.

Feastables made an announcement in collaboration with Turtle Beach Corporation and Roccat to distribute prizes for the lotto.

Who Is Mr. Beast?

Mr. Beast is an American YouTuber who has been making YouTube videos for a decade now. Mr. Beast’s original name is Jimmy Donaldson.

He is popularly known for making the most expensive experimental videos and donating millions of dollars to random strangers, friends, and family.

His videos have gained such popularity among netizens that none of his videos has less than a million views that’s why people have craze to know MrBeast Net Worth 2024.

How Did He Start His Journey?

Mr. Beast aka Jimmy Donaldson took birth on May 7, 1998, in the state of Kansas.

Donaldson was raised in Greenville, North Carolina.

He graduated in the year 2016 from a private secondary school Greenville Christian Academy, North Carolina.

He also got admitted to East Carolina University for a short interval of time.

At the mere age of 13, Jimmy started making YouTube videos.

This was his first-ever YouTube video that says “Worst Minecraft saw trap ever”, which has 10 million views.

In his earlier days, he didn’t earn so many views.

People used to make fun of him but, with time he gained so much popularity.

Numbers About Mr.Beast

  • Mr. Beast has over 94.6 million subscribers on his main channel on YouTube.
  • On Facebook, He has 8.2 million followers.
  • He has 18.3 million followers on Instagram.
  • On Twitter, 13.9 million people are following him.

MrBeast YouTube Subscribers Milestone

It was in January 2017, when Jimmy Donaldson discovered how the YouTube algorithm works.

He posted a video of himself counting to 100,000.

Later, he revealed that he wanted to perform the task because he wasn’t earning enough. He also knew that it would go viral.

Let us have a look at his subscribers’ milestone that helps a lot in MrBeast’s Net Worth:

  • First 1 million subscribers: May 2017
  • 10 million subscribers: November 2018
  • 20 million subscribers: June 2019
  • 30 million subscribers: February 2020
  • 40 million subscribers: August 2020
  • 50 million subscribers: January 2021
  • 60 million subscribers: April 18, 2021
  • 94.6 million subscribers: May 01, 2023


Making these unexpected and unique YouTube videos and other stunts, afforded him to donate Lum sum of money in cash.

Today, Jimmy Donaldson has a staple of videos that he regularly puts out, which often goes viral and helps increase MrBeast’s Net Worth.

MrBeast is Jimmy’s main YouTube channel. Other than this, there are several other YouTube channels owned by him for example; MrBeast Reacts, MrBeast Shorts, MrBeast Gaming, MrBeast 2, and Beast Philanthropy.

MrBeast’s gaming: channel has 26.8 million subscribers with 127 videos since it started in April 2020.

Mr.Beast Reacts: Mr.Beast’s reacts YouTube channel has 16.7 million subscribers and 201 videos.

This channel was created on 25 June 2016. Some popular videos include: World’s luckiest people, Extreme try not to laugh, World’s fastest big mac ever eaten, Most dangerous tourist destinations, etc.

Mr.Beast Shorts: MrBeast shorts has 13 million subscribers and 68 videos on this channel.

Mr.Beast2: This YouTube channel has bagged 5.79 subscribers in only 2 videos till now.

Beast Philanthropy: In this channel, Mr.Beast has uploaded videos in which he has for done welfare of people by giving to charity.

This channel has 8.08 million subscribers and 12 videos so far.

Mr.Beast gaming: Mr.Beast released the “finger on the app” game which was an endurance task game in which the last person to remove the finger from the app on the screen will win a cash prize of $25000.

Popular Videos:


  • $456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!
  • I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement
  • I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive
  • Press This Button To Win $100,000!
  • Anything You Can Fit In The Circle I’ll Pay For
  • I Put 100 Million Orbeez In My Friend’s Backyard

Mr.Beast Awards

Mr.Beast has won several prestigious awards.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Streamy Awards 2019: For breakout creator
  • Creator of the year 2020
  • Shorty Awards: Youtuber of the year
  • Social good: creator
  • Live special
  • Social good: Nonprofit or NGO.

MrBeast Net Worth Of His Mates(YouTube Mates)

You might have seen some good mates of Mr.Beast in some of his videos.

Chris Tyson and Chandler Hallow work with him and they are also his good friends.

Let us talk about their net worth as their friend is earning millions:

Chris Tyson’s Net Worth – over 2 million

Chandler Hallow Net Worth – is over 1.5 million.

The income of these two friends of Jimmy comes from YouTube channels, ads, and sponsorships. Both of these friends are the biggest support system of Jimmy Donaldson.

How Mr. Beast Gained 93000000+ Subscribers?

Mr. Beast is a philanthropist which means he donates money for the welfare of people. He has a big heart.

He never fails to make his viewers happy.

MrBeast net worth is estimated to be over $55 million this year.

MrBeast monthly income in indian rupees is 4,21,01,12,500 INR.

Some of the main reasons behind his popularity are listed here which help to increase MrBeast net worth.

Attractive Thumbnails:


When someone uploads a video what do you see first?

The thumbnail is what you see that is why it has to be eye-catching.

You might have observed this quality in Jimmy’s videos.

He always tries to make his thumbnails more interesting.

Let us have a quick peek at some of his thumbnails.

  • 100k subs with no video. 
  • How much money do big YouTubers make?
  • The real way dinosaurs went extinct.
  • Destroying my friend’s car and surprising him with a new one.
  • Spending 24 hrs. straight underwater.
  • I bought everything in a store challenge.
  • Giving $10,000 to a random stranger.
  • I sold my house for $1.
  • I adopted every dog in a dog shelter.

This explains the reason why people keep asking questions like; what is my best net worth? how much is Mr beast’s net worth

Some of his most viewed video mrbeast are as follows:

  • I spent 50 Hrs. In solitary confinement – 174 million views.
  • $456,000 Squid Game in Real Life! – 239,450,405 views
  • Anything You Can Fit in The Circle I’ll Pay For – 157,789,328 views
  • The last to leave the circle wins $500,000 – 130 million views.

Charity Videos:


You might have seen his thumbnails stating:

Giving $1,000,000 Of Food to People in Need

I gave my credit mrbeast card to random people

Donating $100,000 to random streamers

Tipping waitresses with real gold bars

Anyone will find these videos intriguing.

No one can think of donating such a great amount of money to any stranger unless he has a heart of gold.

He is making a difference in society by doing this kind of charity. That is the biggest reason behind his popularity.

Videos Creating Controversy:


Some of the videos of Mr. Beast have created dissension among the public.

It is also a great way to make something popular as you might have seen that some movies get famous just because of some controversial statement or elements in it.

When it’s a controversy, people tend to speak about and when everyone is speaking about it, it becomes viral or vice versa.

Some of his controversial videos are as follows:

I opened a free bank

I bought a private island etc.

Mr. Beast vs PewDiePie controversy added more to it and make him more popular and increment in MrBeast Net Worth.

What’s MrBeast Net Worth?

You might have seen Mr. Beast spilling a lot of money like water on his stunts and challenges.

Last year, his net worth was $54 million according to Forbes.

How Much Is MrBeast Net Worth?

This year it is estimated to be around $55 million.

Beast earns over $10 to $12 million per month from his YouTube videos and numerous sources including sponsorships, YouTube ads, merchandise, etc which helps to diversify income sources and a good amount of MrBeast net worth too.

He is a co-creator of team trees and currently, he is having over 94.6 million subscribers till now.

NOTE: MrBeast net worth is the sum of all the assets (non-financial and financial) possessed by any person or institution minus the value of all its outstanding liabilities.
It can be applied to companies, individuals, governments, or economic sectors which means all financial corporations or to entire countries.

Mr.Beast’s videos are known to have some intriguing components, which have the tendency to go viral.

He earns “tens of millions of dollars”, from ad sales as social media’s analytics services and social media systems show his videos to more netizens.

On YouTube, his videos get posted with catchy thumbnails such as “I Adopted EVERY Dog in a Dog Shelter”, which attracts the public and evokes emotions among them.

Jimmy Donaldson says that huge cash prizes are also a significant factor responsible for the engagement of viewers.

Hence, he is seen donating large amounts of monetary prizes to random people and many of these videos are sponsored by several brands.

He also organizes competitions in games, such as Minecraft, for prizes, including giving a house as a donation in one of his gaming videos.

MrBeast is known for releasing videos of expensive stunts and challenging videos on YouTube that make people wonder about his net worth and sources of income.

Source Of MrBeast To Get So Much Money To Donate?

A YouTuber has numerous techniques for earning money.

Let me tell MrBeast’s sources of income precisely.

This article will answer the most searched question about Mr.Beast and that is; what is my beast’s net worth?

Merchandising Accessories: 


Jimmy Donaldson earns by merchandising T-shirts, mugs, bags, and other items.

Other than YouTube income, MrBeast’s second-biggest source of income is his merchandising accessories.

He sells a wide variety of t-shirts, hoodies, hats, water bottles, mousepads, backpacks, and more through a website he earns money from named

There are estimates that roughly 30% of MrBeast’s annual revenue is collected from merchandise sales in MrBeast net worth.



He also makes money through sponsorships.

The reports say that MrBeast charges $1 million monthly to be the sponsor of his main YouTube video page.

For example, in March that sponsor was credit bureau Experian.

It can be estimated that Beast is getting another $1 million minimum, for a total of $2 million in MrBeast net worth.

The names of sponsors who pay him a lot of money are as follows:

  • Honey: MrBeast is often seen advertising honey. When you shop for MrBeast merchandise, Honey will get you the best deal on his items by applying coupons.
  • CSGO Lotto: MrBeast is sponsored by many wealthy companies and CSGO lotto is one among them.
  • Quidd: It is an app for sharing and collecting various digital entities like stickers and Gifs etc. Quidd is the very first sponsor to give money to MrBeast. MrBeast got $10,000 from Quidd and it is still sponsoring MrBeast.
  • Dragon City: Dragon City is a gaming platform that has some similarities with Mrbeast and that is his stunts.
  • Apex legends: It is a free-to-play shooting game and it has also sponsored MrBeast. This gaming app is another sponsor for the MrBeast YouTube channel which subsidized $200,000 to make “$200,000 Youtuber Battle Royale”.

Apart from this, MrBeast has another source of earning and that is YouTube ads. His videos get a million net worth of views every single day.

His latest video; $10,000 to every day you survive prison has 29 million views in just 3 days.

In a nutshell, it is not a difficult task for a YouTuber to earn money unless he knows the trick and YouTube algorithm.

MrBeast Controversy:


FlyyDoesYT who is a YouTuber himself blamed Mr.Beast for falsifying his videos and mistreating his employees in the year 2018.

He made a video of around 30 minutes, which consisted of allegations.

FlyyDoesYT had worked for a week as an editor with Mr.Beast which is why people took this video seriously.

According to this YouTuber’s video, Mr.Beast was accused of maltreatment. He blamed Mr.Beast for mistreating his employees.

He also stated that Mr.Beast is pretending to be a kind person by making fake donations and that is not who he is.

Mr.Beast replied to the accusations in his tweet that he has genuinely donated lots of money and that he is not faking anything on any online platform.

He said that everyone who thinks he (Mr.beast) makes fake videos can go and visit people who were part of his videos or to whom he donated his money.

MrBeast Net worth Per Month

What Is MrBeast Net Worth?

MrBeast generates monthly revenue of around $2.7 million from his youtube superstar mrbeast video views.

In March 2024 MrBeast posted 54 videos to his channels.

Those 54 videos ended up with 284 million total views. His videos get millions of views per day.

His channel was tagged as the most viewed channel in 2019 and 2020, by Forbes. 

Social Blade which is a YouTube analytics service, stated that MrBeast generates revenue of at least $1.4 million net worth monthly from YouTube advertisements alone.


Beast Burger:


Jimmy Donaldson released the “Beast Burger” in collaboration with over 250 restaurants in the US.

After releasing MrBeast Burger app on the Apple store, it became the most popular free app on the platform very quickly.

Till now he has sold over a million net worth burgers.

7+ Favorite Quotes That Every MrBeast’s Fan Should Read:

That’s where it makes things a little weird on me, because if I make them pay taxes on stuff then I look like a piece of sh*t, but if I pay taxes on it — on something that’s already not really profitable.

Jimmy Donaldson (Mr.Beast)

I think on YouTube, it’s different, and people just haven’t realized it: positivity is just as clickbait as negativity.

Jimmy Donaldson (Mr.Beast)

As a YouTuber, I’ve been able to meet a lot of the creators online, but we don’t have many opportunities to meet in person and share our personalities.

Jimmy Donaldson (Mr.Beast)

I remember thinking like every day back then like I’m never gonna be YouTuber, but I really want to be a YouTuber.

Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

My mindset was just ‘reinvest everything I make – every time I got a paycheck, that was the month’s budget.

Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

There’s a big misconception that controversy and negativity is the only way to get clicks, because that’s how it is in the media, for the most part, they don’t want good stories, they just want bad things.

Jimmy Donaldson (Mr.Beast)

My goal is to make a new vlog channel where I vlog running my charities. All the ad rev, merch sales, brand deals, etc. will go towards feeding/helping people in the charities! I honestly think we could support multiple communities with this.

Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

My overarching goal in life is to make a lot of money and then before I die give it away.

Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

There were lots of smiles and personal relationships that we’ll all take forward in supporting what we do—creating original content for our subscribers.

Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

Life Lessons From Mr. Beast

In the initial days, Donaldson did not earn very much popularity and subscribers. But, with time and consistency, he has become a role mrbeast business model for many emerging newbie YouTubers.

If anyone wants to be a successful YouTuber, he should follow mr. Beast’s inspiring quotes.

Some of them are as follows:

I’m motivated because I want to support my mom and my family.

Jimmy Donaldson

I am motivated because I want to employ my friends and help them.

Jimmy Donaldson

I would stay up all night just thinking of ideas.

Jimmy Donaldson

My overarching goal in life is to make a lot of money and then before I die give it away.

Jimmy Donaldson


1. Who is Mr.Beast?

Mr. Beast is a popular YouTuber who makes expensive stunt videos and his real name is Jimmy Donaldson.

2. When did he start making YouTube videos?

Jimmy started making YouTube videos at the mere age of 13 (2012). 

3. What is MrBeast net worth in rupees?

MrBeast net worth is estimated to be $55 million this year which is 4,21,01,12,500 in Indian Rupee.

4. What makes his videos go viral?

His videos have unique content and they are also filled with humor sometimes.

Besides this, he donates a huge amount of money to charity which is why his videos go viral.

5. How many subscribers he has?

Mr. Beast has over 94.6 million net worth subscribers to date.

He is becoming more popular day by day.

His subscribers are increasing on a daily basis.


In the conclusion of MrBeast Net Worth, Donaldson is a wealthy YouTuber, philanthropist, and entrepreneur with a massive amount of money as his net worth mrbeast, on the contrary to this, he declares that his main channel is running at a loss.

Mr.Beast inspires young teenagers to take risks and make YouTube videos and become famous just like him.

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MrBeast Net Worth
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