How to select a niche for blogging in 2024 – Step By Step Guide

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However, how to select a blogging niche is what bothers them most.

Blogging has an entirely different fan base of bloggers and viewers.

And staying up to date matters the most in the field of blogging.

So, this article will not let you down and will tell you how to select a niche for blogging in 2024.

The viewers are greeted by an abundance of information from a particular blog.

Because blogs are exceedingly informative, the number of bloggers and viewers has only increased over the years.

And we do know about the doubts revolving in your mind right now.


We do not mind readers, but we know what you think.

The thought of making a blog is not just enough, and how to select a blogging niche is the real trouble.

But no worries, you have come precisely to the right destination.

Here, we will try to answer all the questions and clear every doubt in your mind.

Let us continue from here on and get completely ready to make your blog and assist you with how to select a niche for your blog.

Before we go to the main course, let us begin with the starters to know how to select a niche for your new blog.

What Is A Niche?


Most of the bloggers out there are aware of this term.

But, if you are new to this term right here, i.e., ‘niche’ for blogging means a particular topic that you have decided to make a blog on.

Selecting a niche is the most crucial step while writing a blog.

Your niche choice is essential if you wish to earn money through blogs and monetize your blog in the future.

The importance the word ‘niche’ holds is not as minor as it sounds and starts learning about how to select a niche for your blog from the basics.

That is because your entire blog and the future response it will get depend upon the niche you choose for your blog.

But this is not that simple.

Now that you have decided on the niche, you cannot simply elaborate on the topic, and you are done and dusted.

The next difficult portion is the kind of audience you wish to target for your blog.

Setting on your particular will help you write your blog’s content and help you engage with your audience for better reactions and feedback.

Your blog not only contains your niche ideas, thoughts, and all the hard work you have put into it.

but it also contains the expectations and presumptions a viewer has from you.

So, the best way to start or select a topic would be something you are interested in.

Read this article to know how to select a niche for your new blog.

For your better understanding, let us take an example.

If I were to make a blog, I would first prefer something related to animals or plants as I am a ‘green panther.’ However, ‘animals’ is way too vast of a topic and something I won’t be able, to sum up, to n a few thousand words.

Now, to summarize this topic, I will choose a particular animal to write about from the entire family of ‘Animalia.’ Let us say ‘cats’? 

The furry friend’s cats are too cute to attract many audiences.

And they are a cat lover well accustomed to these pretty little creatures.

The reason that I would choose to write about cats is that I have proper knowledge about them.

And I can elaborate on it as much as possible because this will make my blog informative and exciting.

Now that I have a specific niche to write my blog on, my next focus will be to target the cat-lover audience with my words and grab their attention until the end.

I will add picture references and an informal way of speaking.

The audience loves to interact with blogs that have a friendly way of speech, making it easier to understand.

Your audience expects you to be informative but not boring.

So be sure to add up some spicy and catchy lines to your blog, and you are good to go.

Now you have a particular idea of ways how to select a niche in blogging.

But after a long pause, you are thinking of all the multiple sets of questions that remain unanswered.

So, let me put some of those doubts aside as it is not the end of this article, and we are about to move to the main course to treat your so worrying brain.

After all, our buddy Mr. Brain needs some treats after handling so many worries, thoughts, and doubts for you.

After spicing up your thoughts as we move toward the main course of this article.

So, let’s dig in without any delay!

That is because delaying would not get us anywhere.

Up ahead, we have.

Benefits Of Selecting A Niche

No matter how much we have summed up things for you, your worries have not yet ended.

We know, even though we have just now discussed how to select a niche of blogging.

But your mind might be sticking to the way too tempting thought of making a blog on multiple topics that you have thought of earlier and could not decide on a particular topic.

So, let me tell you, buddy, keep that thought aside for your good, trust me.

I know that when it comes to choosing a niche for your blog, a variety of topics come to mind that is of interest to you.

But that does not mean you can cover all these topics.

It would be best to choose a topic or niche you can write about daily or for the years to come.

Consistency is what is expected of a blogger.

People worldwide tend to have different perspectives and massive differences in choices.

And this particular truth is going to put you in trouble if you don’t let go of the thought of making a blog on several topics because not everyone will be interested in all your choice of subjects.

Nevertheless, if you stick to one topic and make a pretty informative blog,

People interested in that topic will appreciate your work, but the response to your work will motivate you to make the next blog.

Market V/S Sub | Market V/S Niche | V/S Micro-Niche

I know this sub-heading must have confused you a bit but no worries.

This topic will give you a more comprehensive view of how to select a blogging niche.

As you become a bit used to blogging, market, sub-market, niche, and micro-niche will be familiar terms because all of these are interrelated to “how to select a niche“.


The market is a broader perspective of any field, niche business topic, or prospect.

Let us give you some examples for a better understanding.

  • Technology
  • Education
  • Health
  • Business
  • Beauty
  • Animals
  • Fitness

If you have observed, these topics are way too extensive and can have several smaller sections that can be topics in themselves.

Somewhere writing about these topics will only make you go downhill because the competition in the larger field is much more ferocious, and you would not prefer to compete with a tech expert while writing about technology just because you are interested in it.

Also, there is another point here that anyone, in general, would prefer to read a blog written by a tech expert on technology than read a blog on tech written by you unless you are a tech expert.

Comparatively, your blog might have more loopholes, lack of information, and inadequate audience response from a tech expert.


The submarket is a section of the market, and in simple words, it is a smaller section of the critical topic.

It is a minor part of the vast topic. Sub-market is the narrower version of niche markets and comes next, in the line of hierarchy.

Following are some of the examples to give you a better perception of the sub-market,

  • Technology: gadgets, websites
  • Health: diet, exercises, diseases
  • Beauty: cosmetics, surgery, beauty trends
  • Education: educational websites, coaching institutes, books, utilities
  • Business: monthly graphs, stocks, businessmen
  • Fitness: gym, outfit, workout

When a good niche market exists and is narrowed down to a more specific section, it is called a sub-market, which is easier to blog on and has a minor disadvantage in the blogging world.

But this cannot nullify the fact that it is not as appropriate as a niche in blogging because it is still a broader topic to make blogs on.


As explained earlier, a niche is a specific topic that has your interest, and you are ready to make a blog keeping in mind the expectations of your viewers and readers.

Aftermarket, sub-make, the next in line is a viable niche.

These are the terms you are expected to be familiar with while blogging and these are the basic terms you should know before getting into “how to select a niche“.

Making your life as a blogger will be much easier when you get accustomed to the terms of the blogging field.

A better understanding of the field gives you a piece of extensive knowledge in your field.

It prepares you to write a much more informative and interactive blog that can grab the audience’s attention.

If you successfully choose the right and perfect niche for your blog, then your train has no chance of stopping until it arrives at its destination, i.e., the readers.

Niches are the most appropriate stage as they give you enough room to write your blog.

It doesn’t put you at the risk of either getting a ferocious response from big companies, universities, etc., or from experiencing a lack of enough broad topics to make a blog on.

Next in the line of hierarchy is …………….


The narrower version of niches is micro-niches.

These are particularly good for making mini-blogs on a more specific, more minor, and minutely detailed topic.

But then again, it is somewhere way too constricted compared to niches and is not apt to make annual blogs.

Micro-niche blogs have less competition comparatively because most people focus on niches and don’t usually prefer micro-niches.

If you wish to make a future in blogging and be a full-time blogger, niches are perfect.

Niches relate to the quote that goes ‘too much of everything and too little of anything is harmful.’

Because niches fall in between the line where market and sub-market are a broader topic whereas micro–niches are narrower, niches are a perfect blend for blogging.

How To Select A Niche?

Now we have come up with the central portion of our article on how to select a blogging niche.

It is a very crucial part of blogging.

Choosing a blogging niche is what makes up the critical part of your blog and helps you kick-start your blog. 

Whenever we choose a particular thing, we are greeted by a vast range of other things, and making a choice gets way too complicated.

Your mind is sure to get confused when various decisions are in front of you. 

But at the end of the day, we need to make a choice, which is a difficult decision.

When we have a checklist for how to select a niche, it gets much easier to choose from the lot. So below, we have discussed a list that details how we need to choose a blogging niche.

Checklist On How To Select A Niche

1. The niche must have your interest

Before you settle down to make people interested in your work, you should be interested in that topic yourself.

Because working on a project which does not have your renters makes the job more challenging and tedious.

When you get bored, you cannot expect others to find it interesting. When you are interested in a niche and decide to write about it.

it gets way easier to build the content and write down the thoughts that go around in your mind.

so this is also a basic but important step of how to select a niche especially when you’re playing it for the long term.

Jotting down things that come to your mind while you think about your niche makes the entire content user-friendly, informative, and engaging and if you don’t know how to write a mind-blowing article and what tools you need to use then you can niche market check out this article: How to Write a Blog Post (2024): A Step-by-Step Guide (A-Z).

2. Are you willing to write 40-45

when you are set to be a blogger?

Continuity is a must.

So, while how to select a niche for your blog, you must be careful enough and ask yourself constantly whether you wish to write 40-45 articles related to that niche.

Because writing just one article is not enough because blogging is done in a sequence, and people expect you to write the next blog related to the former blog.

It would be best to choose a niche in which you can continue writing daily or annually.

3. Volume in your niche

Being a blogger, if you wish that your blog niche is being a blast and is getting away with too explosive a response.

Then you need to be sure to use keywords that have a high search engine, and that is precisely about what volume in your niche means.

This will give better exposure to your content, and more people will come across your blog.

4. Competition Analysis

Competition does not bring any optimistic results in blogging. The niche you choose should have a lesser competition rate, resulting in a better response from the audience.

So always analyze your competition before choosing your niche to start blogging with.

For measuring competition you can look at the quality of content other sites have and also the quality of their backlinks because these are basic things that can help you to analyze your competition to know how to select a niche that can give you more good results.

5. Keyword competition analysis

It analyzes your competitor’s keywords for their niche, and you are not. Choosing keywords that your competitor uses puts you at a greater risk of ferocious competition.

Thus, leading you down the hill.

So, while choosing your niche, you have to be careful enough to avoid the greater risk and find yourself the trending keywords while avoiding the competition.

6. Know your target audience avatar

A target audience avatar is a specially crafted ideal profile of a real audience that helps you boost your blog content.

This lets you know the kind of content they would love and thus helps you to craft your blog accordingly.

This includes their likes, dislikes, habits, interests, etc.

7. Level of monetization in the niche (easy, medium, high)

Choosing an appropriate niche not just provides you with better content but even helps you to make money.

It is known as monetization.

You can make easy money from your blogs if you put a slight effort into that through advertisement in your blog and sponsorships, affiliate marketing, digital products, etc.

All these factors sum up one thing, i.e., whether you will be able to write about the niche you choose confidently and appropriately.

Are there other blogs generating money in that niche?

This factor helps you to get more confident on how to select a niche that can give you money and fame and this thing matters a lot in long term especially.

While you are searching for niches that would make money for you, be sure to look into how other people are making money from your niches.

It is always better to get a rough idea of how others are making money, as there are different ways to earn money through your niche.

For checking, you can refer to the sell & buy website and show the user how to check that niche sites generate cash.

Here are some of the sell & buy websites:

1. Flippa

2. Empire Flippers

3. Motion Invest

8. Is your blogging niche future proof

We always refer to graphs of years to explain the prospects and aspects of everything.

And this also goes for the case of your niche.

It would be best to choose the niche with a better future element and profitability.

Mistakes To Avoid While Selecting A Niche:

1. Choose a market or sub-market as your niche

Markets and sub-markets are away too extensive and broader stages of niche, making it challenging to write a blog.

So, if you think about writing a blog on these niches, then think twice; otherwise, you will regret this decision for sure.

So, it is a mistake to be avoided.

2. Have no understanding of the audience

If you start writing a blog without prior knowledge of your audience, you are making the biggest mistake.

The audience makes up the central part of blogging, and they deserve the utmost importance.

So, if you are thinking of making your blog a hit without considering the audience, then it will never be a hit.

3. Niche not having many monetization types

If your niche does not have many monetization types, you will have fewer chances of making money and that’s not good for how to select a niche for the long term.

You will select a niche with a much more monetization type when you choose a niche.

4. Selecting a niche by shiny syndrome

Just like we are told that all that glitters are not gold.

In the same way, we should not be choosing a niche by the shiny syndrome because everything that looks attractive and promising does not mean that it will give you a great response.

We have summarized how to select a niche for blogging with all this information.

Hope we can answer your actual question and we were able to clear all your doubts.

Because your satisfaction is our responsibility.

FAQs For How To Select A Niche

1. I have no idea about blogging. How should I start?

You can start a trending niche, or you have the slightest idea about it and then research that topic and start a blog.

2. I have so many ideas at hand. How to sort my thoughts on one topic?

You can shortlist your topics with the help of this article, and from there, you can choose a topic about which you think you can consistently write a minimum of 40-45 blogs.

Over To You For How To Select A Niche

So, by now, you are all set to make your blog, and how select a niche for your blog and I have tried my best to abridge everything into this blog. 

If you give all your efforts and dedication and take your own and the public’s thoughts into consideration.

Then nothing stops your next blog from turning into a success.

Just stick to the niche that you have selected and get going.

So, if you like this article, “how to select a niche” kindly let us know in the comment and give us your valuable feedback.

Do give your reviews find in the comment section.

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